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6900 O St Ste 100, Lincoln, USA

Akins Natural Foods Market

25 Jan 2009

I've been there once or twice. It's a great store. They have tons of different medicinal things. Very large selection of food choices. The staff was really friendly and helpful. Once you've been in there, you'll want to do all your shopping there. One thing I loved, since I'm a pop junkie, is that they have pop with real sugar and it tastes just like Coke and Pepsi products. Although I don't remember seeing any large quantities of meat that you take home in the wrapper with that white styrafom(sp?) bottom, I did see prepackaged jerky that said it was all natural and other prepackaged dried meats. The isles are very well coordinated too. It's really easy to find exactly what your looking for. Overall, Akins is a great store and I think once I have to start buying my own groceries, that store will be my main choice for food shopping.

129 N 10th St, Lincoln, USA

Blue Orchid

25 Jan 2009

My brother and I ate at the Blue Orchid once. The restaurant had a nice atmosphere and wasn't too busy. It's kind of hard to find at first. The food was really good. I remember I had something with cashews and some kind of meat(my brother said it would basically take the point away from the dish if I didn't have the meat). For seating, you can sit inside or they have a small area outside that you can sit at. The only cons about this restaurant is the waiters were relatively slow. Since I haven't been there any other time, I am not sure if they were behind in employees or what was going on. I had never tasted Thai food before, but I was impressed. I would definitely go back.

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