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C/ Zorrilla, 11, Madrid, Spain


21 Sep 2006

Not 100% Veg but it's nice that they make a point to mention that the meat dishes are cooked in a separate part of the kitchen.

This place was nice and serene with typical Spanish decor (dark woods, red brick, stucco). Very nice exhibit of Buddhist art when we were there (Sept 06).

Substantial portions and a large selection of food. English menu available. Fast service and popular with locals. Could expand dessert menu. A little expensive but good quality. Would visit again.

Ventura de la Vega, 4, Madrid, Spain

Good Value

21 Sep 2006

This restaurant is the first of six veg restaurants I visited over my time in Madrid. My companion and I rated it overall a 7/10.

The food was good - not great, not bad. We both had different options off of the set menu which costs a little over 10 Euro. It was a very filling meal. Staff did not speak English and menu of the day was written in script that was difficult to decipher.

Menu is mostly veg - a few items on the menu at the end had meat.

136 NW 62nd St, Miami, USA

Astonishingly Terrible

19 Dec 2010

We had a single day to spend in Miami and decided to visit this establishment for lunch based on the Happy Cow reviews thus far. When we arrived in the early afternoon, a young man was on the phone in the dining area arguing. A few awkward minutes later he greeted us and showed us the food available indicating he didn't really know what it was since he had just arrived (though the restaurant was open for two hours at this point).

In stainless steel cafeteria-style containers, there were a few nondescript veggie dishes, a brown chunky tofu stew, and rice. He said all that was available was a $6 plate assortment and he served up two styrofoam carry-out trays with food. When we paid he had to run out for change so we looked for cutlery to eat with. There was a pile of plastic disposable knives next to one fork and one spoon. We grabbed the spoon and fork and he returned. We asked about drinks and he said there were none available.

We sat at a table and began to eat. He walked over to the table next to us where the phone was and made a call and began to argue on the phone again. This was 3 or 4 feet away from us! By the time he finished arguing we were almost done eating.

The food was just okay, nothing that could ever make up for everything else enough bring me back to this place or recommend it to others. Truly the strangest restaurant experience I've ever had. To think of all the delicious, fresh food we could have had in Miami and we went here to be treated to horrible service and a restaurant that I'm shocked can remain in business. To top it off, the whole place was ramshackle and the walls are all mirrored. Sure this could be forgiven if the service and food were great but it just ends up adding to the wreck of a place this is.

I have eaten in veg*n restaurants in three dozen countries throughout the world, but Garden of Eatin' will forever be memorable as number one... top of the Worst.

354A Preston Street, Ottawa, Canada

Good food but not worth the appalling service.

08 Mar 2009

We went to Green Earth yesterday for (Saturday) lunch. I was excited about a new vegan restaurant in town!

The ambiance is nice, if a little institutional. [edited by wm- see terms].

The menu is mostly vegan and very extensive. Generally, the food was decent but a little bland. The side salad that comes as a side dish is a sad, limp pile of shredded lettuce and carrots with a flavourless dressing.

Dessert was excellent and I would consider returning for the dessert alone. The cheesecake was magnificent.

The biggest problem I had with this restaurant was the service. The service was slow, and the waitstaff did their job in very slow stages. It took a few minutes to be seated, another few minutes to get the menu, another few minutes for water, etc. In between courses, the service was inattentive and painfully slow. Someone on staff would come out to the dining room, bring someone cutlery and go back behind their counter (instead of checking in on the other diners, taking orders, etc). It took dessert a half-hour to get to us and only after we walked up to the counter and asked about it (another table had ordered the same two desserts, they said, and they forgot about us - even though we were seated in the front window in plain view). Water was filled up once in the ninety minutes we were seated. We had to ask for cutlery. We had two people serving us and weren't sure of who our real waiter was.

Overall, the service was appalling. I attribute it to beginner hiccups but, in my opinion, you have to hit the ground running when you open a new restaurant and have the service (at least) fine-tuned from the beginning.

