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5802 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Canada

Veggie Pork made my night!

I ate there a few weeks ago while in Calgary. My wife and I got the Mixed Vegetables Wonton Soup, Sweer and Sour Veggie Pork, and some other veggie dish. The soup was a meal in itself. The "veggie pork" was awesome. Next time I'm there I would get the veggie ribs in orange sauce. I couldn't decide between the two dishes that night, both were recommended by the waitress. I eventually froze up and in my indecision deferred the decision to the waitress. She chose the veggie pork.
The restaurant is several miles away from the city center. We drove and there was a parking lot. I presume there is a good way to get there by mass transit. The place itself is very nice and comfortable.
The food seemed kind of expensive compared to similar places. But the portions were large and my wife and I got 2 dishes and the soup and wound up with a lot of leftovers. On top of an expensive dish was also an extra charge for the rice. In NYC where I am from rice always comes with the dish no matter what the price. The menu and prices are online so you can make sure your cool with it before you go if that's a factor.
Overall the place was really good, definitely recommended.

4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Highly recommended

My husband and I were so excited to go to Chaco. They had so many different juices we were overwhelmed. We decided on the Boost. It was amazing! We ordered the hippie bowl and the raw coconut/curry dish. The food was delicious. I loved the sauce in the hippie bowl. The staff was so friendly and helpful. They gave us a taste of their desserts. They were amazing. I highly recommend the raw brownie. My husband loved the raw rasberry tart. I can't wait to go back to the place and try some of the other dishes. They recommended the reuben, the pesto sandwich, the artichoke melt, the raw pizza and the raw nachos.

909 Pike St, Seattle, USA

Unique place - an oasis in downtown Seattle

I stopped by Cyber Dogs last night. The place is 2 blocks from my hotel downtown and I have been eyeing it since we checked in. It is a great addition to the neighborhood, which is otherwise very corporate and monotonous with all the typical non-veg friendly restaurant chains. The concept of cyberdogs is awesome as I have never seen another place like it. The fact that they have internet access free with food purchase makes it even more appealing. I got the plain jane hot dog which was half the price of the more elaborate hot dog offerings. I have to say that it was just OK. The dog was about average with what I could buy in a supermarket. It was kind of small compared to the oversized bun. I think maybe if I would have gotten something more elaborate the experience might have been a bit more exciting. I think also the basic offering could have come with more condiments, sauerkraut being a notable one. The place is open to midnight which is cool - I think this could be a great "coming back late and need a bite to eat place".

709 S 3rd St, Smithfield, USA

One of our favorite restaurants

My wife and I discovered Eden's Vegetarian about a year ago on our drive from Florida to New York. It is truly an Oasis. The chef and restaurant owner, Alex, served us a sampler of all his vegan dishes for the day. It was a fantastic meal and we talked about it for months. It was just a few minutes off of I-95 so it was the perfect meal to break up the day and the drive. We wound up staying long past our meal talking with Alex, learning the interesting history of himself and his restaurant.

Early December of this past year were again on the road, this time driving from Florida to New York. We emailed ahead to Alex, as most nights dinner is by reservation only. We showed up that night an Alex had prepared for us a special vegan thanksgiving. He came out of the kitchen with dish after dish. The food was just so amazing. Its not often in life that something lives up to its memory, but we left the 2nd time even more impressed with Eden's Vegetarian.

I would suggest checking their website for hours as well as contact details if you would like a meal outside of normal hours. I think they do catering too. Both times we visited we just asked Alex to put together a medley of his favorite stuff, and both times we were not disappointed.

436 Richards Street, Vancouver, Canada

I was in heaven!

My husband and I were visiting Vancouver for a weekend. We discovered Gorilla foods and we fell in love with the place and the food. We ate there 3 times over our time in Vancouver because we could not get enough of it. The ambience of the place is so inviting, relaxing and transports you to an oasis. We loved the the maui waui, the falafel, and the lettuce wraps. My all time favorite thing that they make is the Choco gorilla shake. It is truly heaven! The fudge dessert is amazing as well. I highly recommend dining at gorilla. You won't be disappointed!

430 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, USA

Sonny bowl rocks!!!

I stopped by Sonny bowl today for lunch. It's a smaller food truck. Its got 2 small tables out front which is really nice and the seats are kind of nestled between the truck and some trees so when you are sitting you feel a bit recessed from all the other street cart hustle bustle.

My wife and I got the #1 and #3 and shared. There are only 3 menu items, they are $5 each and for an extra $1 a lot of people add soy curls to the #1. They are rice bowls with an assortment of beans, veggies and sauces. You can sub quinoa for I think $1.5 extra. Anyhow, both bowls were really excellent. They were a good sized portion. Tasted really good and seemed really healthy. We walked away having paid $10 total for a great lunch experience.

22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, USA

Good place

I went to Vegetarian House last night. It's a decent sized space, nothing fancy though. The service was quite friendly. The waitress was very attentive and accommodating to our special requests. My wife and I shared the steamed vegetable potstickers which were pretty typical. I got the Sweet and Sour Chicken which was awesome. My wife got tofu and veggies which I thought looked a bit boring, but it was exactly what she wanted. The place is moderately priced, maybe a tad on the high end depending on what you order. It's just a few blocks from where we were staying Downtown which was cool because many of the other veg place seem to be in southeast Portland.

21 Furnace St, Akron, USA

Amazing ambiance and dessert

We dined at outdoors in the beautiful setting this past july (09'). The restaurant was packed, the service was outstanding. We found the presentation of the food to be amazing and the food itself was good. Our favorite part of the meal was the dessert. It was hands down the best vegan dessert we ever had. It was an apple pie al a mode. We highly recommend checking out the restaurant for the ambiance, dining experience and dessert!! As travelers in the Cleveland area it was very helpful to us to discover this place since there are not many other veggie options in this area.

