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Carrer Riu Güell 31-33, Girona, Spain

Very Good Food, Friendly Staff

The owner was very friendly, and very willing to help English-speakers find the [limited] vegan options. Good soup, salad & entree.
Limited dinner nights. Thurs-Sat?

2235 Newmark Ave, North Bend, USA

Great selection, friendly staff

Many parts of coastal Oregon don't have a lot of vegan options. I bicycled the Pacific Coast, and I was happy to get carrot juice & organic fruit. They were super-friendly, and they gladly heated for me one of the many veggie burgers they carry!

Luis de Vargas 4, Seville, Sevilla, Spain

Great food, friendly staff

My wife was too tired to wait till 20:30 for dinner, so I went alone. The super-friendly co-owner chef came out to personally translate for me. I asked for broccoli, and got a great mixed vegetable multi-grain sautee, plus vegan cake!
The next afternoon, my wife & I asked for 2 of the same as last night, but they left off the broccoli (which we love; it was not a standard feature). They also were able to sell us take-out veggie burgers for our long trip to our next vacation town.
1 cook & small kitchen, so service may be slow when busy.

301-B N Main St, Fort Bragg, USA

Spectacular Food!

YUM! This place is great! As with many raw food places, it's good to sample things before buying if you're not sure about spice or bitterness levels.

40 rue de la Fusterie, Perpignan, France

Excellent Vegan Food

Excellent food, Friendly staff, Great ambiance, many vegan menu choices

1891 Winchester Ave., Reedsport, USA

Great store & cafe

I bicycled thru town in 2009, a few weeks before it opened, and reported the store to Happy Cow. I just bicycled thru town again, this time as 1 of the Cycle Oregon ride's 2200 hungry riders.

I'm grateful the very friendly owner & staff stayed open late for Cycle Oregon riders. Though the vegan menu choices were limited, the tempeh teriyaki was delicious!

The store also carries organic veggies & fruit, juices, smoothies, teas, coffee, vegan snacks & vegan frozen entrees (Amy's, et al.). While I did not ask, they probably would have heated any entrees for me.

I rate it with a region-adjustment. If it was in a big vegan market, like Portland or Eugene, it would get 4-cows. However, vegan-friendly places are limited on the OR coast. I wish this store success!!

Gran de Gracia, 30, Barcelona, Spain

Great if you can't wait till 8pm!

As we were adjusting to jet lag, it was frustrating that most restaurants were closed when we were hungry. Fresc Co was open! ...and, fairly empty at the (14:00-18:00) hours most Spaniards didn't eat. The staff was very helpful identifying which dishes were vegan. It would have been nice if more dishes were vegan, but we were able to find plenty to satisfy ourselves.

Calle Santa Escolastica, Esquina Plaza Girones 4, Granada, Spain

Good Food, Great Vibe, Friendly Staff

My wife & I arrived hungry, a short while before they were changing from Breakfast to Lunch. We had a fine tea & toast as we briefly waited for mixed vegetables over rice. The staff was singing & dancing to the radio as they changed meals & menus. Great decor & ambiance. It wasn't elegant or gourmet, but it was very satisfying.

760 Blair Blvd, Eugene, USA

Try the Soylent Green!

I really enjoy the grain bowls, such as its Soylent Green. The tempeh and mushroom gravy are great! The staff was really friendly to me, and I was a smelly, sweaty, hungry & thirsty customer who just bicycled a long ways. The delicious iced tea had free refills [even for dehydrated bicyclists].

At least the meat they serve isn't factory-farmed. I hope they've remedied the problems from their earlier negative reviews. I wish service, atmosphere & a menu like this could be found in the SF / Berkeley area!

975 Second Street SE, Bandon, USA

Nice Organic Produce Selection, Good Meals!

Many parts of rural Oregon don't have a lot of vegan options. I bicycled the Pacific Coast, and I thought this deli & market was quite a delicious gem! Also: when cycling, I love to eat kiwis; I hadn't noticed the tasty gold kiwi until I saw them here. I grade it on a slight curve: it wouldn't rate an "excellent" in a huge city, but it certainly exceeded my expectations for rural Oregon.

44850 Comptche Ukiah Rd, Mendocino, USA

Try the Sea Palm Strudel!

The Ravens' unique dish is its delicious Sea Palm Strudel. Sure, some might think [the other] entrees are too expensive or portions are too small; some might need salad & dessert to be filled. Tasty as everything is, 3-course meals add up. So, save up & go here once in awhile for special occasions. And, of course, bring your dog!

Sure, one can get a fine meal & excellent desserts for less at nearby Ft. Bragg's Living Light store. So, try both!

Calle Ronda de Isasa 10, Cordoba, Spain

Limited but good vegan food

Limited vegan choices. Simple, nice vegan lasagna & tabouli.
I walked to the restaurant while my wife rested after a long trip. Unfortunately, Amaltea would close for lunch soon, and not be open for Sunday dinner! The staff found containers for take-out, and we very grateful.

San Sebastian 6, Cadiz, Tarifa, Spain

Surprisingly Good Meal

Vegetalycual is the name of the restaurant at Tarifa EcoCenter. My wife & I split a nice salad and ordered 2 nice vegan rice & vegetable dishes -- paella & with mushrooms. Great tea & beverage selection. Friendly staff, though limited English. Fortunately, a former server was hanging out & able to help us.
It may be open for dinner only Fri & Sat, plus special occasions. It was showing a movie & open for dinner on the Thursday we were there.

Escudellers 54, Barcelona, Spain

Yay for broccoli & brown rice!

My wife & I went to Vegetalia for our first meal after a very long plane flight. As vegans, we like to be sure to get calcium via broccoli, collards, kale, bok choy, etc. I was very happy with the amount of broccoli in the sauteed veg's on brown rice. Alas, Catalunya often uses too much salt, so my wife was less happy, and I'll rate this a 4 rather than a 5. We learned that when in Catalunya, ask for no salt [and add a little soy after it's served]!

747 13th St, Arcata, USA

Good Market, but beware the bakery!

Wildberries Marketplace is excellent.

But, vegans must avoid the Ramone's Bakery within the store. Bad labels. No ingredient lists. No vegan desserts; and an ignorant employee gave me a false answer when I explicitly asked (no eggs, no dairy; lactose-intolerant), even though there wasn't any line of customers & she could have looked it up.

When I passed thru ultra vegan-friendly Arcata, I was surprised by the lack of vegan desserts. When I saw the Ramone's counter, I thought other places didn't try because they simply couldn't compete. When I went to Ramone's in Eureka, I found out the truth. The Eureka staff got defensive, rather than apologetic, perhaps fearing getting sued over any reactions from my lactose-intolerance.

1604 G St, Arcata, USA

Spectacular Food!

Perhaps other reviewers had valid complaints in 2007-08, but my several recent meals here were FANTASTIC! I also visited ~1989, and enjoyed it. It's the best restaurant in the area! Arcata doesn't have the decadent vegan desserts one finds in bigger cities (S.F., Eugene OR, etc.), but Wildflower's meal (entree, salad, etc) quality can compare very well against most restaurants I've tried. One can quibble over whether it rates a 5 or 4: expectations play a large part. If one expect greatness, one might be disappointed. I was VERY PLEASED. If I lived near it, I'd be a FREQUENT customer -- and there are many veg. restaurants near me. [Note: I believe the other restaurant some reviewers mentioned is out of business.]

Bordadores, 3, Madrid, Spain

Excellent Gourmet Vegan Food

My wife & I really enjoyed our meals. The presentation / appearance of our salad was so artistic that it should have been in Madrid's Prado Art Museum cafe!

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