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1323 Central Ave, Charlotte, USA


02 Jan 2013

I had to go ahead and write a hasty review as I'm a little shocked this place isn't more highly rated (especially where service is concerned). Vegan here. I've been a handful of times and every time was great. I appreciate the juice selection, the OM burger is a must-try, and vegan desserts have always been available and excellent. Ambiance is nice (though it's small, and try to avoid sitting near the door when it's cold out!) and service has always been some of the best I've experienced, actually. I'm in Winston-Salem and there's nothing even close to vegan here, so I make sure to go by Fern every time I'm in Charlotte. It could improve, of course, by going 100% vegan! Oh, and make reservations or you WILL wait on a busy night.

1319 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington, USA


13 Jul 2010

We were staying out at Topsail and as vegans, knew the beach wasn't going to offer a whole lot of dining choices for us. Lovey's was a bit farther out from the island than we thought (about a half hour) but it was worth the drive. The grocery section was good but the hot/salad bar was great! More cheese than I would have liked, but still a ton of vegan options that were for the most part excellent. We had lunch and then packed a couple more to-go boxes to take back to our mini-fridge for dinner!

101 W 4th St, Winston-salem, USA

Yes, please!

13 Jul 2010

I can't speak to many items on the menu (though the tabouli, fried cauliflower, and hummus are delightful) because every time I go it's for the falafel. I've even stopped getting it in a wrap, because I just. want. more. falafel. It's one of the few things I could probably eat every single day. The dressing is great, everything is herb-tastic, and it's a good location for a lunch walk. Price is pretty good too. Now if only they'd get rid of all that pesky meat and cheese on the menu!

165 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

Oh. Em. Gee.

02 Jan 2013

The best. Plant is the only reason I need to drive 2 hours to Asheville. Every bite is amazing, and service is fantastic. It's great (and rare) to be able to order anything I want on a menu, including dessert. This isn't the most helpful review I suppose, completely lacking in any critical points, but really, it's THAT GREAT.

314 W 4th St, Winston-salem, USA

Very good!

13 Jul 2010

As a vegan, my main criticism would be that my options at Mellow would expand exponentially if they had vegan cheese. That aside, it's quite possible to get a delicious pizza without it, though the cornucopia of ingredients would be better held in place with some "glue!" However, good luck convincing your non-vegan friends to share a meatless AND cheeseless pizza with you. And a calzone without cheese is just sort of a massive lump of dough. There are also a few more single-serve options (sandwiches) that can easily be made vegan. I tend to avoid salads when I eat out just because they're usually boring (and sometimes the only choice), but with Mellow's wide range of veggies and proteins it's actually a viable option. If they added the vegan cheese, you could make just about anything on the menu vegan! In any case, a crowd-pleasing choice even when dining with non-veggies.

41 Miller St, Winston-salem, USA

Everything you need.

13 Jul 2010

Whole Foods hardly needs a review, but here it is. You've got endless vegan options as far as groceries (including the recent addition of Daiya vegan cheese) and despite popular belief, I think the higher prices (than your typical grocery store) are completely commensurate with the higher quality you're getting. I visit often for lunch for the hot/salad bar which usually has a few good tofu options-- and if it's not a great vegan day at the bar, there's always veggie sushi to be had. The "deli" section also usually has some interesting choices, like a vegan crab cake or lasagna. I've even seen vegan gelato on occasion. And they must treat their employees fairly well, as they tend to seem genuinely pleased to work there.

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