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Overtoom 409, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Super good food and very friendly staff / owners

10 Feb 2012

This is a new place, serving very good raw vegan meals, all home made as far as I understood. The cook will take your order and explains what is what happily and patiently. By April 2012 they'll reopen with a somewhat better tuned menu, now they are fully open but apparently still looking for the right balance. Lots of choice in drinks, teas, boosts (new to me) and nut-milks. Large plates with arrangement of foods looks fantastic when served. Recommended! Close by Vondelpark.

2-3-16 Kachi-Machi, Matsuyama, Japan

Super Friendly And Lots Of Choice

26 Jan 2014

Being vegan in Japan is very difficult. However, there is hope! This salad / soup / etc buffet restaurant is very stylish and staff extremely helpful. Everything non-veg was clearly marked for me and there was soooo much to choose from! Good bar as well.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 26, 2014

Paulay Ede Utca 8., Budapest, Hungary

Friendly hole-in-wall central vegan restaurant

29 Jul 2011

Very nice people that run this tiny place right in the center of town. Small but adequate menu with freshly baked burgers (tofu, beans) and a salad bar. Short stroll from Deak ter metro.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

Great food, somewhat slow service

10 Feb 2012

I was happy to have made a reservation for this restaurant a few days before going there. It got completely packed on a Friday night. Eventhough we were early-ish and hardly any of the tables was occupied, it took forever before we and some other guests had their first course served. It was well over an hour after ordering, and the main dish also came very late after that. However, the food was really yummy and looked amazing. I had the tofu tower. The servings could be larger though.

Dohány u. 1/b, Budapest, Hungary

Unhygienic, overpriced and disappointing

24 Jul 2011

I don't think my standards are that high, but I guess if you can do a PhD in archeaology on the food stains scattered around the walls where you sit, then something is wrong. The lady that served me first checked the garbage bin with her bare hands to see if there was still a pita bread left. Then she said: "oh, we still have one!" and got it from someplace that I couldn't really figure out, also without having first washed her hands after rummaging in the bin with them. One falafel costs 990 ft, which for what you get is too much really. I would not recommend this place unless everything else is closed.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 24, 2011

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary


29 Jul 2011

This was such a welcoming and warm place after a steep morning hike up to the National Gallery and down again by the Batthyany ter side. Firstly: the staff is super friendly and helpful, secondly: the choice is great with freshly made vegan cherry creams (don't know how to explain otherwise) and pies, and also a lot of non-sweet food that I didn't try (it was still quite early morning) but that looked great for lunch or dinner. I sat inside because of heavy rain, but the restaurant has a perfect terrace in front, the building (bright pink, can't miss it) occupies a sharp corner so lot's of views in all directions. Close by the HEV and metro Batthyany ter and the river with THE view over Parliament. Just perfect.

Almazora 47, Valencia, Spain

Great Little Shop With Lots Of Potential

10 Sep 2013

For a country like Spain, where torturing defenseless animals to death for a few brief moments of banal enjoyment is part of the national identity, this kind of shops should be applauded, praised and stimulated by those who know better.

Complaining that it does not sell as many items as a giant supermarket chain is bit senseless and totally undeserved in this case. The lady who helped me was a real source of info on vegan restaurants in Valencia and she also runs an animal rights ngo.

I loved the shop, I got everything for a scrumptious meal, plus juicy ripe organic tomatoes that are just do die for! 5 stars!!

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

Astonishingly good, perfect!

29 Jul 2011

This restaurant sets awfully high standards to food and it is probably impossible for other vegan restaurants to match the outstanding quality of food, the warm decor and the enormous amount of choice in pizzas, pastas, hungarian dishes, salads, soups, bread, pies, i can go on for a bit -. I went here twice in a 5 day stay and both times it was comfortably full, the service was immaculate, always time for a small chat and a smile. This place is a restaurant for anyone who wants to have a great dinner in a very nice setting with lovely staff taking care of everything swiftly and gently.

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