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1-7-11 1F Takaban, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

Amazing staff and interior design but bland food

I gotta give credit to the staff for providing a nice culinary experience, but once I got to eating the food I was flabbergasted at how small the portions and bland it tasted. I am very used to doing cooking at home so these "European" dishes were very bland. They are in serious need for improving their dishes to stand out.

3-8-9, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Amazing desserts!

I gotta say the staff and the mood of the place was really nice. Was a bit shocked at the prices but the desserts were very good. Had a few super thick pancakes, cakes. Would recommend if someone is willing to splurge a bit.

Shinjuku-ku Kabuki-cho 2-46-8 Nissho Building 1F, Tokyo, Japan

Best vegan burger I have ever tasted!

I was a bit skeptical at first going into another western inspired food restaurant, but once I tried their burgers it was another story. I tested both their faux Chicken Burger and Quinoa Chicken Salad.

The burger had the best condensed texture and was super filling. The taste was rich and convincingly like chicken. It didn't feel too soft either like many vegan burgers do. The mayo they made was pretty decent too.

The salad however was okay. Nothing special but good value for the money.

Overall the food here was better than what I had in Tokyo. Prices reasonable and the local had spacious enough soace (to be tokyo). Cant say much about vibe, okay friendly staff, and in general what you would expect from eating at some fast food joint.

If you only have a few places to pick the food at Ripple will not disappoint at least. Only place I felt compelled to return to. Vegan food in Tokyo is unfortunately that great and most of it is western inspired.

Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Quite the quality food

I was surprised at the quality of the food at this place. We went there for our first day and I ordered a pepper steak. Probably one of the best faux pepper steaks I had. Everything about it from the gravy, texture, taste and baked potatoes was perfect. Perfect vegan bavarian style dinner.
The interior of the place feels warm but it felt a bit uncomfortable to be there as the people working there were not the most invinting. Also the chair I sat on was not leveled so there could be some improvements.

However the food was superb so it gave a good lasting experience. To those complaining about prices. I prefer eating some original and delicious meal for a higher price than spend less for greasy tasteless junk. Of course I cannot speak of all the food in there but I also tried the seitan salad and cutlets? Very decent too. If you want to eat something decent in Vienna this is the place to go. All the other places I went to the other days were rubbish and made me want to vomit due to their excessive use of salt/msg and soy sauce combination.

333 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, USA

My favourite place with raw options

This is one of my favourite places to eat in Kansas City with a lot of alternatives for those who are not too crazy about raw food since they also offer cooked options. I have been going to this place for several years everytime I stopped by Kansas City and it is the better option for vegans.

When it comes to my favourite food choices, the desserts are amazing! I recomend anyone to try their chocolate or coconut mousse. Maybe some killer prices but worth every dollar extra. However if you compare these prices compared to elsewhere with other organic raw food places it is pretty reasonable. Also it is the first raw food serving place where I actually enjoyed the meals compared to elsewhere. At least when you eat there the place has a great chill vibe and people working there are always nice and friendly.

I also love their inspiration blackboard with a new topic every day where anyone can write something to aspire others with.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 12, 2015

Akersgata 74, Oslo, Norway

Excellent alternative for vegans and vegetarians

I used to be a customer of the previous ran vegetarian restaurant Vegeta which unfortunately had to close in the end after going on for so long.
However the overtaking by Vega Fair has been a massive improvement and really compliments well us vegeterians/vegans lifestyles. Their meals are much more exciting and different meals for everyday, so it is aways exciting to find something new to eat every time you stop by. The quality of the food is much better and you can tell by the taste that they have some standards with their cooking and choice of raw goods. The meals taste also pretty decent, although I am missing more vegan alternatives. The prices are about right and very satisfying.

The place has a decent design and style. The restrooms are usually in excellent condition and clean which isn't always the case when you eat places. Couldn't recomend any better place to eat if you are looking for getting your moneys worth!

Niels Juels gate 31, Oslo, Norway

Excellent Buritos!

I was very satisfied with my visit to this Taco place. They offer tacos where you pick your own ingredients, with several vegan options (different rice, beans, sauce). Their marinated tofu is one of the best I have ever had and despite the steep price it was very filling. Would love to go back again, great vibe and atmosphere to the place. Friendly people working there too.

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria

Great value for your money

Decent fast food type of restaurant with adorable people running the place.
If you are low on cash and want to get a lot of food for great value I would recommend stopping by this place. Even if the food isn't the greatest but it was enjoyable for what it was, Beware if you are not fond of fast food. Despite decent food options the biggest thing going for the place is that they are selling quite a lot of food items that you wont find elsewhere that is vegan. So I recomend buying some of the candy and sweets you only find there!
They also have a little shop next door with even greater selection!

813 W 17th St, Kansas City, USA

Decent vegan restaurant!

Nice hip and enjoyable vegan cafe in Kansas City. It is a pretty small place but the people running the place are pretty friendly. Decent prices and plenty of things to pick from.

I gotta say my favourite part of this place are the desserts! My share of favourites were the cashew cream ice cream and sweet toasted loaf with maple syrup. I was not too crazy about the taste of the jack fruit meals but it was servicable and I appreciate the gluten free alternative.
Updated from previous review on Sunday June 07, 2015

Updated from previous review on Sunday June 07, 2015

DogA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo, Norway

Funky Fresh Food have finally nailed it!

To put into context I have been trying out Funky Fresh Foods since their earlier catering days. In the past I was very disapointed with the raw food that they served, but today this is not the case anymore. I was a bit hesitant to try their new place due to past experienced but I was blown away by the improved quality of taste, style and design of their food.

Perfect example of healthy dishes that also taste very good. I tried the buckwheat burger, with potatoes and aioli. Decent burger, good consistency, but the potatoes and aioli left the best impression. The cook was very friendly and even gave us some complimentary cold yoghurt like drinks.

