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109, rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris, France

Why is it so expensive?

15 Jan 2014

The food is amazing and excellent. But the portions are too small for a really high prices.

40 Rue de Gergovie, Paris, France

Just if you are in the neighborhood...

21 Mar 2013

It's not bad, but it's not worth making a detour to eat there. The place seems to have remained stuck in the 70s. It is very cheesy ... It is a vegetarian food without any originality, but we have enough to eat.

6, rue du Forez, Paris, France

Perfect for the afternoon

20 Mar 2013

A very nice place with a warm welcome.
We tasted a delicious chocolate raw cake and a tasty coffee.
Our only regret is the cake was a little too small for the price.

Rue la Vieuville, 24, Paris, France

An absolute nightmare

22 Mar 2013

What can I say ... This is a very small restaurant, very dirty and chaotic. The food tasted weird and I'm surprised not to be sick. I even found a Hair in my pie! Disgusting!

20, Rue Nationale, Paris, France

Good but a bit disturbing

22 Mar 2013

It was the first Asian vegetarian restaurant of this kind I tested a few years ago. It was good and very surprising. The most disturbing is the names of the dishes: the names of meat animals. And yet it is vegan. I returned a few weeks ago and I quite agree with the other comments on the lack of welcom. It is not pleasant! But it is always good and there is plenty of choice.

34, Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris, France

So good!

17 Jun 2013

We took a Veggie-burger and fries, and then a slice of chocolate cheesecake. Before leaving, we also took a chocolate chip cookie, just for the pleasure. No regrets, it was really delicious.

60 bd Voltaire, Paris, France

Not the best burger in town...

21 Mar 2013

I like the idea, but I do not like the result. The place smells like cooking oil, and it should not be in a hurry! It's slow ... Basement room is very small, and it is difficult to settle for eating. I feel that there is not much homemade in this fastfood restaurant. The burgers are okay, but not great. It is a little bland.

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France


21 Mar 2013

I was very disappointed with this restaurant. It is beautiful, clean, comfortable and the menu is very mouth-watering! But we must be very patient to be served, and everyone has not had his orders at the same time. It is not very professional. They do not serve wine, when we are supposed to be in a French restaurant.
There are dreams on paper, but the reality is not up to the expectations. I felt like eating industrial mockmeats, not homemade seitan. The desserts are too simple, too sweet, without creativity. It's pretty pretentious for a result without personality.This is not the level that can be expected, especially as the prices are a bit expensive.

9 Rue la Cerisaie, Paris, France

A sad place

22 Mar 2013

This restaurant is not breathing the joy of living. It is organic, vegan, macrobiotic and depressing. The food is good, but not fancy. The place has no charm, no energy. I went twice, but each time, I only see old people alone at their table. So if you are looking for a dynamic and festive, this is not the place to go.

55, rue des Archives, Paris, France

No french fries ??

10 Mar 2014

Burgers are very good, tasty and fresh. I really love all of them. But I'm so frustrated because they don't serve any french fries. And who want to eat a burger without fries?
It's so sad. (cookies are very nice too)

21/24 Rue Cail, Paris, France

I Love it!

26 Mar 2013

If you are looking for authentic Indian vegetarian food, this is the right place in Paris. Very cheap and delicious.

30 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, Paris, France

Viva Las Vegans!

18 Aug 2015

This is good, generous and cheap. The ice creams are delicious, homemade, not too sweet and creamy. Special mention for the Banana Jack Daniel's, pistachio, or the butter peanut.
I also tasted the hotdog and it is a marvel.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

All changes are not good...

21 Mar 2013

The food is not great and the prices have become too high for what they serve. It was better before they change their address. It was friendlier and more generous. Now there is more space to sit, but less food on the plate. I am very disappointed.

51 rue de Paradis, Paris, France

Not vegan friedly!

18 Aug 2015

I have moved to this place for nothing. How can you open a vegetarian restaurant without any vegan option? Seriously, it is 2015, not 1995! The problem is bread, which contains cow's milk. Why not use soy milk to satisfy everyone?

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

The place to go in Paris

21 Mar 2013

I love this restaurant and I will regale each time. I've never eaten something that has disappointed me yet. This is a very good point, because it is difficult to find consistent quality in Paris. The team is very friendly and the TV does not bother me. I just do not care, because what is really interesting is what is the plates. However, prices are a bit expensive, especially for desserts.

8, rue Xavier Privas, Paris, France

A good address

26 Mar 2013

This is not the best Falafel sandwich in Paris, but it's very good anyway.
You can even choose the vegetables you want and refill at will.
A good quality / price ratio.

23 rue des Vinaigriers, Paris, France

Not so amazing ...

21 Mar 2013

I loved the atmosphere and the friendly service. But I remain dubious about the dishes. It is a good idea to use superfood, but it is not necessarily interesting to taste. But I like to be surprised, but I did not it been seduced by the kitchen. It's fun, but not delicious.

123 rue Oberkampf, Paris, France

So disappointing...

22 Apr 2015

A vegan pizzeria in Paris, it is a dream that we waited for so long.
Unfortunately, the result is not up to our expectations.
The dough is bland and poorly formed, the tomato sauce is without character, the cheese industrial, like the faux meat. I do not think the owners are truly Italian and professionals pizza makers.

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