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Trubarjeva ulica 40, Ljubljana, Slovenia


01 Sep 2011

You MUST try falafel! 100% vegan and wonderful.

7 Trubarjeva, Ljubljana, Slovenia

A sympathetic veg place in the center

01 Sep 2011

Ajdovo zrno is a small veg restaurant where I especially like the salad options (self-service!). As vegan I miss more vegan-friendly food. The stuff is friendly and prices are ok too. The good thing I especially have to mention is they started offering raw cakes! Still have to try them:)

Rua de Sao Jose 23, Lisbon, Portugal

Bake the difference, come back!!!

27 Jul 2012

The best vegan place in Lisbon, it is soooo sad I read now it's closed!!! I came there a few times, always enjoyed a lot and my friends (vegans, non vegans) too. Chocolate cake was reaaaally good. Hope they return because vegan restaurants are needed, especially in Portugal and-its capital! Let's make the difference together:)

Dunajska cesta 56, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Makes you happy:)

28 Jul 2012

A very friendly fresh place, a bit similar to JuiceBox in Ljubljana but actually much better, everything is organic. I like smoothies,salads and most of all: raw vegan apple strudel! So good:) The stuff is great and very enthusiastic. Location could be more in the centre but they want to spread and it's good to have such a spot anyway. Recommended, especially for health enthusiasts:)

Slovenska cesta 38, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Fresh, fantastic, colourful RAW!

01 Sep 2011

Love it:) You can really have so many different smoothies and juices and for a student coupon you also get a fruit salad/tomato soup and a dessert (often raw vegan cake). Most smoothies are completely plant-based, some contain milk or yoghurt but you can ask them to make those with soya milk or some juice. Locations is right in the center and you can take the food with.

Escadas do Caminho Novo, Porto, Portugal

The vegan best in Porto, wish there were more!

28 Jul 2012

I've visited it many times because it's simply a vegan place I feel very good at. The atmosphere is relaxing and cosy, stuff is great, food is good&simple&cheap, views on river are really nice...The place is small but the ambient is great. Fresh juices, sandwiches and of course special pizzas are especially good. My non vegan friends love O Terraco too. We all do:)

Volta do Duche 26, Sintra, Portugal

nice, very nice

28 Jul 2012

A great atmosphere, great food. Seems these 2 things are common in vegan restaurants:) This one is one of the best I've been to though. Salad could be bigger, but soup was nice and the choco cake was the best. My vegan friend who at that time had just gone vegan, tried the vegan cake for the first time and couldn't believe his senses, hahaha.

Largo, Martins Sarmento, 89, Guimaraes, Portugal

Vegetarian, not vegan. Still nice.

28 Jul 2012

The name and location are really good. The place is not vegan though, some dishes have cheese in them and some desserts milk as I remember. It's still easy to eat vegan and be satisfied but that 100% vegan charm is lost...A bit pricey, at least for student, too.

Rua Dr Afonso Cordeiro, 71, Matosinhos, Portugal

A bit fancy but nice food

27 Jul 2012

Nice place. When I went there, it was Saturday, that's when they offer special buffets, more gourmet ones, but it's also when you pay more. Almost everything was vegan fortunately and I liked the food, though it wasn't the healthiest. Unfortunately the desserts are not included into price and there was just one vegan. Very friendly stuff, relaxed ambient and good location - near metro station Matosinhos Sul.

Moskovs'kyi Ave 23g, Kiev, Ukraine


03 Oct 2011

I really enjoyed the food there as a vegan. Especially some sort of salad with seaweed was excellent!!, a dish with tofu and seitan was good too, and I must commend raw vegan balls!:)) You can find vegan dishes on a menu easily with v-sign, though some local vegan can give you advice about what exactly certain dish contains and what would she suggests, etc (I had luck with that:)). There would have to be more places like that in Ukraine!

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary

Enjoyable place in Buda

03 Oct 2011

I liked this restaurant and I am not sure for all the dishes but an employee told me it was all vegan. I had a tomato and green salad, raw chocolate coconut ball and lemonade with ginger. All was fantastic, especially the sweet and lemonade! I took extra lemonade away too:-)

Celovska 268, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Almost everything you're looking for

01 Sep 2011

You can find Kalcek at different locations in Slovenia but this one is the biggest. You have everything there, from fresh organic fruits and vegetables to all the other food you wish and also some other things like cosmetics, etc. Everything is organic and good stuff but also quite pricey.

Trubarjeva 15, Ljubljana, Slovenia


01 Sep 2011

I like Kalček. Many good products can be found there, even for raw vegans.

Ukmarjev trg 8, Koper, Slovenia


20 Sep 2012

koper is unfortunately not vegan-friendly (yet), so places as kapitanija are a rare and nice exception. this place can offer you some good vegan cake and you an also try cacao with soya milk. enjoy in sweet moments:P

Koprska ulica 72, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vegan mmm!

26 Aug 2011

Slovenia finally has got a vegan place! I really like Loving Hut, especially since they got raw balls and raw chocolate as sweets:) I recommend vegbab (vegan kebab) and chow mein (noodles with vegetables and tofu) which I have most of the time. These two things are simply SO good I hardly order anything else though you won't be disappointed with anything! You can eat there, they have a few tables outside if you don't like "take away" option. Enjoy! ;)

Gregorciceva 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia


14 Jun 2013

This is one of the most famous, traditional & best pizzerias in Ljubljana. You can choose among many veggie options, and there is one completely vegan with tofu. Sure there can be more but you have to tell them to make them without cheese:D The vegan one is really nice.

Zibertova Ulica 27, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Very nice!

01 Sep 2011

As a student I am quite lucky I can use my student's coupons there, otherwise it's not so cheap for amount you can take. I like self-service but if you are vegan, you have to have in mind there is not always much choice for you. I've eaten there many times and sometimes I've been really happy, almost everything was vegan, other time it was more the opposite. Still, you will love the food! Good tastes:) Salads and desserts are good too. I always eat too much there, that's the only problem. I would share it with some friend but the stuff can complicate about it. I miss some raw options (beside salad). In general, I recommend this place, especially for vegetarians but also for vegans. Enjoy;)

Celovska cesta 56, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sweet and yummy!

27 Jul 2012

I suggest the visit. LOTS of good choice, vegan choice! Different cakes and ice-cream. Some of things are also raw vegan. The place also has a tradition and it's situated very near park Tivoli. Enjoy:)

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