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2315 K St, Sacramento, USA

Unfathomably bad service

19 Sep 2011

I've only been here a handful of times. I've had a couple of good meals, but I'm afraid I won't be going again, and this is completely due to staff indiscretion. Several months back (May or June) I went in and ordered a tempeh sandwich to go. The kitchen was closing soon, but they took my order. After it arrived, I went on my way. At my destination I began eating and was puzzled by a strange crunch. Looking in my sandwich, I found that the tempeh was not just burnt; it was literally charcoal. I was amazed that any staff member could have allowed this to be served to a customer. I wasn't exactly raring to go back after that, but I decided to give Sugar Plum another try on my birthday because they're the closest place I can buy a fresh cake or pie that's both vegan and gluten-free (my partner has a wheat sensitivity). We ordered a slice of what was labeled "gluten-free pumpkin pie" and shared it. It was very tasty, so we decided to order a whole pie for my b-day. Hours later, when we went to slice the pie, we noticed that the crust was very different. We thought they must have given us a wheat pie by mistake! So the next day my partner went in to ask for a replacement. The woman at the counter got defensive. She told us that what we had was indeed the gluten-free pumpkin pie. She then went on to explain that what we had eaten the previous day was a slice of magnolia pie on a shortbread wheat crust and that it must have been labeled incorrectly. I had had no suspicion that the crust from the previous day wasn't gluten-free because the shortbread recipe had made it crumbly the way a lot of wheat-free crusts are. (And it started to click. "No wonder that slice was more of a deep yellow than a pumpkin color." "No wonder my partner got all spaced out and had had trouble focusing later that day. She ate wheat!") And possibly even worse than the error itself was the fact that the woman at the counter didn't seem to care one iota about the fact that we had been erroneously served an allergen. She seemed primarily concerned with specifying that it wasn't her fault. All I can say is shame on her, and I hope that no one with allergies more severe was served the wrong pie, because there was only one slice of it left at the time we were there. Sugar Plum's website claims that they are "extremely friendly and sensitive to those with allergies," but this is tragically untrue.

1900 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, USA


18 May 2011

This is one of my favorite stores ever. They carry loads of vegan and raw grocery items. They always have several vegan meal options in the deli (along with desserts like vegan cupcakes), so it's a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. In my experience, the food has always been delicious. They have a nice indoor dining area near the front of the store, a water tap where you can fill up your canteen or a glass, and pleasantly clean bathrooms, making it a great place to refresh if you've been out and about on a hot (or cold) Sacramento day.

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