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78-6831 Alii Dr Ste B-106, Kailua Kona, USA

Our first stop in Kona

Restaurant is inside Kona Natural Foods. Counter service, seat your self. Seating indoors and out. Since it is in a shopping center, sitting outside doesn't offer much ambiance, but hey you're in HI.
We ordered the Gourmet Vegetarian, NY style, Vegan cheese. The cheese was Follow Your Heart. If you think that you are going to get real New York style pizza in HI, you'll be disappointed. Well, maybe somewhere, but not here. What you will get is still worth checking out. The crust is a bit on the thick side, but tasty. Sauce, flavorful. And the veggies... Artichoke hearts, eggplant, sundried tomatoes and onions... were abundant, cooked to perfection, and delicious. Worth a stop in, specially if you need to pick up some much needed vegan items at the health food store for the rest of your visit. Well, if you live there, lucky you.

Pintor Fortuny 25, Barcelona, Spain

Tasty and Fresh

After a several days of traveling and we were back in Barcelona we were So happy with our meal at Biocenter. The menu changes daily and the vegan items are marked with a V or VO. On this first visit we had the Seiten with Sobo noddle salad. It was so fresh and tasty. The seiten was a little crispy and hot and the rest of the plate was cold w/ the sobo noddles and fresh veggies including squash and onions.
It was so tasty we decided we'd eat there again the next night after finding that another veg restaurant was closed. This time my meal wasn't as tasty at the first I'll admit. I had Gnocchi which was vegan option. The menu mentioned grilled eggplant and another veggie with it, but mine came only with the Gnocchi in a vegan cream like sauce. Since I don't speak Spanish very well I only had to assume the veggies were cooked w/ butter or something to make them not vegan. Not as good as the night before. My spouse had Tofu w/ Veggie skewers with a peanut sauce and rice and was very pleased. All and all we were very happy so I'll give the highest remarks.

332 Tate St, Greensboro, USA

Great spot if your in the area

On my recent trip to NC my first stop was Greensboro. Having lived in nearby Winston Salem 12 years ago I was really excited to learn about Bobo House. There is a great atmosphere inside and the food did not disappoint. The friendly server recommended the "crab" puffs, which were pretty tasty. For entree I had the Hula Curry Pot w/ faux duck. I was unsure about getting the faux duck but since I have absolutely no taste reference I figured it wouldn't gross me out and it'd be nice to try something different. They were tender pieces of ?? something and the curry sauce was divine. This place did not disappoint, though a bit out of the way in a college area. Totally worth the trip.

1911 Broadway St, Boulder, USA

Vegan cupcakes

Boulder Baked has a variety of around 3-5 different kinds of vegan cupcakes daily. The cake part of the cupcake is kind of small compared to "Tee & Cakes" (a few blocks away w/ vegan cupcakes only on Wed & Fri). BUT, and that's a huge BUT, it is more then made up for it in the frosting. The flavor of the cupcake is mostly in the heaping spiral of frosting, such as the chocolate,peanut butter, banana cupcake. All three ingredients are mixed in the frosting which brilliantly transforms the whole cupcake experience. If you pre-order (48 hours)they can do vegan cakes too. I haven't asked lately if they can do cookies or pies, but if that's what you are wanting it wouldn't hurt to ask. You can also ask them to do your wedding cupcakes, but I didn't feel comfortable going with them (2 years ago). Think of 'baked' in another since of the word & you'll know what I mean. Management could have changed since then, so who knows. Their hours seem to change all the time too. Now I think they're open from 4pm - midnight. And they deliver. Don't go here for actual food unless your vegetarian & even then I think your options are limited to the veggie chili or an occasional soup. Since this bakery is limited to just vegan cupcakes on a daily basis, I will give them 3 cows. Wish they had more variety.

