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505 La He Road, Battambang, Cambodia

Food for the journey!

Lovely owners, very friendly and spoke enough English to explain what was on offer. We bought take away food here early for our bus journey to Phnom Penh and it was just what we needed- some rice, a noodle dish and some mock meat thrown in for good measure. Very cheap and ideal!

I can't stress enough how important it is to have food like this available in Asia when you're veggie, because long journeys either don't stop at all, or will stop at small places with no options for you. It pays to be prepared!

Avenida Los Sabandeños, 3, Los Cristianos, Spain

Loved it!

Very cute place, easy to find and definitely worth a visit to support them! The menu was written in spanish but they had another board with as much translated to english as possible. Only one guy there spoke little English but they were all super sweet and friendly and did their best!
Food was great, my sister had mushroom ravioli which tasted great (if a little plain). Desserts were good (the apple strudel type dish was lovely and had a banana choc cake!).
Definitely consider staying in Los Cristianos for your holiday as a vegan due to the options within walking distance! :)

229 E 14th St, New York City, USA

I'm converted!

I was never really a fan of sushi before- this place was the first time that I REALLY enjoyed eating it, to the point I wanted more! I'm a fussy eater too so I assumed I wouldn't enjoy it, but the different flavours and sauces just worked SO WELL together! Obviously it's very fresh food too, and great to have for lunch and share with others. This place is tiny though, only enough room for a handful of people- so I'd go outside standard lunchtime to sit and enjoy it like we did!

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

I LOVE this place!

This place is awesome. I mean, the staff, the atmosphere, the food...We've left the Uk now for a while and I can't wait to get back in the city to return here. We had mushroom pie with mash, greens and gravy and it was just unreal! Proper British food :) We also had drinks and cakes which were also decent, well worth the trip to try it out! They also have a nice section selling books/off the shelf food stuffs, plus a big fridge stocked with all kinds of vegan foods at really decent prices :)

3-1, Alley 53, Minchuan Rd, Central District, Taichung, Taiwan

An absolute MUST in Taichung!!

This place is excellent, I'm so pleased it was on here and that we found it! The pin location is pretty accurate...
If you walk up Minquan Road (away from the train station!) once you get over the river, keep looking left up each street and you'll see it down a quiet side road,about 2 blocks up. The signage says 'Bluesomeones' vegan cafe but that is the right place!! :)
They mainly do drinks and cake, but they have a short food menu of about 5 dishes which I think change seasonally. There was shepherds pie, tofu mousaka, vegan cream risotto, tomato spaghetti and another risotto which was amazing!! They do savoury bacon/corn waffles too. The desserts were great and their hot chocolate was to die for ♥
The cafe is gorgeous- inside looks like a quaint european pub and the staff are so lovely and friendly- they even gave us cookies as a gift :) It's not the cheapest (everything is about 150-300 each) but its worth it!

NOTE- I think their hours are seasonal, so check their FB page before visiting. There was no 'set menu' or 'reservations required' when we visited but that may be a summer thing :)

39 Ship St, Brighton, England

Nice buffet

We ate here about a year ago and we were veggie at the time, so I can't comment on dairy etc, but we thought it was good value and there was a good amount on offer. The staff were friendly enough and the place was busy, so it must be doing alright!
We're vegan now though, so if we did go back we'd check what was available before starting to be sure (after reading these reviews)

Local 226, Centro Comercial Fañabé Plaza, Avenida de Bruselas, Tenerife, Spain

perfect retreat!

This place is a great escape from the bustle of tourists and seafront.its upstairs in the plaza, easy to find.
We drove from Los Cristianos and it was definitely worth it :)
The couple that run it our friendly and speak good english, you can sit outside and relax in the sun!
Veg tempura was to die for,as was the lasagne! Had a tiramisu which was nice (but not amazing) and also a smoothie. it was expensive compared to other vegan places, but we did order a lot more including 2 smoothies and we felt it was worth it for the service and quality :) Definitely go and support them! ♡♡

Tysgata 8, Reykjavik, Iceland

Good coffee stop

Iceland LOVES coffee- it's even given away free in strange places like supermarkets (I guess for when it gets really cold, who knows?).

