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Charlotte area, Charlotte, USA

Great way to go Organic

05 Oct 2009

I have been getting boxes from Absolute organics for about 3 months now. I am not able/willing to go to far away places like Earth Fare just for groceries on a regular basis. Other places that are closer just don't have the quality, variety and price I need.

That's where Absolute Organics comes in for me. I get very good variety of organic produce for a very reasonable price delivered to my door. Because I don't have 100% control over what I will get I have had the pleasure of trying things I've never had before going vegan. Its an excellent way to make sure you get variety in your diet as when shopping for yourself you might tend to pick up the same things repeatedly.

One of the draw backs I have experienced which is kind of minor are mistakes with the produce in your box. But thus far they've made up for the mishaps the following week or with small discounts on the box price.

I most certainly recommend this for people who feel that eating organic is too expensive, or too difficult because of the specialty stores they think they are required to venture to for regular shopping. Absolute organics makes it easy & hassle free.

5410 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, USA

Too Expensive For Most People

05 Oct 2009

I've been here only occasionally over the years, despite living within walking distance of this store. They have a wide variety of products for the health conscious but I have never been able to truly go shopping there because the prices are just far too expensive. For example toothpaste for 7$, regular size box of waffles for 8$. Its just ridiculous to me. Prices like these are one of the most common deterrents to people who would eat/shop healthier if they felt it was affordable. I have been able to find many of the exact same products I wanted from this location in other "non-green" stores for 90% below the prices there or online, which was still cheaper with shipping included. Big Lots had Tom's of Maine's toothpaste for under 2 bucks and sometimes 99 cents for example.

Other stores in the same category, like Earth Fare are higher quality in atmosphere and presentation but also offer cheaper options in most categories. I do not feel that is true of Home Economist everything seems over priced.

Living earth friendly, and eating healthful foods is NOT exclusively for the well off. If you are on a budget this is not the place to shop regularly, but please don't give up, just shop around, and don't be afraid to order online.

12235 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, USA

Its like a Produce Art Gallery

05 Oct 2009

When I first walked into Earth Fare I was struck by the beauty of the produce. I am not trying to be funny it looked so perfect, bright, bruise free, and perfectly organized (it really made me wonder why people genetically modify food or spray paint it if you can grow it so beautifully organically). The rest of the store was no different, the staff really work to make sure everything is clean and organized and beautiful. I probably stayed in there for 2 or more hours. I also ate at their deli. It was a little bit too bland for my tastes, I like very flavorful foods.

Earth Fare is the kind of store you can take your time in because it has a very welcoming, clean, homely atmosphere. Lots of testers to try things out before you buy, and a food samples too. I read they also have free lessons and activities as well though I have not participated as of you. Its truly a little community on its own rather than a mere grocery store.

7128-A Albemarle Rd, Charlotte, USA

EXCELLENT FOOD but Difficult for Vegans

05 Oct 2009

This place is not too far away from where I live. Its in a nook of a location that is small and quaint, don't expect a 5 star operation. The taste of the food really makes up for that though, its superb!

The menu could have more detail to help distinguish which meals contain dairy/egg and which don't but the staff was helpful and willing to recommend dishes to fit our tastes and needs.

Over all its a very pleasant dining experience for people who love their food full of flavor and free of meat, truly its bursting with flavor and great texture you will not miss meat even if you aren't veg/vegan.

7945 N Tryon St Unit 110, Charlotte, USA

Replaces ALL FRIED MEATS(WingZone, Bojangles, etc)

05 Oct 2009

I went vegan cold turkey about 3 months ago. I haven't looked back since but as a southern, product of black cultural influence, I really really used to love fried food (chicken, fish, shrimp, etc). Typically I try to eat raw or steamed but I must have a fried treat here and there still & ZiZi's really gives me exactly what I was looking for...FRIED FLAVORFUL VEGAN FOOD. It comes in all the traditional forms that a Southern American is used to so there is NO EXCUSE for not converting, you can have it all with a place like Zizi's. I'll take a trip to Zizi's to replace my old stops at WingZone, Bojangles, or Showmars.

I saw vegetable tempura on the Zizi's site slide show, but its not on the menu at the Charlotte location. I really recommend it be added because I would love to eat fried without having to go for the soy meat every time. Also where is that cheese cake I saw on the site :-P Cheese cake was also another of my old favs would LOVE it in vegan form.

The other thing I love about Zizi's is that they are actually VEGAN not just lacto/ovo vegetarian. I have been to other "vegetarian" places in Charlotte and I was so paranoid about eating dairy or eggs by mistake. I had to ask about everything on the menu first. At Zizi's I can just have a field day ordering whatever looks good to me and know its 100% animal product free.

Will blab my mouth about Zizi's to everyone so they know to go try it out :-)

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