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16563 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, USA

Unique Raw Food

22 Aug 2010

They have both a cooked and raw food menu. I have found the cooked food to be tasty, but the raw food truly unique. I especially like the fryed chicks & mashed potatoes. It is quite expensive, but definitely worth a try as it's unlike anything I've ever tried before.

7378 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, USA

Fresh Food Done Right

22 Aug 2010

I got some sort of mock tuna sandwich that was made out of a raw sunflower pate. So so good and the whole thing from the bread to the veggies to the pate tasted very fresh and light. Also, the tuna was not overly garlicky like I have often times found raw food to be. I felt so light and healthy after my meal.

3701 Cahuenga Blvd W, Studio City, USA

Vegan Ice Cream!

22 Aug 2010

All I can say is how exciting and yum! So many flavors to choose from and it's all vegan or beegan. The servers were very friendly and helpful in making recommendations (as there are so many options). I think I got a coffee shake of some sort and it was delish.

2246 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, USA

Long Beach Vegan Eatery

09 Dec 2011

I do feel somewhat mixed about this place. I've only been here once and only tried one menu item, a phyilly cheesesteak type sandwich. I found it very tasty! I enjoyed it. It was under $10.

At the same time, it did feel like something I could make at home with bread, plant meat, veggies and daiya. I would definitely go back if I lived closer to try some other items.

This is not like a Native Foods or Veggie Grill which I think we in this area have grown accustomed to. If this were the only vegan place in Southern California, I feel like it would be easier to sing its praises. Based on my one item, the food is tasty. It's only a dollar more to add on fries. But, I think overall the prices are too high considering that the food does seem like something you could put together yourself without creativity. If the prices were lower, it would make more sense.

I say give it a try for yourself. What vegan doesn't like trying a new restaurant? The service was friendly, and the interior clean.

1065 Brea Mall, Store 2163, Brea, USA

Other LH Locations are Better

12 Sep 2011

I have been to two other Loving Hut locations (Ladera Ranch, Huntington Beach). I would be sad if anyone based their impressions of this resataurant chain or veggie food in general on what is served at this location. I went on a Sunday, drove for 35 minutes to try out this location (how exciting to have a vegan place in a mall food court!). Unfortunately, my bf and I were really disappointed with this food. He got the chow mein and fried rice which were greasy, overcooked and flavorless. I got the brown rice with broccoli beef which was dry, and I didn't like the texture on the "beef". Neither of us are picky eaters, but both of us agreed it was the worst veggie place we'd ever been to. The other thing was they had a menu online, which didn't match the menu they had at their location, and even the menu they had on location didn't reflect what they were actually serving, which was only about 8 items in their display. None of the items were labeled, and the nice gentleman serving us did not speak english, so we had minimal idea what we were ordering (the cashier spoke english but she wasn't very friendly, and was busy with other people). I am so hesitant to give a negative review to a veggie establishment, and I still wouldn't discourage anyone from trying it once. It could have just been an off day for them afterall. But, it is only fair to have a realistic expectation of what you may get at this location. Hope they can improve and become more on par with the delicious and inexpensive food at other locations.

19891 Brookhurst St, Huntington Beach, USA

Asian Vegan Goodness

22 Aug 2010

I got the Lemongrass Beauty and BBQ Sandwich. Both were really good though I liked the BBQ best, which was only $4.50! Better than the average Asian Vegan restaurant. Very nice cashier as well.

24401 Ridge Route Dr Ste B, Laguna Hills, USA

Gluten Free Vegan Treats

13 Jan 2012

I was so excited to see a bright yellow "vegan" sign as I drove past this new little bakery. I got one chocolate chip cookie and enjoyed it in the car w/my BF. It was delish, and I immediately went back in to buy some more goodies. The selection was quite small when I went, but the few items I tried were very tasty! It's located across from the Laguna Hills Mall in the shopping center just before the 5 freeway (same shopping center as Saddleback Dentistry).
Updated from previous review on Tuesday December 13, 2011

The selection has expanded since my last trip there. They had cupcakes like red velvet, brownies, and cookies. They also have a frequent buyer punch car.

18621 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, USA

Insanely Good

22 Aug 2010

All I can say is crazzzzzy good! I've tried the Bigger Macque, and Fillet-No-Fish as well as the French Onion soup. The soup was quite good, while the sandwiches were truly amazing! We stopped by here after going to WorldFest earlier this year as it was less than 10 minutes away. Must go! You will not be disappointed.

4880 Irvine Blvd Ste 102, Irvine, USA

Flavorful Food, Great Prices!

19 May 2012

I've been here twice so far and all three items I've tried have been just delicious and so flavorful! First time I went was on Cinco de Mayo where they had a soft opening and it was A build your own quesadilla menu. I felt like I could make quesadillas at home, but I wanted to support them. Well it was absolutely delicious, and was so packed with flavor and tastier than my home-made ones. I've also tried their Cali BBQ (robust) and their Sonoma Chicken Salad Sandwich (refreshing). So yummy but my fav was the BBQ. My inital impression was similar to the quesadilla. I felt I could make sandwiches at home though though I was of course excited to have a new vegan place in the area. But I have been pleasantly surprised by each item. The food just tastes like so much thought went into each component. The sauce, the plant-meat preparation, the type of bread, and on and on. Each item I've tried has been just delightful and I am looking forward to trying more items soon.

Additionally, the prices are so reasonable which is not something you typically find for vegan establishments.

Also, although this place is located inside of a gym, the counter is right there as soon as you walk in the door, so it's easy to access and they have a comfy little sitting area as well.

