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1620 St. Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, USA

Quiet restaurant, free wireless.

27 Jul 2009

Good place to do computer work (free wireless!) and has organic food, primarily Indian fare. Ample menu and the chai comes with a free refill. Full service and the food will be delivered by a waiter if you dine in. Carrot cake is good. I endorse this place since it is the only one I know of in Santa Fe that is vegetarian and I believe mostly organic. I am a picky vegan and Santa Fe is lucky to have a restaurant like this one. Conveniently located next door to the Co-op (Montanita) which has all items a veg traveler/visitor may need. It is a spacious restaurant with an ez access free parking, large enough to handle large vehicles and RVs. Also convenient for the walker/hiker/biker and on a bus line. It is located in a mini shopping center area with the name of Solana and there is a laundromat close by. The traveler could make this a pit stop for all of their needs.!! Stock up, wind down, eat well, clean up and enjoy Santa Fe! Chai happy hour in the afternoon.

rua Paschoal Carlos Magno, 99, Santa Teresa, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

only restaurant listed here for Sunday pm

15 Jun 2013

located in a bohemian, historical & difficult access section of Rio. Public transportation by bus takes a long time and a taxi ride is probably best option. I did take the bus, but waited a long time and was unsure where to get off. The Bar do Mineiro Veg option was typical Brazilian fare and was filling, the price was equivalent to 20 U.S. dollars, for one simple serving, but Rio is an expensive dining city so normal by comparison to other restaurants. Food ordered was typical vegetarian feijoada a la carte, it was vegan and very good. Many people drinking excessively, slow service, loud talking and unkept and unsanitary dining room. Rio is a sad and barren city for vegetarians, and this restaurant does not change the fact. The restaurant has a historical interest, in an interesting location, Santa Teresa has maintained a historical landmark interest but too bad the trolley cars no longer go there.
Updated from previous review on Sunday June 02, 2013

Updated from previous review on Monday June 03, 2013

Rua Xavier da Silveira, 28, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Great find

15 Jun 2013

Brazilian dishes, vegan style. What a relief to find a small culinary delight for the vegan preferred diner. I followed the suggestions and other reviews to this little place and was happy to eat very well. The dish I chose was a "Moqueca de caju" a traditional northeast dish with surprising and savory vegan modifications. I added accompaniments of rice and farofa to round out the meal and had two freshly juiced drinks. The menu is varied and full and I look forward to coming here again. The servers and owners were very friendly and overall the experience was very fulfilling and delicious. Quiet atmosphere and I ate downstairs while watching a soccer match on a wide screen TV.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

a great and rare find, highly recommended

17 Aug 2013

this is a casual atmosphere, in spite of the "chic" images on their website. The food is simply awesome, and the tastes are intense, interesting and very flavorful. The restaurant has an upscale appearance on the outside, in the trendy St. Stephens Green shopping and nightlife area. Inside, the menu is located on the blackboard, and hard to read from where I stood in line. You order from a buffet served by one of employees from the back of the house, all very clean and behind glass cases. There is a variety to choose from which for a meal includes the main entree and two side salads. There are soup choices which looked wonderful as well. The servings are very generous and filling. The quality and menu deliciously rare. The price is compatible with the quality and serving. I paid almost 17 euros (22 US) There was no tipping, and the atmosphere was a coffee club style with a duo folk singer and guitar player. Very relaxing. I went solo and did not feel out of place, since the place was filled with a variety of patrons, from all age groups, several solos sitting at tables reading, writing, drinking wine. I chose as my dinner the shepherds pie style (awesome) with two salads: one with beets and the other greek style. I had a delicious hot soy chai. Live music was played while I dined and patrons would politely clap after certain numbers. All in all a great evening of a satisfying meal and culture. Five stars, hands down, because of the pure veg menu and atmosphere.

10903 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, USA

Has wheatgrass shots in the deli area.

24 Aug 2009

and most items for the kitchen.
Large supermarket style store with primarily conventional items with organics mixed in.

Leidsestraat 85, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cheap, greasy, fried veggie fast food

02 Jan 2010

I was searching for the Montplein location and stumbled on this one. Certainly not healthy fare, but if you are hungry and want fast, cheap and hot this one will do. The falafel and fries are cooked in front of you in a deep frier and the patrons stand around and eat while double dipping the fillings out of a salad bar setup. At least it is posted as a vegetarian place on the Maoz sign. No meat on menu but I saw feta cheese coming out of a can. On the 1 and 2 tram line to Central Station and close to the famous Bulldog cafe and the Leidseplein. Bohemian area.

Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 120, Botafogo, Zona Sul, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

great restaurant

09 Jun 2013

I have to agree with other comments here. I ate at the buffet upstairs, a fixed price with all you can eat fare. Plenty of selections for even the pickiest of veg preferred patrons. Will certainly go back, the best value and very relaxed setting. A nice find in a hard to find vegetarian options city. Buffet was the equivalent of 11.00 (US) or 22 Brazilian reais. Drinks, desert are additional. The restaurant downstairs has a priced menu with service by waiters. The price per person included 4 choices for under $10.00 US or 18,00 reais (Brazilian).

2823 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, USA

Wrong address is listed.

12 Feb 2010

This place has moved to the 28th block of Franklin. I got off the bus in the ice and snow and had to trudge the additional length in cold weather. It was worth the extra mile, however although I could have saved the time. The store is well stocked and has sufficient items in the deli for ready made light meals. On the public transit. Minneapolis rocks with this location on the public transit lines.!

320 W 5th Ave Ste 420, Anchorage, USA

Great vegan/veg option when in downtown Anchorage

19 Jul 2009

The great chef of Souper Bowl runs a spot in the downtown food court. What a pleasant surprise. All food is fresh! I watched him chop up the avocados, fresh greens and he satisfied my intense craving for good nutritious food. I am always on the road and a good vegan meal is hard to come by but this little place wins five stars for the speed, freshness, value and convenience. I ordered the veg soup, (veg broth w/ fresh veggies and rice noodles), the california sushi and a spring veg roll. Wonderful surprise for a weary road warrior like myself...Run to this place for fresh food at a tremendous value when you are overnighting downtown. He is an honest chef because I wanted to take some fresh veg spring rolls to go but he did not recommend eating them past 3 hours. I loved his honesty and ethics. There are meat products on the menu.

1100 N Central St, Knoxville, USA

Good deli & Great quick shop for food&other needs

30 Jun 2015

Great for the traveler. Small local co-op off the downtown area. Well stocked deli w/ fresh hummous, salads, pasta, dumplings, sandwiches, drinks, snacks. The rest of the co-op carries local & organic items for the hiker/traveler, i.e. nuts, fruits, veggies and other personal necessities.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 24, 2009
Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 04, 2011

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