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"Not really a restaurant; more like a vitamin store"
Nice, France on 16 Mar 2008

"Hard to find, easy to love"
Sydney on 16 Oct 2011

"100% vegetarian, large menu, convenient location"
Athens, Greece on 10 Feb 2008

"outstanding raw vegan food"
Launceston on 25 Jun 2014

"A gem of Riviera cuisine: cozy and delicious!"
Nice, France on 14 Mar 2008

""It's-so-damn-tasty-but-why-did-eat-it" food"
Melbourne on 16 Oct 2011

"Great slightly spicy burgers"
Berlin, Germany on 19 Apr 2013

"Beautiful cafe with positive spiritual energy"
Palm Harbor, USA on 10 Feb 2017

"Decent vegetarian food, a little hard to find (tip for finding!)"
Bali, Indonesia on 01 Nov 2014

"Good vegan pub food, edgy atmosphere"
Seattle, USA on 16 Oct 2011

"Crowded, a little bit bland, still worth the visit"
Paris, France on 14 Mar 2008

""It's-so-damn-tasty-but-why-did-eat-it" food"
Windsor on 16 Oct 2011

"Creative rennet-free vegetarian and vegan pizzas"
St Kilda on 04 Dec 2011

"Super cheap all-you-can eat Indian food"
Melbourne on 16 Oct 2011

"Excellent raw, vegan take-out food"
Olympia, USA on 20 Aug 2014

"Great Little Vegan Cafe"
Cologne, Germany on 12 Apr 2013

"Delicious curry and roti bread (as well as bubble teas)"
Alice Springs on 31 Jan 2017

"A must-visit on your Veg* trip to Lisbon!"
Lisbon, Portugal on 16 Oct 2011

"1-2 stars for service, 4-5 stars for food"
Fitzroy on 16 Oct 2011

"Bland, lackluster food"
Salt Lake City, USA on 31 Jan 2017

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