1175 Walnut, Boulder, USA

Not bad, but pricey

Surprised to see BOP listed on Happy Cow, since its not primarily veg. But hey, since it's listed I will give you my take. Before it opened I read that they would have a vegan pizza, so my SO & I went in on what was opening night. I've since gone back 1 time, so I'll write about both.
They do have two vegan pizza's. 1st visit we ordered both. One called the Simplic. Red sauce w/ a sparse amount of fresh basil. Since basil was the only topping I expected there to be full pieces of basil all over the pie, but instead it was chopped & lightly tossed on. For me, the crust is the huge to making a good pizza, and theirs was good & thin, hand tossed w/ just enough crunch on the outside & softness inside. this was a big plus. The pizza's come in one size, ~12 inch, which was a nice size. SO got "The Beet". Roasted beets on white kidney bean sauce. I loathe beets, but there were a few small slices w/out beets so I ate that & was pleased w/ the taste & not too thick texture. My SO on the other h& did not enjoy it at all. Thought it had a fishy taste. I'm pretty sensitive to that & did not get that flavor at all. The waitress this first visit, again opening night, was very pleasant & we offered up our praise for the vegan offerings. She said they would have more vegan items in the future.
My 2nd visit, about a month & a half later, was w/a friend & it was happy hour. Happy hour menu listed "Mozzarella Bar" w/ many items listed that were seemingly vegan, at 2 different price points. So I asked what "Mozzarella Bar" meant & the waiter, rudely, explained that it was homemade mozzarella sitting in these different sauces. There was two price points, again w/ items that were seemingly vegan, so I asked "these items too?" & didn't get a clear answer. He seemed rushed &/or uninformed about the menu himself. So we didn't order anything off the happy hour menu (except organic beer) & ordered our meals off the dinner menu. I asked if I could get The Beet ($15) but instead of beets could I get mushrooms. He said they may have to up charge because mushrooms cost more than beets. So I had to show him on the menu they have a mushroom pizza for $13 w/ chse. So, he didn't charge me more. Crust was as good as my first visit & the mushrooms were sliced & juicy portabellas.
All & all I'd say it's a good option for pizza & beer/wine for happy hour if you are in downtown Boulder. Maybe if I go again I'll get better wait staff who can explain the HH menu. Sun Deli pizza is superior!

303 Maka'ala St, Hilo, USA

Come Down to Earth

We LOVED this place. Vegetarian ethics written large and everywhere in the store. We visited everyday we were in Hilo. Great selection of any vegan items and brands you can think of. Yes, the prices are HIGH, but that's only because its HI and it's like that in all stores. Great prices on local fruits and veggies.
The cafe & salad bar were great. The salad bar not only had salad, but several hot items. My favorite being the scrambled tofu, vegan sausage & peppers & potatoes. The vegan muffin and pastry selection was great in the morning, but it doesn't seem like the bake more in the afternoon for an evening selection. Try the Strawberry Pineapple muffin, to die for!! Ordered a couple of sandwiches for a picnic one day which were freshly made. Nothing too exciting, but convenient and still tasty. There is a small selection of pre-made sandwiches, and our last visit got the Mock Chicken. The mock chick was surprisingly just well flavored tofu, & it was M'mmmm good.
My only complaint is that they don't branch out state side. Maybe one day????

709 S 3rd St, Smithfield, USA

What a treasure!

I travel a lot for work and before I head out I always check out Happy Cow. How surprised I was to see an all veg restaurant on my way to Fayetteville from Greenville in this small town of Smithfield! I really hope the local people there know & appreciate what an awesome restaurant this is. Alex (chef/owner) is very friendly and was happy to describe the menu choices for the day. I had the BBQ Soy-Ribs served over rice pilaf and veggies on the side. Very tasty. I highly recommend if you do not live there that this worth the stop if you are passing through.

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

ALL VEGAN!! A Treasure!!

I was so surprised and pleased to find the location on Hospital street was only 2 blocks from our hotel, Bacelo Raval.
The first visit (lunch) we decided to order off the menu rather then go w/ the plate of the day or thali plate. I got a sandwich and my husband a mixture of tapas. Everything was very good but nothing special other then that we didn't have to worry about what we were ordering since it was all VEGAN :) Which is a big bonus!!
The second visit (dinner) we went with the plate of the day and the thali plate. This is by far the way to go. The price is right

1600 Pearl St, Boulder, USA

Veg*n beware!!

I've given this restaurant a number of chances, but they have failed me a number of times.
First the positive:
They have separate menu's for different dietary preferences, Vegan/Vegetarian; Gluten Free; Everything; etc.
You choose your menu, stand in line and order at one of the counters. They give you a gps device for the server to find you at your table of choosing. Pretty neat.
It looks very clean inside, fresh real herbs are growing!
They offer Gardein products and Daiya cheeze.
Now the negatives:
Since they do offer meat and even though you are ordering from the veg*n menu and even though you tell the cashier VEGAN for everything you order you will still be served a dead animal.
I think the confusion lies with the kitchen staff. Some of the names of the items are close, so if there is a meat version that is also on the Veg*n menu you will most likely get the meat version. It's happened EVERY time I've gone here UNLESS you order something that does not have a meat counterpart.
As for the food, I've had the vegan breakfast burrito - it was so greasy, but sure it did taste pretty good. Not sure why it was so greasy. Tal's Grain Bowl - acceptable, uses Gardien beefless tips. QUINOA CRUNCH BOWL - good but SMALL for the price. It can't cost that much more to add more lettuces!
All in All I'd say go, but choose the items listed as Naturally Vegan to be safe! The vegan items are suppose to have a little "V" flag in it, so if it doesn't question your server.

