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Santa Croce 1159, Calle Larga dei Bari, Venice, Italy

Romance at look,Love & first taste

Just had dinner & walked about 2 minutes & found my dream to have my first vegan gelato since becoming vegan - 4 years, surprised at how many vegan options there were pretty much 50/50 between non vegan & vegan- the vegan creations sounded way more exciting! Had a blackberry & cinammon both amazing! Heaven, hit the spot. Only bad thing is i didnt have another! Tomorrow going back to sit & eat then go back & try all the flavours! A must go to for everyone

6 O'Connell Street, Newtown

Real vegan

Found at the back of a sweet library. Limited menu I ordered a newly added burger made with just l3 different types of legumes & seeds ( what I mean by real vegan- whole foods & healthy not processed and fake) with roasted potato's & salad on bread with sweet chilli sauce. I recommend to not get sweet chilli sauce but peanut the sweet chilli spoiled the burger, but still a beautiful lunch, it is also very large so if your with someone SHARE! I also recommend the smoothies they are incredible - you can get berries, banana or mango. Nice staff but prices abit expensive but good quality food. There is a big breakfast menu- scrambled tofu, omelets, baked beans. There are delicious looking desserts such as the almond and cherry tart. A very cute eatery worth a visit

Rio Marin, S. Croce 888, Venice, Italy

Beauty divine

Easy to find, husband & wife run- woman is english, menu in english, so many different varieties of teas- creative combinations. Had a summer spelt salad with vegetables- warm, it was fabulous, delicious one of my favourite dishes ive had throughout italy.Great atmosphere with paintings & beautiful coloured lights, very warm looking place. Vegan bread was delicous too. Great spot by the water, pity it wasnt daylight to enjoy it. Very nice place & would recommend to any vegetarian or vegan. & recently they have brought a new VEGAN dessert to the menu an apple pie- trying tomorrow...

Via Giovannipoli 18, Rome, Italy

Uncomfortable but pleasant

The area looked unsafe but it was safe we came at 8pm & they opened 20 minutes after the opening time. No live music. Menu was in english thankfully, waiter speaked very good english, menu was varied but the pizza was no longer made :( but still on the menu numerous things were nolonger made. The food was not wholesome fresh average vegan, cartoned juice ( some) poor presentation. For some postives i had a seitan wrap which was yum so had two woth a harissa sauce & vegan cheese- first time since going vegan, the tiramisu was amazing the custard had a slight minty fresh flavour it was delectable only downside was serving size wasnt big enough, ravioli was nice but the bugers was pitiful, quite cheap but small servings very small so it added up to quite an expensive meal

22-24 King St, Newtown

The most amazing place in the world

Where do I start... As you walk in your greeted by beautiful smells from the cookery type section where you can buy sausage rolls & huge burgers filled with caramelized onion, salad, mushrooms etc & the burgers & sausages you can purchase in front of you.They have everything, sausages- christmas sausages with rosemary & herbs, traditional, polenta sausages & all of them literally melt in your mouth, & very easy to cook. They have snitsel, seitan, burgers which are beautiful,& a Devine tvp spaghetti Bolognaise sauce which is one of the best things I've tasted in my life. Along with that they have a few shelves filled with sauces & other useful condiments & so forth. The staff are very nice & helpful, the prices abit pricey but really how many vegan butchers are there?

Via San Gallo, 92/r, Florence, Italy

Tip top

So hungry & eager to fill my stomach with such delicious sounding vegan food.Menu in italian, ordered a starter of raviolli with a cheese & vegan meat filling & vegetables with a white sauce- OMG, the flavours danced on my palette, for main i had a tempeh & vegetables for protein- pretty much flavourless but nutritious, my mum liked it though so swapped with her vegan cheeseburger- wonderful another tick from my tastebuds, for dessert ordered a cheesecake with berry jam on top,& a tiramisu for me-not the best ive had, the cheesecake was nice though. By this time i was full but the chocolate cheesecake looked so delicious i had to get it shared it with mum chocolate was melting in my mouth, good little store outback - many options, nice atmosphere. A must go to for a huge variety & vegan sensation

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

Perfect birthday

Went for borthday breakfast- had chpcolate & strawbery crepes with cream which was yum, then a beautiful fruit salad with figs, apples grapes, cranberrys, orange, & bought a vegan crossiant from their pattisserie - i was the first buyer, bit into it & tastebuds sang it had chocolate on the inside & melted in your mouth & i felt healthIer eating it without all the cholestrol, butter, eggs etc invading it-( the wash is usually done with egg white in non vegan but the cafe have them specially made with a sugar wash. Went back at 10:30pm thst night & had a subway type roll which was delicious & tucked into a chocolate tart which i enjoyed thoroughly. Really nice cafe, waiter & chef speaks english, friendly, but bit expensive although good value.

Level 5, Shop 5009, Market St, Sydney


I've been here Afew times, it's usually got a queue, the food is very nice & lots of variety- lasagnas, pies, minestrones, soups, curry, & the desserts omg cheesecakes- with out the cheese of coarse, muffins, sago pudding, the friands are moist & flavorsome as well as the blackrice pudding but everything is quite expensive there, but it is good quality food

Hornsby Mall, Hunter Street, Hornsby

Your average food markets

There are many fruit and vegetable stores one of which is organic, they have a few gluten free bread, muffin, cakes etc stores, & there is one store that the owners will tell you which bread is vegan called braisserie bread. There is also a herb & plant store. A jam and chutney store, with eucalyptus moisterisers etc. A dried fruit and nut store which have alot of variety & quite cheap.

Shop 10, 166-168 Leura Mall, Leura


Came from Sydney for the day. an extremely hot day & the cafe being in an arcade & air conditioned was heaven.a beautiful atmosphere- clean & fresh, There are about 6 tables so quite small, they sell food like frozen meals such as pizza,there is a whole range of dry foods to like biscuits, chocolate, bars etc & a refrigeration section where you can buy cheese of many kinds, mock meat, yoghurt & drinks. You are welcomed by the lovely workers who hand you a menu of drinks & food as well as shown a blackboard which includes all the specials & breakfast menu. There is quite a range - Frittata (which is amazing) burgers, massive wraps, tofu dishes & the drinks.... Milkshakes, exotic smoothies, ice coffee, ice chocolate, juices & more. The prices are a little steep but Its worth it by far. the only real con is it's very small it deserves to be bigger with all the good food & flavor they offer. A must go to.

Via L'Arancio, 21, Pisa, Italy

Ironic discovery- heaven lead me

At a non vegan restaurant eating a banana on free wifi looking up vegan places around & just for fun in pisa- only one here & address obviously didnt know, took a stroll outside & came across the street name it looked familar, didnt believe that this could be the street it was in but walked down the street anyway & amazed, jaw dropping discovery it was there-the vegan come koala, walked in- very tiny, & couldnt decide what i wanted still paralysed from the discovery. I ordered a wrap with tempeh, capers, mushroom, beetroot, onion, lettuce, tomato & an amazing spicy ketchup & vegan cheese, it was toasted. Had some good for sale food aswell, biscuits, wine, bars,soft drinks. The place was small, too small for such masterpieces I bought what i thought was chocolate but surprised by small macarons with chocolate filling. The wrap was the best thing i have ever tasted in my life couldnt stop raving about, salivating thinking about it, and only about 3.5 euros, depressed that i probably wont have another one for atleast anpther 5 years. Ladies & gentleman i give you paradise

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