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VI, Paulay Ede utca 53, Budapest, Hungary

This place is called Falafel Faloda

For a vegan place in Budapest it's pretty good. There's a huge selection of self service salads and only a few contain dairy products. Most of then are exotic and delicious.
It's open from 10 am - 8 pm on Mon-Friday. Closed on Sat. and Sunday and it usually closes down for a few weeks in the summer.

Múzeum Körut 19, Budapest, Hungary

Best vegan lunch in town

If you are a vegan is Budapest, this is the best place for a quick, nutricious, inexpensive lunch. The daily offers are the best options, they consist of raw veggies, cooked veggies, a veggie or tofu burger, deliciously flavoured tofu and some wheat all in a huge porction for 850 HUF, but there are other meals as well, tofu burgers, salads, cakes,soup of the day, crackers pancaces, etc. The only problem with this palce is that it's a small buffee type of thing with only 6 chairs and two more places for standing. So take away is the best, you can eat your meal at the park of the National Museum just across the eatery. The staff doesn't speak much English and they are always hurried, but you can point at what you want. And they also serve freshly squized juices.

Raday Street 5, Budapest, Hungary

Nothing special

I went here twice for lunch. It's a buffet type of thing and you can choose between two mains and two garnishes or you can have a little of everything on your plate plus salad. The food is very healthy and makrobiotic, but not very rich in flavour. The portions are decent. Service is friendly but not very fast. The atmosphere is good and the location is very central. If you're a vegan try it out, but try other places too.

Solana Lifestyle Mall, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Beijing, China

All you can eat

This is an all-you-can eat buffet and drink place. The price is 39 yuan a value you can't beat. The selection of dishes is HUGE and all are delicious with different kind of meals, hot-pot option, fruites, raw veggies, pizza, desserts, sushi, tea and drinks, etc. There's no time limit.
It's the best vegan restaurant I know in Beijing

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary

quality of food and service is deteriorating

I have been going back to this place for about 7 years, since there aren't many options in town for vegans and I must say this place was the best when it had just opened. The past year or two they have been trying to make some changes to improve, but with limited success. Like they refurbished the place and changed its style to a more youngish one but cut the portions of food and increased the prices. 1090 HUF for a moderate sized not too good eggplant meal is just too much for a self-service restaurant.
Before you always saw the same friendly guys working there for years, but now they are all gone and lately, for some reason, they don't keep their staff for long, so you always meet new people at the counter who are not very well trained.
With more vegan restaurants opening in Budapest, I hope the management of Edeni Vegan pull themselves together and come up with a more reasonably priced menu.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 30, 2014

Papnovelde utca 1, Budapest, Hungary

poor quality food

We were very disappointed here. Tried a few dishes at dinner time on a weekday and they all were not fresh and not tasty. Maybe they just had a bad day...

Lajos Utca 36 9/c, Budapest, Hungary

Best burgers ever

I have had a few vegan burgers in my life, but man, these are the best ever. They taste incredibly good and are made and served with love. You can get full with two small burgers or with a meal option. Some burgers are made with wheat, some with oat "meat", the buns, salads and catchup and mustard are all top quality. I went to this place on the first week after it opened, I hope they manage to survive for a long time.

Hunyadi ter 11, Budapest, Hungary


This restaurant is down at the basement in a dark smelly place at a neighbourhood that you woudn't call the safest in Budapest. I had a look at the waiter and my first thought was "sure he must me vegan (or at least vegetarian) he just doesn't look like one". Then we clearified that there are no daily offers at this restaurant, but you can choose from the few simple dished on the menu. So my friend and I made an ordered of a gyros meal and a hawaiian burger. "What would you like to drink?" said the waiter. I ordered some water and my friend asked for a watermelon soup. He brought us the raw soup, which was ok, very easy to make at home if you have a blender, and the water. We were the only two customers in the restaurant then two people arrived after us and they got their food before us. Anyway, we were in a good mood and kept chatting along with each other. After 60 minutes of waiting for our main course we asked how our chances were on getting them soon. "What food?" demanded the waiter. "What food?? I didn't hear you order anything. Why didn't you remind me?". No, he wasn't joking. He simple forgot about our order and during those 60 minutes never approached us to ask if we wanted anything to eat. He didn't apologize either or offered a free lemonade or something, like they would at a professional place, instead we were made at fault for not having reminded him of our order. We quickly paid for what we had and left this unprofessional, dark, gloomy, smelly place.
If you are the owner of a vegan restaurant in Budapest that had been recently opened what's more at the same month as 2 other vegan resaurants, is struggling to get customers and your strenght is not your menu or location, at least why don't you employ a professional waiter or at least a smart guy who looks healthy and perhaps is polite?

8. Budapest, Bérkocsis u. 23., Budapest, Hungary

diappointing from culinary point of view

I popped in here and were disapponted to find a smoke filled bar. The menu was very short and had only one vegan option, so I didn't stay. This my second attempt to visit this place. The reason the first time I didn't go there was that I phoned at 11 am and they still didn't know what they would cook for lunch.

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

THE BEST in Budapest

This is the best vegan cuisine in Budapest. The chefs are first class, they really know their job and use fresh, organic ingredients. There's a daily special every day and a regual menu, both contain Hungarian dishes vegan style. The pizzas are just exellent, especially the Hungarian Pizza (Magyaros), and when lasagne is on daily offer the restaurant is full from morning till evening.

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