I would only go back for their daytime buffet so I wouldn't have to wait for service. We went to the counter to pay (not wanting to wait another half-hour for someone to return to the table) and the woman behind the counter (one-half of our wait staff) said it was hard to find good waitstaff for a vegan restaurant. At least she acknowledged that it was terrible but she didn't do anything to make up for her fellow staff. No excuses, please.

Honestly, the food is not good enough to warrant the terrible service. We left frustrated and disappointed.

521 Fleming St, Key West, USA

Decent but needs improvement

19 Dec 2010

We were on a cruise that stopped in Key West so we decided to take a break from the ship's food. Green Republic was an easy walk from the port.

The menu is extensive and therefore a little daunting. Everything sounds delicious and the smoothie selection is truly amazing. There was even a display case of vegan cupcakes. Staff was very friendly.

There is no proper seating area in this restaurant. Our guess is that it's because there is no bathroom so it is officially a take-out place. There are a couple of wicker chairs to sit in where we ate.

We each ordered a sandwich and cringed when we heard the microwave ding from the other side of the wall. The food was tasty but needs improvement. The bun or bread should be toasted at least. There was significan liquid from the sandwiches that made the bread soggy at the bottom.

Definitely not close to the greatest sandwiches we've tasted but there is a chance we off-ordered. Next time I'd opt for a rice bowl but honestly, Key West holds little else to draw me back so consider the rice bowls my recommendation to you.

Calle Hortaleza 7, Madrid, Spain


21 Sep 2006

We went here a few times while we were in Madrid. I have loved Maoz ever since I tried them in Amsterdam years ago. Great choice of toppings that you can have on the falafel or in a plastic clamshell salad container.

Sadly the toppings were not self-serve like those I had visited in Amsterdam but the staff was generous with toppings.

Great value and very, very tasty. Good for a night-time snack when you're still full from your Menu Del Dia from lunchtime.

1 Rue des Colonels Renard, Paris, France

Just okay

01 Jul 2010

We went here for lunch in July 2010. The atmosphere was nice though we were the only women in the place, patrons and staff included. Service was slow (not for food but slow for seating and very slow for receiving the bill).

We ordered "cheese" naan which lacked any comparison - flavour or texture-wise - to cheese and pappadums which you should avoid as they are slippery and shiny with grease - unlike any I've ever had. For our main courses we had black lentil curry and a paneer dish. They were tasty but nowhere close to great. The paneer is unflavoured chunks of firm tofu. A small plate of jasmine rice on the side was wildly overpriced as were the drinks. Our meal totaled 30 Euro. We would not return to this restaurant.

Plaza de la Paja, 10, Madrid, Spain

Great Expectations Dashed

21 Sep 2006

Because I read such great reviews of this restaurant prior to my trip to Madrid, I had great expectations. Sadly, they were crushed.

This is one of six restaurants we visited on our trip to Madrid. It was the most difficult to find.

Typical Spanish decor of dark wood, red brick, and stucco is partnered with paper table cloths. Decor was nicer than other veg restaurants we went to - a little less dingy.

My companion is Filipina and learned from our waitress that everyone but the owner who works at this restaurant is Filipino. The chefs seem to have no grasp of texture or flavour.

We each had different items from the Menu del Dia which costs 9.99 Euro. It's good value and filling but the food is not very good. For the main course my companion ordered a "pie" and was given three slabs of a soft tofu loaf - each with a different tasteless sauce. I got spaghetti with a orange tomato-ish sauce made with TVP, it was flavourless. Where are the tomatoes, the herbs, the delicious olive oils of Spain??

No coffee is available. Smoking is allowed - the girl at the table next to us lit up twice before her main course arrived.

Yerbabuena is the best vegetarian restaurant we went to in Madrid - by a very, very long shot. Go there instead.

727 East Ave, Pawtucket, USA

Delicious and Friendly!

26 Sep 2011

I travelled to Rhode Island to visit a friend and she took me to Garden Grille. What a great meal we had! We were there around noon on a weekday and the place was hopping. After about ten minutes we got a seat. The staff was very friendly and the menu is extensive. Lots of great options for vegans, the all-vegan dessert menu is impressive! Definitely check this place out, they also have a vegan bakery in the same strip mall a few doors down. (This restaurant is in a strip mall but has none of the feeling of being in a strip mall so don't let that deter you.)

