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103 North Rd, Brighton, England

Pleasant, modern, vegan options

About half the menu is vegan or vegan option, which is a good start for an up-market-style veggie restaurant.
The restaurant is well-presented, very modern, and service was pleasant.
All the food was well presented and flavourful. The agave tofu starter was really nice and unusual. The vegan fish n chips had good batter, though other places wrap the tofu in seaweed to give a slightly "fishy" flavour which was missing from this dish, and the sweetness of the lemon sauce wasn't to my personal taste. I'd also have preferred it all on one plate, but that's the trend these days I guess! The roast dinner also had a rather sweet rich sauce.
We enjoyed our meal, particularly as we had a code for 50% discount (look on their Facebook page for their current offers). If we had paid the full price for some of the dishes I don't think we would have felt it was very good value - for example the chocolate dessert turned out to be 3 chocolates on a plate with some chocolate ganache. It was very prettily presented and each of the chocolates was delicious, especially the caramel, but not worth £5.50 IMHO.
Overall, it's a nice place, worth trying.

222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Fresh Veggie Buffet Lunch

Tried the buffet lunch - 5 hot and 5 cold dishes. You help yourself and eat as much as you like for 7.50 (5.50 take away box). Delicious fresh tasting salads and hot dishes.
We had to try the spice island pie and chocolate cake with ice cream. Both were gorgeous - proper fudgy chocolate cake. Other reviewers have said how hard it is to believe the spice island pie is raw and vegan.
Ooh and I also recommend the banana apple and cinnamon smoothie.
Nice atmosphere, friendly service and no rush.

135 rue Sébastien Gryphe, Lyon, France

Popular vegan cafe in Lyon

Wonderful to find a totally vegan cafe in Lyon!
It's not far from the Centre d'Histoire de la Resistance et la Deportation (very moving and interesting museum).
Looks like they have a soup, salad, wrap and plat each day, and also do smoothies, juices, muffins and so on. We had the plat which was a big tasty slice of vegan lasagne with roasted aubergines served with green salad (nice dressing). We tried the muffins - vegan cake is a novelty in France so you have to grab any opportunity!
Very friendly service and there were plenty of seats inside and out, although it's clearly popular as it was quite busy and the staff seemed to be rushing to try and keep up.
Really good, home-made style lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed.

58-60 Marchmont Street, London, England

Reasonable vegan selection

Was a bit worried by the description saying "sometimes has vegan options", but there was not need to be worried, over half the food was vegan.
Eating here the first time is a bit difficult as the meals are priced by the weight, so unless you are good at "guess the weight" competitions you haven't got much of a clue as to how much you will be charged when you get to the counter.
All the food tasted good though and I'd be happy to return again if I'm in the area.

16 Hang Be St, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Pleasant, easy to find cafe in old quarter

Not far from Hoan Kiem Lake and easy to find, this is a nice restaurant with an unexpectedly good range of vegetable and tofu dishes. Rather a lot of eggplant dishes, as you'd expect given the name, though we managed to choose a vegan meal entirely eggplant-free as we're not fans!
Good service by staff with very good English in a clean modern restaurant setting.
Good size portions of food, flavourful though not spicy.
Shame they do meat dishes too.

65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Aum = Yum

Easy to find - come into the city centre through Thapae Gate, turn left and walk about 20 yards.
Sweet place with friendly staff, nice fresh fruit drinks and a big menu of food. It was a little bit difficult to be certain which things were vegan but the waitress knew whether things had egg or not.
We've eaten here a few times during our stay in Chiang Mai and had great meals.
We tried indian rice with tofu and kao soi. Have to say the indian rice was not as spicy as expected but there was chilli sauce we could add, and I'm now in love with kao soi and plan to try it everywhere possible!
Other times, we tried their "herbal crispy" dish, which is large green herb leaves dipped in a tempura-like batter and fried until very crispy, served with a spicy dipping sauce. Their spicy papaya salad is fantastic. Hell, even the spring rolls are full of content and flavour!
We had our best meal in Chiang Mai here.