Lastly, the service is genuinely friendly. Great place, check em out!

707 N Heliotrope St, Los Angeles, USA

Jackfruit, wow!

21 Aug 2010

I have been to Pure Luck twice now, and both times the food was mmmm, mmmm! I got Todd's BBQ sandwich, Kristen's Carnita Wrap. Both were absolutely amazingly delicious. They were unlike anything I've ever tasted, and I have tried a lot of vegan restaurants. They use Jackfruit in both of these items, and it is just so unique and delicious, I don't know how they do it. For the sides, I got deep fried pickles, and potato pals (which were not on the menu but can be asked for), and both were unique and tasty. The prices were pretty reasonable too. Just as a side note, I saw vegan actress Ginnifer Goodwin in there one day too. Also, there is free parking in the back of the restaurant, and if you go to Scoops Ice Cream right across the street, they have several tasty soy vegan ice cream options to choose from.

4879 Voltaire St, San Diego, USA

Best Vegan Pizza

21 Aug 2010

I went to this place well before Daiya hit the market, and whatever they used made their pizza unreal and out of this world! I was seriously concerned it wasn't vegan, it was that close to real cheese. I had a bite of a few pastries and they were nothing special, but I could have gone on a day where they were selling day old or something. None the less, the pizza was outrageously good! The best pizza I've ever had vegan or not.

9456 Roberds St, Rancho Cucamonga, USA

No Need to Check Labels Here

05 Nov 2011

It was very exciting to be able to go to a vegan grocery! I caught myself turning over the labels several times only to remember...no need to at this place. The girl at the register was friendly. They take credit cards. Parking was free. They had quite a selection of items, and I would imagine that if they're successful they'll carry even more items. Prices were comparable to my local health food store, but some items were less expensive here. Check them out, and support this local, all-vegan establishment!

313 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, USA

vegan cupcakes!

03 Jun 2011

On the particular day I went, the two featured vegan cupcakes were vanilla and french toast. I got the french toast which was just delicious. Sweet but not overkill. Nice balance of frosting to cupcake. But the thing that stood out the most was how light and fluffy it was. Vegan cupcakes in my experience tend to be dense. This was just divine, no way to tell it was vegan. The shop itself is also cute, and the girl at the counter was friendly. Yummmy!
Updated from previous review on Thursday June 02, 2011

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Another Great Vegan Cafe

21 Aug 2010

I really enjoyed my trip to Flore the last time I was in the L.A. area. I got the Reuben with potato salad. The sandwich wasn't quite the same flavors as a more typical reuben, but just as delicious. The potato salad wasn't heavy on the vegenaise, like most vegan potato salad, but was just as delicious. I felt like this place put a twist on something typical, and it came out fresh and fantastic. The day I went was absolutely packed, so I was worried we might be waiting a very long time for our food to come. But to my surprise it came out in a very timely manner. So many great items to try. Can't wait to head over there again.

191 E Main St Ste 1B, Tustin, USA

Incredible Desserts and Coffee!

08 Oct 2011

Their array of desserts is really something! The only thing I specifically remember trying is the peanut butter torte which was very rich and delicious, as was every other dessert I've tried. They have quite a variety to choose from. Also their coffee drinks are soothing, and again rich and delicious. However, I tried one of their sandwiches called the Atlantic I believe, and it was AWFUL! It was just inedible to me, and was expensive to boot. The side salad it came with wasn't great either. However, I went the first month they opened and they may have improved their sandwiches since then, so I would certainly be open to giving it another try. Randomly saw veggie celebrity Milo Ventimiglia there (didn't go up to him, just saw him at a nearby table). This is a lovely, clean, cafe with a cute outdoor patio. That whole neighborhood has a sweet quaint feel to it. I would really like to try their breakfast waffles sometime as they sound delish. This is a great place for an afternoon date, or evening dessert date, or even just to hang out with friends. I hope this place becomes as ubiquitous as other coffee houses, because regardless of them being vegan (which I love), their quality surpasses them all! (Be aware that they are closed on Sundays.)

305 N Harbor Blvd Ste 103, Fullerton, USA

A Few Vegan Options

19 May 2012

This place is all vegetarian, with if I recall 1 vegan sandwich, and 2 vegan salads. They a vegan cookie and cupcake option as well. The panini I had was just delicious as was the salad it came with. Both very fresh & flavorful. But really my favorite part of this place was the interior. It was so cute clean and cozy. Lots of things on the walls, nice courtyard with a fountain in the back. It looked very eco-freiendly.

1208 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim, USA

Close to Disneyland

08 Oct 2011

Their food is yummy! Over the course of the few times I've gone, my bf and I have gotten the fattoush salad, falafel sandwich, hummus...all of it was very tasty, and fresh. I really enjoyed the food here as falafel and hummus are two of my favorite foods, and theirs was delish! Also, they are only 5-7 minutes away from Disneyland which is really convenient. I will say that while the service is by no means rude, it is at the same time not particularly friendly. Just kind of short and to the point, but polite. But don't let that deter you from the delicious veg options here. Prices aren't bad either. Yummy!

27522 Antonio Pkwy Ste P2, Ladera Ranch, USA

Vegan Food Chain

22 Aug 2010

My most memorable thing about this place is how kind the service staff was. The food was also very tasty. This is the second Loving Hut I've been to and it's great because they actually had different menu items than the first one. I've tried the Golden Nuggets, Vegan cheese bread, Asian BBQ Chik'n and Braised Lavar. I found them to all be very flavorful. I also went with a non-vegan who is weary of Asian food in general and she really enjoyed all the items too. Also, the prices are very reasonable.

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