166 Rue Eddy, Gatineau, Canada

Bright, Clean, Delicious!

06 Sep 2011

What a delightful find only minutes away from downtown Ottawa! We biked over on a weekday at lunch and the place was quite busy but we got a table right away.

The restaurant is clean and bright, the food is the same! I tried the Greek Pizza and it was bursting with vivid flavour. Great selection of raw desserts. The food is made fresh so it may not be the place to go if you're in a rush (though it did seem many patrons were nearby office workers on their lunch break). I appreciated the regular water refills.

I look forward to going back!

3 Amor de Dios, Madrid, Spain

Nice Little Place

21 Sep 2006

This is one of six restaurants we visited on our trip to Madrid. It is open from 10 am - 5 pm and again from 7 pm - 12 am.

My companion and I each had different items from the Menu del Dia which costs 11 Euro. It's good value and filling - the selection of food on the main course plate I got was varied and tasty (seitan, yellow rice, green salad, beets, piece of tempura).

No coffee is available. Very small, cozy place but bordering on dingy. The store in front may be good by Spanish standards but by North American standards, it looked like a store you might shop in if you were vegetarian in the 1980s and desperate for anything that didn't have meat.

Staff was very friendly - the waitress did not speak English but the chef did and he was happy to step out of the kitchen to walk us through the menu.

Great location if you're in the center of Madrid!

65, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris, France

Delicious and affordable lunch option.

06 Jul 2010

We went here in July 2010 for lunch. The restaurant is very busy with locals grabbing lunch (we were there from 12:45-1:15) but service is speedy and friendly.

If you want take-away you order at the display counter where the items of the day are all laid out. If you want to sit and eat, the menu for you is on the blackboards. For 7.50 Euro we each got a daily special consisting of a large plate with a selection of different salads and crudites with the "main" in the centre. In our case the main was a tomato tart and a pair of spinach wraps. You also have your choice of dressings (in our case mustard or shallot). A side basket of two puffed-up pitas was included. A (free) carafe of flat water was brought to the table without our asking, very much appreciated.

The food was filling, delicious, very fresh, and satisfying. In meat-heavy Paris, this is a treat.

Our meal was the most expensive thing on the menu and totalled 15 Euro.

**Location on HappyCow map is incorrect. I will inform them of this. In the meantime, don't go looking for this restaurant in front of Hotel de Ville!

Falmouth, near Port, Falmouth, Jamaica

Nice little gem in the heart of Falmouth.

08 Nov 2011

We were heading to Falmouth, Jamaica as a cruise ship stop and checked the internet to see if there were any veg restaurants nearby. We found a blog entry about Man-Power and decided to look for it when we were in town so we could add it to Happy Cow. We didn't have to do any searching, it's merely steps away from the entrance gate at the pier. Simply exit the gate and walk up the liveliest street you see, it's about a half-block up.

Man-Power is a simple restaurant with friendly staff and a variety of dishes. Judging by the people buzzing in and out, it's popular with the locals. We couldn't decide on one dish so the lady working suggested we each get a take-away dish with all the day's specials in it. For about $5 we each got the small container and it was stuffed full of deliciousness. The meal filled us up to the gills.

I highly recommend Man-Power if you're ever in Falmouth. Just because you're on a cruise where the food is free, don't hesitate to get some local fare and support a vegan restaurant. You won't be allowed to bring the food back on the ship so find a spot to eat where you can watch the locals in action. You can also squish into the restaurant to eat but only if you're in a group of less than three or four people. It really serves more as a take-out counter.

Carrer de Ferran 13, Barcelona, Spain

Maoz Never Disappoints

03 Jul 2014

This was my first stop in Barcelona and, as usual, I devoured my delicious falafel with glee. Maoz is the best. This particular shop was very clean and the salad bar was super fresh and well-stocked. The falafel is made fresh-to-order and that makes the difference! The fries are delicious too. The only thing I found disappointing is not enough room in my falafel to fill it with all the toppings I want, it's hard to pick. I think a falafel bowl might be a better option but I love the challenge of chowing down on a sandwich that's falling apart.