I think it is very positive that through out the years Funky Fresh has expanded to include warm meals too. The stuff they offer is diverse and quality food on average. The place can compete with the good vegan restaurants abroad. Recomend anyone who travels to Oslo to give the place a try.

I am a fan now
Updated from previous review on Monday August 10, 2015

Hanakawado 3F, 1-9-1, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Very disappointing

Went there with my sister. Pleasant staff, but my meal was pretty boring while my sisters "kebabs" was impressively good.

One thing that I should question with the listing here is that the food isnt really Japanese style. It is western, microbiotic inspired is more correct.

It was mostly okay forgettable food but not worth the price necessary.

Kamakura-shi, Tokiwa 923-8, Kamakura, Japan

The Best Japanese culinary experience!

I gotta say this cafe was the best food experience I had in Japan. It is incredibly hard to find vegan baked goods so it was quite the luck to discover that there exist a cafe that bakes their own bread.

The sweetest staff I have encountered and the Chicken sandwich I had was literally the best mock chicken I have ever had in my Vegan life. Everything tasted so good, not too greasy or salty. Imagine filling both full and not grossed by a chicken/mayo salad.

I also spent some extra cash on trying out their baked goods. A lot of them were decent, especially like the onion pizza style bread with white miso cheese. That white miso cheese was very good and convincing.

It is impressive that they manage to fuse both healthy with delicious food together. The interior was amazing and you felt like you were in a Japanese style home. The prices were very cheap for what type of food it was.

The location was also easy to find

Luntmakargatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden

My favourite restaurant in Stockholm!

I ate around 7 different places in Stockholm in order to compare the different vegan selections and meals that were offered.

Lao Wai really stood out in comparison. So much that I had to go back twice despite being a bit short on money. I haven't usually been fan of chinese or very hot cuisines ,but the food had such great flavour and the vegetables were of excellent quality. That it in a sense convinced me to like even super hot food. The worst is that I picked the least hot main course on the menue and it still burned my tongue!

The prices may be exceptionally high for swedish standards. However that didn't bother me as its still cheaper than my own norwegian standards. Even if you pay the double for food, you really got some excellent crafted meals. The place was very well designed, small but very cosy. It was fun being able to see the family working on the food through the door to the kitchen.

Next time I will try to reach their lunch menues, unfortunately I only ate in the evening there. I can't wait to come back as I have yet to taste better prepared food

Okada Bldg 2F, 1-54, Jimbocho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

As everywhere else Loving Hut gives good value

Not a bad place to eat if you want to save some cash. I tried their unique fake Eel Meal which was decent, however their other dishes were a bit bland which is common for Loving Hut. So I recommend people to their unique meals.

Very sweet and helpful staff. The cafe felt like a standard Loving Hut affair, nothing offensive but nothing special.

Stumpergasse 57, Vienna, Austria

Excellent healthfood store

The fact that this place is vegan and that it actually resembles a grocery store is a huge improvement to all the previous vegan shops I have visited in the past. The selection here is really amazing and it is quite the sight to see a fridge dedicated to faux meat substitutes or vegan cheese. Normally us vegans have to look far and wide to find a tiny vegan selection in some little corner hidden on some shelf.
I also appreciated that they sold nuts and dried fruit in bulks. So you can find all the types of products you would see in a standard healthfood store. The store is tidy with a lot of open spaces between shelves which is very important making it easier to browse through the store. Everyone owes themselves to visit this place and enjoy the amazing options offered. For once you can visit a place and be able to buy anything and not be restricted due to your diet or life style.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 05, 2013

Uguisudanicho 15-10, Royal Palace Shibuya 103, Tokyo, Japan

Boring food

Very disappointing at what "traditional" food is offered. Mainly brown rice, with miso soup and some steamed/cooked veggies. It was very bland but I did like the atmosphere of the cafe. Charming location but the food failed to charm me.

3821 Richmond Ave, Houston, USA

Great place with decent buffet food

This was one of my favourite spots to eat in Houston. Overall the food quality was pretty good in regards to buffet standards. Due to how delicious much of it was I never felt compelled to try the menu items. There is much variety in their buffet which make it hard to get bored from eating there. I recommend anyone to go here for some cheap and delicious Asian/Chinese food fix. I appreciate that the food actually tasted fresh and well made opposed to those terrible asian buffet places that love to pour lots of salt, grease and soy sauce making you want to throw up after the email. Overall a great restaurant alternative for everyone and the people working are polite and accomodating.

Antonius Matthaeuslaan 112, Utrecht, Netherlands

The best vegan/vegetarian food you can find

If you happen to stop by Utrecht this is the place to go to. I was so impressed with the quality and taste of their mock/faux meat substitutes. The food was delicious. Apparently most of the food is vegan and you can just ask without eggs if the meal has eggs in it.
I was not sure at first what to pick, but I ended up picking the most popular dish Babi Pangang which was the best vegan meal I have ever had. It was scary how good the texture and taste of this pork rib dish was. However even if the food was top notch there are plenty of things to criticize. First was communication. It was difficult to communicate and I had to rely on their young daughter to translate the meal for me. Another thing was them pushing and asking if you wanted rice or noodles with your meal. Which gave the false assumption that it came with the meal. They even charge for tap water! Who in the right mind would do so. They claimed they wrote the additional fees by the counter (which was in DUTCH!) so not exactly the most professional place. I got the feeling that they tried to deceive us a bit. So when you go there keep in mind when they ask if you want rice or noodles with the food it means you have to pay for it. Also don't bother ordering water as paying 1 euro for tap water is ridiculous. Despite these negatives I still think the place was comfortable to sit at and the food was top notch.

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