3910 Kirby Dr Ste130, Houston, USA

Good typical south indian food

Location and decor was in a relaxed atmosphere. Food was very tasty, but no surprises. Dosi's were cut to serve the 5 of us as an appetizer, which was nice since otherwise they are hard to share. 4 people got the Tali which was an amazing amount of food for a good price.

4800 Baseline Rd, Boulder, USA

Saturday Night Vegan Buffet

Every Saturday night they host an all vegan buffet. Some regular items I've seen are pakoras, saag, channa masala. The other night they had Banana Pakoras for dessert! YUM!! You will be asked if you want the Naan, but it is NOT vegan. The waiter should tell you this, but just in case he doesn't I thought I should tell you :) Oh, the best thing is the price. $9.99! Sweet! And whats even better is you can sometimes get a coupon on the back of your receipt from Safeway.

Junta de Comerc 11, Barcelona, Spain

Worth a visit.

We ate one meal at this location. I don't remember what we ate but recall that it was good basic vegan food. The menu has mostly vegetarian items so you want to ask which is vegan.
We were able to purchase soy milk there which was great since it seems that soy milk in coffee places didn't exist anywhere!

Boqueria 972, Barcelona, Spain

Hospital street location

We didn't eat at this location, but since the food in the display at the Boqueria location looks just like the food at the Hospital street location I figured I'd write my review here. Almost all of the food has cheese on it which didn't seem very necessary. We asked which was vegan and was only given 3 choices. I got the spicy burrito and my husband got the non-spicy. It was OK, really nothing to write home about, but they not only give you the burrito, they load it up w/ a weird onion goop, possibly hummus, & something else I don't recall. I really just wanted the burrito but it was a huge plate of food.
When we were at the Boqueria location there was an English couple buying something and was quite shocked when they were handed this plate full stuff!
I guess it's really a good value for the price 6-7 euros, but I could have done without.

1650 Broadway St, Boulder, USA

Awesome ALL Vegan food fast

The soups, mac and scheeze, and burgers all rock! Lets keep this place in business and hopefully see them grow. The last I was there, 2 weeks ago, I found out they were moving to the Hill.

Grant Ave, Loveland, USA

healthy vegan food delivered

We have ordered twice from Wax Wing. They deliver 3 vegan meals for $75, which include the entree, soup or salad.
The menu changes every Sunday, so sign up for the email to be in the know.
The entree is on the small side by its self, so you need to eat one of the 2 soups or the one salad to go with it. Overall, the food is healthy, using fresh ingredients. I've needed to add salt to a few items & think maybe the instructions on reheating says to add too much water. But it's all to your taste, so adjust as you need.
They use reusable containers that they will pick up the following week regardless if you order that week.
For the price, the work that goes into preparing these meals, I think it's a pretty good deal.

4457 N Broadway St, Boulder, USA

Home cooked Latin food

The owner Cristina is from Columbia and says she and her husband wanted to open a restaurant offering food they make at home, but they can't find anywhere else when they go out to eat. Home cooked vegetarian latin food! The flavors are outstanding. The sauces I tried with the yucca fries all were unique and delicious. Prices are extremely reasonable. Items on menu are denoted which are vegan, but just let them know you are vegan and you will be well taken care of. The rice pudding is now vegan too.

900 Walnut St, Boulder, USA

Vegan Friday Lunch Buffet

I've not eaten here any other time as they only offer the vegan lunch buffet on Friday's. Go! It's reasonably priced at $12.95 for all you care to eat and a glass of Rose is offered with the current French theme. The offerings are as follows on the buffet - there are always 2 soups, make you own salad, 4 prepared salads that are creative and rotate, fresh fruit, an array of pizza, at least 2 hot dishes (like truffle mac & cheese/ green bean casserole) and a beautiful display of desserts.

73 5617 Maiau St Ste 1, Kailua Kona, USA

Sad we only ate there once

Location is in a somewhat industrial part of town. But inside is beautifully decorated in Asian theme. We ordered the Tofu Sate, tofu was grilled seared, crisp veggies & two dipping sauces. I don't recall the name of the two other dishes, but one was described as Thai Italian. Noodles w/ a thai flavored tomato sauce. It was delicious. The other was a curry dish w/ tofu. Spiced just right and savory. We also got a scoop of the Chocolate Mac Nut gelato. Creamy goodness. All in all they had lots of vegan items to choose from and I really wish we could have gone back to try some more of them!

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