Yum yum yum. Don't forget to douse your falafel in tahini sauce when you're done filling it up!

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52, Barcelona, Spain

Try the Chef's Tasting Menu

03 Jul 2014

It's no easy feat deciding which veg restaurant to pick when you have only a couple of days to spend in Barcelona. I'm glad we picked Sesamo though! I went with my partner and her parents (staunch carnivores) after they asked us to pick a place to eat.

The walk was fine for us young folks but the elders found the 25 minute walk from La Rambla a little tough. When we arrived without a reservation there was no problem seating us but it was only 7:30 (opening time).

We chose to get the chef's tasting menu so we could have the best plates without the burden of having to order off a veg menu with meat eaters. It was a great choice. The plates arrived to our delighted faces each time, and we all enjoyed the meal very much. My father-in-law said to the manager that he would always remember the delightful meal he had had there. It was pretty amazing to see him rave so loudly about this all-veg meal.

It was 105 Euro for us all to eat. We were charged for a couple of extra glasses of wine. I think the set menu comes with two glasses, it wasn't all that clear and they just offered refills without really explaining it would be extra. That's fine, it's probably standard practice.

I was more critical perhaps than my fellow diners. I thought the food was great for the most part except for a pink gnocchi dish which was a little bizarre. The plates arrived erratically - at once we would get three dishes and then we would have a very long wait (20 mins or so) before another plate arrived. That would be my main complaint.

In the end I think our 7 plate meal was more like 10 or 11. A couple of times we expected dessert to come next only to have it be another plate of tapas. We were all delighted and full by night's end.

989 Wellington St West, Ottawa, Canada

Mixed Feelings

30 May 2013

For lunch I had a taco salad, a warm Thai quinoa dish, and a piece of cheesecake. The taco salad was very flavourful and the sour kream incredible but presentation was lacking. I wish they would assemble it fresh to order if you're eating in instead of eating it out of a plastic clamshell.

The Thai quinoa dish was very tasty but lacking any semblance of Thai flavours (ginger, lemongrass, kaffir lime, chilies). Jamaican yellow curry powder has no place in Thai food. I love this flavour anyway but Thai is a misnomer. I ordered it to eat in but it was served to me in a take-out container with apologies.

The cheesecake would have been better given more time to thaw but was refreshing and lovely nonetheless.

Good place for a quick take-out meal but given the time I'd head across the river to La Belle Verte for a really beautiful raw meal.

717 Somerset W, Ottawa, Canada

BIG Menu, Small quality

08 Mar 2009

This restaurant would be much better off if they pared down their menu. Not only does their menu of hundreds of items leave the diners bewildered, but you have to go with a frequent diner or have some kind of special insight to sort through the menu to find something delicious. Much of it seems like the same dish with a slightly different sauce.

They offer a variety of Asian cuisines instead of picking the few they are good at and focusing on them. The food doesn't taste or look like high quality food.

The dining room is cramped and rather dingy. When I do get food from here, I opt for take-out.

14, rue Bichat, Paris, France

Tasty Little Gem

09 Jul 2010

We ate here in July 2010. We visited here on a Friday afternoon. Our waiter spoke English (not that we expect that) and gave us English menus upon our asking. He was very congenial.

The menu was extensive and prices are fair. Our meal with two appetizers, two entrees, and two (non-alcoholic) drinks came to 30 Euro.

I had a Vietnamese cold spring roll to start. It was very fresh and tasty. My partner had shrimp dumplings, they were over-steamed and, therefore, a little gluey. For our mains I had a beef vermicelli dish. On top of noodles were onions, beef, mint, and... strangely... lettuce. The lettuce was the only downside. It got wilted and the chef should have used spinach or bok choi instead. My partner got the cashew chicken which was the preferred entree of the two.

The meal was rather satisfying and tasty overall and we were glad we made the special trek to this restaurant. It was very easy to find from the metro but the surrounding neighbourhood is not all that welcoming and rather run-down. Rue Bichat, in particular, looks depressing. Regardless, this is a very clean and happy little place to eat for great Asian food.

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