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40 Rue de Gergovie, Paris, France

Vegans, beware!

28 Oct 2007

I've been there twice. I find the place to be pleasant, and the food is very nice although there is not much choice (and a little on the expensive side). First time I went I had this couscous with loads of stuff on the side: seitan, tofu,... I checked and was told it was vegan.

Went back a few days later, and wanted something else, but it wasn't vegan. So I said I would have the couscous. They tell me it's not vegan. I explained about last time, so they checked. Turns out it contained eggs, cheese and butter. Very vegan! And I had eaten that.

In the end, there are only 2 vegan dishes and one vegan desert. I wouldn't recommend the place to vegans.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Best burger in NY!

31 May 2011

If you go here, you MUST try the Tuscan Seitan parmesan sandwich (it's vegan), it's simpaly the best burger in NY! The "bread" is made of potatoes and oinion, and their "parmesan" sauce is just amazing!

Cheesecakes were excellent too, and the prices were raisonable. Will go back next time I'm in NY!

179 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Best pizza ever!

31 May 2011

I was amazed at the food here! I had the seitan pizza, which was good, and the Daiya cheese pizza - amazing!! But I was also really surprised by the deserts! All seemed to be vegan, and soooo delicious!! I had the oreo cake, creamy and delicious, and my boyfriend has the peanut butter cream cake - wow!!! We also had a Woopie Pie to go, as we wanted to try one: also great! So if you go, make sure to keep a little room for a slice of cake.

259 E 10th St, New York City, USA


31 May 2011

I pop in here after a desapointing brunch at Curly's cafe, wanting a nice vegan treat. I bought a delicious vegan cupcake, and at long last a doughnut - I'd been craving one for ages!!

I was just a little disapointed by the lack of choice - mostly cupcakes, in fact. But my cupcake and doughnut were delicious, as was my boyfriend's cupcake, who loved them even if he's not vegan himself. And all the food is beautifully presented. I would definatly recommend this place!

328 East 14th St, New York City, USA


31 May 2011

I went here for brunch during my trip to NY. I had been looking foward to it, after reading so many great reviews. I wanted a "real" veganized american brunch, so I opted for the plate of pancakes, with tofu bacon, and other things (was it maizena?). When my plate arrived, it had only 3 huge pancakes. I asked the waiter about the other stuff marked on the menu, and he said they were all chopped up and put in the pancake mix. I couldn't finish my pancakes, which were very thick and stodgy. The other items were indeed in the pancakes, which ment I'd come across something smocky or hard while eating them, with my fruit and syrup. I didn't enjoy my meal at all, and headed straight to the Cowgirl's cafe when I left, for a vegan doughnut.

My boyfriend found his none-vegan meal only ok, but the curly fries were over cooked and more like chips.

We did however enjoy the original idea of giving everyone crayons to draw on the paper table cloths, and the drawings hung on the walls.

Kurfuerstenstrasse 9, Potsdam, Germany

Absolutely amazing!!

21 Jul 2015

We went here for a slice of cake after a long day of walking in the beautiful parks. In a nutshell: best cake and ice cream we ever had!! We tried several: I had a slice of white chocolate and bleuberry cake, with Snicker bar flavored ice cream (peanut/caramel/chocolate), my mother had strawberry and cream cake with black forest cherry cake ice cream, and my brother went for the black forrest cherry cake. All were amazing!! My personal favorite would be the black forest ice cream, it was SO GOOD! It was frustrating because we would have liked to try more cakes and ice cream!

20, Rue Nationale, Paris, France

Great place!

28 Oct 2007

For a very reasonable price (10-15 euros) you can have a full meal here. The food is tasty, the restaurant pleasant. There is also a small shopping section. I once ordered food for a wedding there, and the owner was very nice about, and gave me a reduction.
I would recommend this place - and specially the "tofu du chef"!

29 rue Du Bourg Tibourg, Paris, France

Very disapointed

22 Dec 2010

I used to love this restaurant, one of my favorite in Paris. But then it closed, and reopened offering big chunks of meat, and, worst of all, foie gras. How can a formaly vegetarian, even nealy 100% vegan restaurant now serve foie gras, a cruel dish that even a large number of meat-eaters refuse to eat? Anyone who is vegetarian or vegan for animals should avoid this place.

41 Delancey St, New York City, USA

Nice food

31 May 2011

We found this place a little disconcerting - we weren't sure where to go to get food, were to order, weather it was vegan or not,... in the end someone saw we were lost and explaned. Yes, everything is vegan. Most people seemed to go to the buffet, but we weren't tempted by it, and opted for a vegan cheese burger, with cheese and chilli fries.

The food was very good, although surprising! The burgers were so big we had a hard time eating them, and came with bbq flavour popcorn, strange but nice!
The fries were in fact chuncks of jacket potatoes, covered in chilli with a kind of cheese sauce. We really enjoyed the fact they weren't greasy, a lot heathlier, and delicious!

The whole experiance was very odd, specially when a little girl in an oldfashioned dress and had came over to offer us a quarter of chicken burger to try, but the food was very good.

