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Rataskaevu 8, Harju, Tallinn, Estonia

Excellent restaurant

06 Oct 2006

This place is located in the old part of town, near the bottom of the Toompea hill, on Rataskaevu Street (NOT on Harju Street). It is not a vegetarian resaturant by any means, but it is very health oriented, and it offers some fine vegetarian and vegan selections. The place has a classy decor, and the food is extremely delicious, healthy, and with good service. I give it only 3 stars because it is not a vegetarian restaurant, but for Estonia (where the pickings are slim for vegetarians) this is a must-visit place.

Via Dell'Unione 6, Milan, Italy

Friendly service

26 Jul 2007

A small, non-fancy, straight ahead place with very friendly service. Their is a large menu, the food is tasty, and a bit rich and oily. There are some vegan options, but not many -- note the word "Latteria" in the name: this place is mostly for lacto/ovo vegetarians. If you are in a big rush, you might also check out the natural juice bar across the street, or the "Jungle Juice" store on nearby on Via Dogana.

40 Rue de Gergovie, Paris, France

Delicious food

24 Jun 2012

A charming place in Montparnasse. The staff is friendly, and the food tastes great. There are many fine vegan choices, and the staff seems quite willing to accomodate vegans. Even so, vegans should be aggressive here--we were served one dish that we were suspicious about, and waiter then realized that we were served something with dairy in it by mistake, though promptly made amends.

706 Amsterdam Ave, New York City, USA

Pretty good

27 Aug 2006

You do not get to choose your menu items; everyone is fed the meal of the day which is balanced according to dietary principles. The food and eveything else is fine. Vegans must stay away, since there are no vegan options (nor any other options, either).

4c Bond St, Great Neck, USA

Nice, small place

15 Jun 2013

A cosy (=small) cafe. I found the food to be pretty good. The service was a bit disorganized, but I did not find the staff nasty at all--they were quite friendly to me My impression is that they are still learning the ropes a bit--and a veggie place in the suburbs certainly deserves some encouragement. In all, I had a very pleasant experience at this place and would certainly return and recommend it for people in the area.

Grosse Kirchgasse 2, Weimar, Germany

Excellent place

14 Jul 2016

A simple but very fine eatery in Wiemar, with healthy, good tasting food that is reasonably prices.

507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, USA

OK Pizza parlor

31 Mar 2014

This a vegan pizza parlor. The food is very salty and not particularly healthy, and the prices are not particularly cheap. I have never had a real Philly cheese-steak, but I would imagine that it would taste a lot better than what Blackbird's vegan seitan cheese-steak, which I couldn't finish. I cannot say that I was impressed at all by this place, but I do appreciate the effort in establishing a vegan pizzeria, and I assume that vegetarians who really like pizza would love this place.

191 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, USA

OK . . .

29 Aug 2006

This place is in a hip neighborhood has a cozy, relaxed, not downscale atmosphere--sort of like a college-town eatery. The food is sincere, but simple and certainly not gourmet.

1770 13th St, Boulder, USA

Beautiful place, ok food

02 Aug 2013

This is located in a stunningly beautiful building, with a niceties selection and some vegetarian options. It is a place to go with meat eating friends or to admire the setting or to have tea. You will find some nice things to eat here, though it is not really palace that caters to vegetarians that much. If you go knowing what to expect, you find this place to be Ok.

Rua Carlos De Carvalho, 271, Curitiba, Brazil

Top notch buffet

03 Jul 2008

This is one of the best veggie buffets that I have gone to in Brazil. The food is very good and the staff is friendly.

225 E 6th St, Charlotte, USA


14 Nov 2013

Unlike most pizza places, this one offers some vegan options (along with non-vegetarian pizzas). The atmosphere is nice and relaxed--not elegant dining, but above the level of the run-of-the-mill pizza parlor.

Uus 32/43, Tallinn, Estonia

Definitely worth going to!

06 Oct 2006

This in an African themed restaurant, with African decor and food. It is located in the old town, right by "Fat Margaret's Tower." I give it only 3 stars because it is not a vegetarian restuarant. However, like Aed (which is also listed on the Happy Cow site) the vegetarian and vegan food that is here is excellent in every way: delicious, healthy, and well prepared. Especially since most of the other restuarants in Tallinn are so unfriendly to vegans, I would strongly recommend any vegetarians of vegans in Tallinn to check out this place!

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

World class

17 Sep 2006

I have eaten at vegatarian restaurants all over the East Coast of the US and Europe, and this is one of the best. Along with Hangawai and Gobo, it is the best in NYC (with Franchia and Candle Cafe--its sister restaurant--close behind). The restaurant is extremely classy and the food is very healthy, fresh, excellent tasting, and all vegan. The portions are not huge, but they are a nice size. Anybody who has a 3-course meal with side dish and a drink should be satisfied. Unfortunately, you will also be broke--such a dinner for 2 could cost you well over $100, even without wine. On the other hand, a brunch could cost $30-$50 for two, as could a single course dinner without drinks. If you are concerned about the price, go to Candle Cafe around the corner (which is not cheap, but is nonetheless less dear than this place).
Located on the Upper East Side near the Whitney Museum and Metropolitan Museum, close to subways and bus lines.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Great place

27 Aug 2006

I have eaten here many times since it opened, and always love the food here. It is healthy and good tasting. It is less expensive than its cousin Candle 79, though not quite cheap. The place tends to be crowded and cramped. Still, the food makes it worthy a visit.

Karl-Liebknecht-Str 8, Weimar, Germany

Vegan hot dogs

14 Jul 2016

This is a hot dog place. You have the option of having a vegan hot dog, with vegan or vegetarian options. They boil the hot dog in water that is separate from the meat hot dogs, and offer about 8 different options for vegan/vegetarian topics, placed in a white-bread bun (they also offer burgers, but I think the burgers are all meat). The processed hot dog (tastes like a Tofu Pup) is nothing special; the flavors come mostly from the toppings.

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Excellent place

01 Aug 2013

I have been here many times over the past number of years and have always found the food to be excellent, and I have not had any problems with the service. This is one of the finest restaurants the area .

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

World class restaurant

27 Jul 2006

Excellent, delicious food; fresh and healthy. In my opinion, this is one of (if not the) best vegatarian restaurant in Prague.

Rua Saldanha Marinho, 1110, Curitiba, Brazil

Great lunch buffet

03 Jul 2008

Another great lunch veggie buffet in Curitiba. As always, you pay a flat fee for loads of great veggie food. Unfortunately, only open for lunch. During lunchtime, vegetarians in Curitiba have tons of options; during dinner time, however, there is nothing open.

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