Bay 5, 2111 Centre Street North, Calgary, Canada

This little place is a gem!

Thank you Happy Cow for helping us find this place! Tucked in the back of an indoor mall in Chinatown there was like a zero percent chance of finding this place on our own.
The family that ran White Oak was so warm and hospitable. The food was cheap and good. I wish I could recount to you what I ordered but I simply don't remember the names of the dishes. The menu was extensive. We got 2 noodle dishes. My wife and I found the food bursting with flavor, really unique tasting. Both the restaurant owner and a couple sitting next to us recommended the braised ribs, but that's not what we ordered so I can't comment on them.
I was just visiting but if ever back in Calgary this will be my first stop.

1075 SE 17th, Fort Lauderdale, USA


LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I was visiting family in Boca and took the trip to GBK twice. Absolutely worth it. The ambience is refreshing, and the outside area peaceful. We loved the GBK burger, buffalo tempeh sandwich, avocado toast, and firehouse bowl. You absolutely have to try the desserts. They seem to change around daily but everything I tried was delicious. Elena one of the owners is so friendly and welcoming. Just that alone makes you want to come back.

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

Awesome Vegan Buffet!!!

We have been to many cities with many vegan restaurants and this is the first vegan buffet we have come across. What an awesome idea! A vegans dream! So many options, all were really good, tasty and fresh. Watch out though as the cost with add up quickly. I saw another reviewer comment that her Samosa probably cost $4 alone and I second that from my own experience. But if you watch what you take the place can be quite affordable and nowhere else that I seen will you be able to get such a variety of vegan options all on one plate. In particular we loved the: cornbread, falafels, veg sushi, shepards pie. We were in Victoria for 3 days and managed to go there twice because we liked it so much. Enjoy!!!

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

An excellent brunch experience!

We went there for brunch, so the menu was limited compared to what they would normally serve. We shared the skillet scramble and the tofu quesadilla. Both were excellent, very filling, and really well presented. In hindsight, we might not have gotten 2 dishes that were quite that tofu heavy...it might have been better to mix it up a little. The place was cool, was busy, and the service was very friendly. As out of towners we were a little confused as we had associated Karyn's with a raw restaurant, but it turns out the raw place is at a different location.

617 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

Good Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant

We visited Lotus Pond last week. The restaurant was small but doing a good business. The wait staff was friendly. I got the Sweet and Sour Soya Balls and the Buddhas Feast soup. The soup was a great value, as it was excellent and a large portion for the price. The soya balls were very good but as my wife pointed at they were so deep fried they tasted more like zeppolis. So I guess my dish was not quite health food but it was very good none the less, and there is a large variety of other things you can order. If you are vegetarian and in Victoria I would definitely recommend this place, particularly if you are with friends that are meat eaters they will probably enjoy it as well as there are many meat like substitutes on the menu.

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, USA

These donuts rock!

This place is awesome. I expected that just some of the donuts would be vegan, but in fact they are all vegan. I had 2 donuts and they were both fantastic.

110 211 Bear St, Banff, Canada

Amazing food, but not in support of veganism.

I am torn on this restaurant. My husband and I ate there on two occasions. On one hand the food is phenomenal. Over the course of our two meals there we had the burrito, sweet potato fries, shepherd's pie, and something else that I can't remember right now. The burrito was phenomenal. Very unique and up there with one of the best tasting things I have eaten. The sweet potato fries were outstanding. I did not love the shepherd's pie but it was very good, just not my taste. The ambiance is great, it is cozy, and romantic in the restaurant. The one thing that bothered us was our conversation with the waiter. We ordered our food, and inquired if the items we ordered were vegan. The waiter told us they were. We were talking to him about how we had heard about the place. He shared that Nourish was rated number one on trip advisor and that is how many people hear of the place. We shared that we learned about Nourish on happy cow. He said that they prefer the trip advisor website rather than happy cow because happy cow brings the hard core vegans. We were surprised by this comment, perhaps it does not reflect the views of the restaurant owner but nonetheless it put a bad taste in our mouth.

2314 SE Division St, Portland, USA

I love this place!

My husband and I ate at Papa G's this past Saturday. We were so overwhelmed by all the amazing smelling and looking options. To name a few of the options there is a full salad bar, a variety of soups that you can taste before you buy them, a variety of hot foods and raw foods. We both went with the hot food platter. I am not sure of the exact name. You get to pick 2 out of 6 of their dishes, it comes with veggies, and either mashed potatoes or rice and beans. It was a very large platter of the most delicious food.

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Vegan Pizza Yum!

I was there last week while visiting Seattle. Incidentally, a large number of the veg restaurants in Seattle are located in the University district. I have not before seen a vegan pizza place so it was exciting to see this concept brought to reality. We got the Rainy Day Pizza and the "Chicken" Grilled Onion and Artichoke Calzone. The pizza was delicious and very unique. It seemed a little heavy on the sauce, but this was more a personal preference. The calzone was awesome as there are few opportunities as a vegan to experience this. If you are a vegan and like pizza I would definitely check this place out.

1429 12th Ave E, Seattle, USA

Adorable place with outstanding service

My husband and I dined at Plum Bistro. We loved the ambiance. It had a cozy romantic feel. The staff and service was outstanding. They could not be friendlier or more helpful. We wanted to love the place. The menu had so many options that sounded fabulous. Then the food came and the presentation was wonderful. Unfortunately though, everything we ordered was excessively salty- to the point that it took away from our enjoyment of the food. We had the Tofu kebabs, the pecan salad, and the seitan/mac & yeese plate. If the food had not been so salty we would love this place. It had all the characteristics of a perfect restaurant.

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