58 Rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Not bad!

25 Jan 2011

This new "fast food" restaurant belongs to the Potager du Marrais, which is a little bit further down the street. Very practicle if you don't have much time to eat.
Basically, it offers two choises: either a pancake, where you choise the type of pancake (rice, oatmeal or normal) and the filling; or a "galette": breadless burger, with a choise of 5, and about as many sauces to choose from. We had the burger, which came with a small salad with too much dressing, and some fried potatoes. It wasn't bad at all! The burger was very tasty.
About half the menu is vegan, but you need to ask because it's not indercated, and all the desserts are accept two. I had the chocolate and lemon tart, which was very nice.
The place is small but well decorated. A burger costs 9 euros, a desert is about 4 euros. I need to go back to try the pancakes now!

various locations, New Orleans, USA

the wandering buddha

28 Oct 2011

My boyfriend and I were on holliday in New Orleans, and found this place on Happy Cow. New Orleans isn't an easy place to eat for a vegan, so we decided to try it out. It's a little out of a tourit's way, but after a good walk we arrived at the adress. First of all, it's hard to find because it's in this strang bar. When we walked in, we felt like turning back and leaving: the bar was nearly empty, and very strangely decorated. The place needed some fresh air, and smelt like it hadn't had any in a while. The restaurant is in fact a couple of tables in the bar. Never the less, we stayed, having walked all this way. The waiter, who is also the cook I think, came to take our orders. He was very friendly and enthousiastic. We both ordered a dish, and soon the smell of cooking food drowned out a little the dusty smell of the room. My dish (the rice cake dish) was quite nice, although there was a little too much sauce. However my boyfriend's dish (the tofu dish) was salty - and we both tend to put too much salt on our dishes normally! Finally, I'd say that the fact the bartender was washing Scareface just next to us while we were eating didn't help - specially since my dish came just as the chainsaw scene started, not very appertizing. I appreciated the cook's enthousiasm, but he needs to find a real room, and cut back on the salt.

12 Park Ave, New York City, USA

Nice place

31 May 2011

The restaurant in itself is beautifull, very well decorated, and we loved the 3 floors idea. The service is excellent, people are very nice and helpfull (they made my sauce pepper-free upon demand).
The food was good, although not exeptionnal. The deserts are excellent, on the other hand! A little expensive though.

21/24 Rue Cail, Paris, France

Not a bad place

04 Nov 2009

I've been there a few times, it's not a bad place. The food is cheap and tasty, and quite differant from what you find in other vegetarian restaurants. The only problem would be the staff, who doesn't speak very good french or english, so communication is a little hard. I'm vegan, and never got them to understand I didn't want any of the mint dip on my plate, as it has milk in it. No big deal though, I just don't eat it. Just a problem once with a waitress who misunderstood what I ordered, brought me something else, and then refused to take it back (I hadn't touched it).

50 rue d'Aubuisson, Toulouse, France

Best vegan location in Toulouse

07 Apr 2013

Me and my vegan friend went here for brunch, and absolutly loved it! The staff is very friendly, and took the time to explain how the food was cooked, what was in it, what was vegan,... in fact most of the food is vegan, and they use different pans, knives,... for what's not.

The brunch was amazing, and the portions so large! I was unable to finish my plate, that was packed with salads, a cup of delicious soup, spreads, roast veggies, a sort of wrap, fake ham,...
In the end I had a slice of cake to go, and the cook slipped in a piece of fruit, as I told him I would eat it on my plane heading home.
My only regret is that it's not 100% vegetarian, and yet it's still the best place to eat in Toulouse.

3 rue du Puits Vert, Toulouse, France

Don't go there

07 Apr 2013

We stopped off at this restaurant, looking for a place to eat. My friend and I are both vegan, so we asked what the vegan options where. The waitress was very nice, and let us in to show us.

None of the dishes were vegan (there were 3 quichs, and some cooked vegetables). What was left was a salad bar, with limited options, and even more limited vegan options. In fact, there was no more here than in any regular salad bar. Worst of all, is that we found out that even the humous isn't vegan, as it contains milk, and that the food isn't even cooked on location. I'm glad we left when we saw how little there was for us to eat.

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

Very nice!

04 Nov 2009

This is a small, modern looking vegan restaurant. Their food is partly chineese. The waitress is very nice and helpfull, and seems to be vegan herself. The food is tasty, allthough you need to take something from the "places du jour" if you want to get enough to eat.

Their vegan deserts include chocolat cake, pear cake, and an amazing banana split - all vegan! I have yet to tast their rose flavored cappuccino.

The place also has a small shop section, where you can buy vegan products including cheese, whipped cream, biscuits,...

3 Beach St, Boston, USA

Great place!

28 Oct 2011

I loved this restaurant! Their food is really good, and you must keep some room for a slice of vegan cake! I had the chocolate cake, and couldn't finish it, so I would recommend sharing a piece with someone.

Don't be put off by the strang entrance, it's worth going up stairs!

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

Excellent pizza!

07 Apr 2013

My friend and I had a pizza each, and they were both delicious! Best vegan pizzas I ever had. They are topped with fake meats, veggies, differant vegan cheeses,... simply perfert! It's nice to actually have a chose of pizzas, instead of trying to get them to make a vegan one. My friend who is only vegetarian was also pleased to be able to have something else than a simple cheese pizza.

My desert (the cappuccino cake) was a bit bland, but his (the hazzlenut cake) was also very nice. I would diffenatly go back!

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