Anyway, their coffee is indeed delightful- yummy big lattes, in nice big mugs made by a proper barista that knows how to make good coffee with soy!

I also got a take away tofu sandiwich- they substituted and put some hummus in it for me (I can't remember what was on the menu, possibly cheese?) but either way, the chef came out and spoke to me/ checked exactly what I wanted which I appreciated =)

Downside is very few seats- so you may need to wait a bit OR try coming back a bit later, etc! I saw a few cakes/treats but didn't try any.

Skolavoroustigur 22a, Reykjavik, Iceland

All about that cake...

As other have mentioned- if you're vegan, this place is ALL about that cake. DAMN, it is good. You pay for it thought- I think a slice cost me about £6, which is damned expensive...but I was happy to do it once as we had a week in the country!

This place is cozy, I also found out after that there is an upstairs too. They have veggie lasagne and vegan chilli- they also had two soups on the go- one of which they said was vegan as it was tomato base. The chilli is a big portion (we shared it, i'm not a big chilli fan) it could have done with a few more chips to eat it with.

Downside- we went around 3pm, it was fairly busy but none moreso than anywhere else in town. We waited about 20minutes just to get our coffees the first time we visited (with no apology for delay)....
Few days later we returned to try again for the chilli..this itself came quick, but I ordered carrot cake and this took also 20 minutes to arrive!? They forgot my order....again, no apology.

If we visit again I will go back to have the cake but don't go if you are in a rush!

Lawson St, Shop 7, The Pier Arcade, Byron Bay

cute place..

This place is tucked away down a side alley (like many quirky shops in Byron!) so take your time finding this place like all the others.
I don't remember specifically what I ate here, I think I picked an item from the buffet and a snack like a samosa. Very friendly staff, and they also sell the byron bay bliss balls (which are delicious snacks- I uploaded a photo. Pretty useless, but thought I might as well upload it anyway!

The Passage, Old Market, Siem Reap, Cambodia

A nice evening meal

Visited July 2012. Pleasant little place with friendly staff. We ordered from their specials menu as we were on a budget and enjoyed the food and drink, would go here again if we return.

It feels quite pricey considering where you are, but it does feel like a little gourmet restaurant which is nice if you're backpacking Asia getting used to hawkers!

197 Meserole St, Brooklyn, USA

American Diner

We loved this place- we only ate here once as we wanted to try as many places as possible, but will definitely come back next time we're in town!

We tried to eat lunch here once to be turned away- an hours wait for a table! So we came back a couple days later, only had to wait 15/20 mins. I don't mind though, it's great to see vegan/veggie places doing so well!

The menu is interesting, the food is great, the portions are done perfectly.....that's all you need!
They also have baked goods on the counter- both morning fresh baked OR one or two days old for much cheaper. I love that they do this rather than throw away or give to staff, cookies were yummy!

Schliemannstraße 15, Berlin, Germany

Indulgent cocktails..

The guy that owns this place is great. He clearly knew we were foreigners so came and sat down with us, talked us through the whole menu, very friendly. It's a cozy little place that basically stays open late selling booze and baked goods (seriously- how can you knock that?).

We had cocktails- I couldn't tell you the name of them but my word they were something special. It was like having a dessert, very indulgent and delicious. Slightly tipsy on the way out, we then bought cookies for the wobble home. I guess the vegan equivalent to 'having a kebab' back in the uk ;)

If you're in the area or like to try cocktails, definitely make effort to go here for one or two. He even makes his own vegan Baileys :)

8 Smith St, Central Singapore, Singapore

Good local place

It was very busy when we came here for lunch, with a mix of locals and foreigners. The owner was there and an expat helped us decipher the 3 options we had as they weren't described on the board! I can't remember exactly what we had but I do remember enjoying it, and big portions!
We bought a glass of home-made juice and it was delicious,worth the $2 for sure. There weren't any muffins on offer which was a shame, but we'll certainly go back when we're next in SG :)

901 N 5th St, Phoenix, USA

Mixed feelings...

