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2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Don't say you weren't warned...

19 Jun 2008

Like so many other vegans and veggies, I waited with baited breath until Herbivore finally openened. In the beginning, I was just so excited to have a new veg place to eat in the hood that I overlooked a few instances of really bad service & mediocre food. Wait staff were rude - actually argued with me when I politely pointed out that my dish came with quinoa and not rice, which is what they gave me. This was actually for a birthday dinner where several other dishes were either completely wrong - or just sloppy. Even worse - the staff is slow & lazy. Once I actually sat & watched my food sit on the counter for a full 40 mins before it made its way to my table. I was angry at first, but then it became a joke of us betting how long it would take to get my food. The restaurant was mostly empty - there was no excuse for this type of service - except for the staff all congregating behind the counter goofing off. The table next to us was also quite peeved. Already on the fence about continuing to give this restaurant more chances, I convinced myself to give them another shot. The food was inedible & the service was worse - no water, no waiter, all while the staff again goofed off & ignored customers. I gave them at least 6 more chances to get their act together hoping they would improve (I so badly wanted them to be a successful ambassador of veggie food) but I give up. If at all possible, things had gotten worse. My food tasted as if it had sat out all day, veggies were overcooked yet cold, the food was so salty that one bite made our tongues actually sting (not exaggerating - it was disgusting!) and the mashed potatoes were obviously made with vanilla soy/rice milk. When I brought this to my server's attention, they told me that they didn't make the potatoes with vanilla soy milk. Duh! - but someone carelessly did on this occasion as there is no other clear explanation for vanilla flavored potatoes. Yuck! I did not finish my meal and felt like vomiting the rest of the night after this last horrible experience. I naturally asked to speak to the manager & was told that one wouldn't be there until Wednesday - a full 5 days later! Also, it seems there is NEVER a manager on duty there! Bottom line: there is not enough space in this review to tell you all of the many awful experiences I have suffered at Herbivore. Sadly, my friends all feel the same way and we have all vowed never to go back. R.I.P. Herbivore - you could have been great, but you suck!

2708 Russell St, Berkeley, USA

Mmmm...Vegan numminess!

19 Jun 2008

Nabolom is a hidden treasure for vegans. The sticky buns are unreal...oozing sweet cinnamon and pecan goodness. (They are not labeled vegan but they are 100% - just ask). The staff is always helpful and friendly. Their vegan cookies are also very tasty. I once had a vegan snickerdoodle fresh from the oven; gooey soft and warm - soooo good. My inner fat kid has never been so satisfied. Coffee is decent, too - although for some reason usually empty when I get there. Nabolom is a cool spot to go with friends, too. There are some large tables and sofas to accommodate groups and there is often live music on the weekends for entertainment. Great spot to hang out and enjoy some nummy goodies.

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA

My absolute favorite vegan restaurant!

19 Jun 2008

I'm from NY and we have some terrific veggie food out there - BUT, hands down, Millennium is deservedly my favorite restaurant. Millennium is an experience - not just a restaurant. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. To begin, the cocktails are scrumptious - perfectly mixed & made with organic house-infused spirits w/ a creative and unique flair. The Kiwi Gimlet is addictive (Kiwi-Parsley Infused Vodka, Agave, & Muddled Fresh Lime & Parsley). The bread and bean spread they give each table is SO good I would almost be happy just having that as my dinner. The food is meticulously cooked - perfectly flavored, amazing textures, and everything is local, ripe, and in season. Any review I could give you on the entrees simply could not do them justice. Amazingly, I took a few skeptic meat-eaters there begrudgingly. They all LOVED it and pretty much licked their plates clean. They could not belive that there was no meat, butter, or milk in any of the dishes that they just devoured. The desserts are so rich and decadent that they were still not convinced that it was all vegan. I have been lucky to dine at this amazing place on more than a few occasions and it has never been anything short of perfection. Some people say it's pricey...but, we vegans are not used to eating at "real" restaurants where $20 for an entree is not uncommon (it's more than worth it!). Do not compare this place to somewhere where you can get a bowl of noodles for $5. That is like comparing apples to trucks. Just GO to Millennium. Splurge, indulge, and enjoy yourelf - especially for special occasions. You will be so happy that you did! They also has a wonderful, comfortable ambiance - great for dates or casual dinners with friends. Reservations are highly recommended. Even a spot at the bar can be hard to come by because this places is so damn popular - but rightfully so! Conveniently, you can make reservations online throgh their website at www.millenniumrestaurant.com.

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