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365 Main St, Dunedin, USA

Great food, just not all veg

15 Feb 2010

I only gave this restaurant 4/5 because it's not completely veg*n. They say right on the menu, though, to let your server know if you're vegan, and most items on the menu could be made vegan. And it was so good! They also have AMAZING virgin lime margaritas and the atmosphere is super fun.

409 Central Ave, St Petersburg, USA

Great Indian food!

20 Jul 2011

Not only is the food great, but this is the only Indian restaurant I've ever been to where the vegan items are labelled! It's so nice to not have to ask about ingredients. The Chana Punjabi was my favorite.

103 2nd Ave N, St Petersburg, USA

So good!

20 Jul 2011

I've had delicious philly cheesesteaks from here - and nothing else! The cheesesteaks are so good that I can never bring myself to order anything else. But I'm sure everything is great. And Jim (the proprietor) is such a nice guy.

2410 Central Ave, St Petersburg, USA

Great sushi

20 Jul 2011

I've only been here for the sushi so far, and I wish there were more vegan sushi options, but what I did have was so good! The tofu roll is really delicious. I was really hoping their tempura was vegan because they had some veggie sushi that would have been vegan if it was. I also wish the vegan items were marked, but the staff was happy to find out what was vegan for me so that was nice. Everyone there was ridiculously nice.

120 8th Ave, St Pete Beach, USA

Amazing food at the beach

07 Jul 2011

The food at Vida de Cafe was delicious. Unfortunately they opened late while people waited outside, which apparently happens often. But if you're not on a schedule, the food is worth the wait!

3390 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, USA

Best pancakes EVER!

15 Feb 2010

I had the best whole wheat pancakes here, and I'm not even usually crazy about pancakes. I wish everything had been vegan, especially their "sausages," but they were super nice, knew everything that was and wasn't vegan, and brought me soymilk for my coffee. The atmosphere was a little new-agey for me, but overall it was a great place for breakfast/brunch!

8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, USA

Amazing vegan food on the water!

11 Jan 2012

I loved everything about Darbster. We sat outside by the water, and the atmosphere was beautiful. They're dog-friendly, and not only let us bring our dog but brought him a bowl of water, treats, and a Darbster bandana. The food was fantastic - we split an appetizer of "wings," which came with hot sauce and vegan ranch dipping sauce. As meals I had the palm cakes, which were delicious, and my partner had the chik'n parmigiana, also good. For dessert we got a warm brownie with ice cream on top, which I wasn't sure about initially because the brownie was labeled "gluten-free," and sometimes gluten-free desserts aren't the best, but the brownie was delicious! The service was also prompt and very friendly. This is definitely one of my new favorite restaurants.

2631 4th St North, St Petersburg, USA

Good and convenient

20 Jul 2011

I really like the food here, and the idea of a healthy fast-food place, but I wish there were more vegan options. I got the chili and fries, which were both delicious (love the four ketchup flavors!) but I think my only other option would have been a veggie burger. Not even the salads said they could be made vegan! I hope they expand their vegan menu.

5677 Coral Ridge Dr, Coral Springs, USA

Waay more than falafels!

06 Dec 2012

This place is so good. All the vegan items on the menu are labeled (and there are a ton!) and they always know if their soup of the day is vegan. They have falafels, veggie wraps, sandwiches, pastries, salads, and everything I've ever gotten is delicious. My favorites are the "crepes" (they're like sandwiches in phyllo dough), and the sandwiches. But I definitely haven't had everything, which would take a lot of trips!

1626 Central Ave, St Petersburg, USA

Amazing food!

20 Jul 2011

I just went to Leafy Greens for the first time. I got the raw pizza, and my partner got the raw pasta dish. Both were good, but we both liked the pizza best. It was so good! I also got a blueberry iced tea, which was delicious, and we both got a raw macaroon for dessert which were also great. I definitely recommend the place!

119 2nd St N, St Petersburg, USA

Best falafels ever

20 Jul 2011

I'veb een to Meze several times, and my only complaint would be that I wish they had what was vegan or what could be made vegan on the menu. I was told on one visit that the falafel salad was vegan as is, but when I ordered it on another visit it came with yogurt sauce on it. But they were so nice that they re-made it without - I just felt bad that I didn't order it correctly to begin with. But the food is delicious, and you always have the option of getting whole wheat for pita and sandwiches, and everyone there is always really nice.

221 1st St NE, St Petersburg, USA

Great selection

10 Apr 2012

Great sushi. You get to choose your own ingredients and there are plenty of vegan options. I had sweet potato fries, sweet tofu, and avocado in mine, but I'll definitely be going back to try more.

2842 9th St N, St Petersburg, USA

Great market!

20 Jul 2011

I love this store, and recently had their vegan reuben for the first time. It was delicious; my only complaint would be that the counter staff didn't seem 100% sure what was vegan and what wasn't, and just said "yes" that something was vegan when it actually had eggs in it (the pasta salad side). But the food was wonderful, and everything in the case was labelled with "vegan" or with the ingredients.

2100 N University Dr, Sunrise, USA

Best Indian Food!

06 Dec 2012

I've been to a lot of Indian restaurants and this is my favorite anywhere. The vegan entrees are labeled, and the staff is knowledgable as to what on the rest of the menu is vegan (for example no dosais are labeled as vegan, but all but one which has paneer actually are). Everything is delicious, and the service is great.

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