Visited in April 2014...

As others have said, I also have mixed feelings about this place...
Firstly, as a vegan, I was very disappointed and angry to see a fish stuck in a TINY fishbowl in a dark part of the room, with nothing but some colourful rocks, all on it's own....WHY????? The last thing I expect to see.

We visited on Three Occasions during our short trip in town.
The first time we visited we were very happy with the food, I got a curry and it was lovely, very happy. The second time we returned, I got the same thing...this time, I genuinely kid you not, I got a curry that had half a potato and a cauliflower STALK in it....and that was honestly it. I had no idea what was going on. Disappointing.

The third time I got a jack-fruit sandwich. In terms of the meal, it was lovely- great bread, filling, flavours....
I realised I don't actually *like* jackfruit, but that's a personal taste thing.

I can't remember everything my partner chose, but on our final visit when I got the sandwich, he got the raw tacos which were really really great.

The place itself is interesting and quirky. Sure, they've just converted an old house, so there isn't much seating, but hopefully they may upgrade the place soon and deal with this. there were plenty of tables outside, but even in April it was just too hot to be out there!

SO, we had two great visits, and one bad one....The fish in the bowl really hacked me off though.
The manager and staff seem friendly enough, so I do wish this place luck and hope it gets its act together.

207-1, 2F, 1, Zhanqian N Rd, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


It took absolutely ages for us to find this place, as the HSR, TRA and MRT stations are all interlinked in these buildings (not to mention there are two shopping malls connected to it, argh!!!).

It is INSIDE THE HSR BUILDING IN THE GLOBAL MALL! If you go to the ticket counters for the HSR and look behind you, there is a walkway going over the trains through to a shopping mall....it is inside there. Go straight ahead (towards starbucks and KFC from memory!) and turn down the second or third left of stalls until you find it. It is on 2nd floor (2F)..

It has upgraded since the previous uploaded photos- it has it's own spot and proper seating, etc. They appear to only sell ice cream now though...the fridges are gone and when i asked about yogurt/pastry, she said 'no have'....so who knows!

However, go here for the ice cream alone! The scoop is huge...I got two and one would've been enough! The Thai iced tea flavour is amazing- if you're a vegan who has had teh tarik before and is missing it...this is for you. It tasted JUST like it, amazing. I also tried their coconut/almond flavour which was light and creamy. My boyfriend had mocha (which was really strong on the coffee flavour!) which was cool to try.

Really pleased we found this place.

Skolavordustigur 8b, Reykjavik, Iceland

A great place for Iceland

Firstly- LOCATION!
Walk down the main shopping street from the church, Skolavordustigur. Keep going- eventually on the LEFT side of the street, there will be a turning called 'Bergstadastraeti' with a shop called 'Lundinn the Puffin'.
Walk BEHIND the puffin store- it is tucked away there =).
If you reach the end of the road and meet Laugavegur- you've gone just a bit too far!

Given the lack of vegetarians/vegans in Iceland, it is great that they have this place! We are vegan but we loved the food here and were happy to have another option in the city. There is always a vegan option- both times we visited there were two options, so we had one of each.
I had a vegan spinach lasagne which was great (and healthy!) and also had a curry platter, loved both meals. Expensive (but everywhere in Iceland is) but the portions were great for the price in my view. They did also have a vegan treat/cake of some sort on offer, but I don't think I tried these. Lovely staff, highly recommend stopping here- plus it was always busy with locals, surely a good sign!?

242, Sec. 2, Ming Quan Rd, Central West, Tainan, Taiwan

Healthy vegan food

We ate here twice and enjoyed their food.
It wasn't my favourite in Taiwan, but it made a nice change to have clean/healthy food rather than greasy/buffet/mock meat etc for one night...!
I tried the pumpkin curry and a vegetable noodle soup. Both were huge portions, so even though expensive you do get a good amount.

Tip- if you are there during the week, go on a weekday afternoon as they do a cheap lunch menu of four/five dishes which is a great price!

Pin is pretty accurate- looking for the big modern wooden door you'll easily spot it!

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