167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Vegan roti, curry and noodles - great!

OK, the decor is pretty uninspiring and run-down but the food was great.
We tried a curry with roti - they make their own vegan roti which you should definately try! Mock chicken satay sticks, noodles with veg and mock meat, and a soup. All the food was cooked fresh (by a rather tired looking man) and they asked how spicy we wanted everything.
The portions are really big - only order a large portion if you are really hungry as you definately get what you ask for!
It wasn't at all busy when we went so we really noticed how run-down the place looked. A couple of the staff were sitting just behind us preparing veg and watching TV, which made us feel like we'd arrived when they were hoping to get some time to themselves - not very welcoming. I think they could improve the environment with relatively little effort - would be fantastic if it was as good as their food.

197 Moo 9, T Nongkaew, Hang Dong, Thailand

Somewhere to eat if you go out to Baan Tawai

We'd been out to Baan Tawai to see the wood-carvings and crafts and thought we'd have to go back into Chiang Mai to eat, then noticed "vegetarian cafe" on the shopping map of Baan Tawai so thought we'd give it a try.
It's on the main road into the village and has fairly good signage. There is seating outside and also inside, in a kind of shop selling beads and handicrafts.
It says it is vegetarian and the menu has photos and a little bit of English. Some of the descriptions mentioned meat, but the staff we met didn't speak enough English (and we don't speak enough Thai) to clarify whether these were veggie versions or actual meat. We played safe and ordered things that were obviously veggie and asked for no eggs.
The food was OK; the dish we asked to be spicy was spicy and the portions were good. By no means the best food we had in Thailand, but the only place we saw in this area so we thought we would add it onto Happy Cow as it might be handy for other visitors.

Queens St, St Peters, Speightstown, Barbados

Delicious 100% Vegan cafe in Speightstown

Great place with friendly service. Roti, lentil burgers, mixed platters / take-out boxes. The roti and burgers were just $8 Barbados.
They also serve great homemade sorrel and ginger drinks (the ginger is HOT and delicious). There was a range of cakes too but we didn't have room :-(
They have tables to eat in or you can get take-away and there are some benches and shaded spots just along the road by the sea.

Back to Eden is on the main road through Speightstown, on the sea side of the road, in a building that faces the pink-painted Jordan's Supermarket. I will add photos of the signs if possible. It looks a bit run down when you go in but you'll quickly find Back to Eden on the ground floor.

11-12 Queens Rd, Brighton, England

All-vegan pub grub

Amazing to be able to get a vegan doner kebab and a pint at the same time from lovely friendly people.
Really good seitan texture and fillings like cabbage salad and pickled chillis. Also hot dogs and loaded fries.
A bit messy to eat, not sure my top will recover from the Beelzebab chill-sauce spillage!
We'd love an extra spicy version with that home-made style chilli sauce you get in the bestest kebab shops.

Updated from previous review on Sunday November 23, 2014

Via Celsa 4, Roma, Rome, Italy

Refreshing juice

Quite a nice unhurried atmosphere, unlimited (and unsnooty provision of) jugs of tap-water which we desperately needed on such a hot day. They made a fantastic refreshing apple, mint and ginger juice as well.
Vegan options / dishes are marked on the menu, though most of it is not in English it wasn't hard to order 2 vegan versions of the set meal for the day. This was 3 courses, a nice soup which was served with some very dry bread, a plate with two types of rice and some tomato sauce, and a salad. One of the rice dishes was very tasty but the other was quite boring and the tomato sauce was nothing special. The salad was ok, with a good flavour dressing, but again nothing amazing. It'd work better as a side to the rice dishes.
For the price, which was 13 euros each for the set meal, I expected something a bit more interesting. Might have been our mistake - the dosa looked a lot nicer, so maybe give that a go if you try this place.
The juice was 5 euros but that's a fairly standard price for frsh juice in Rome, and this was was freshly made, a good size portion and very tasty and refreshing.

Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Great food and best vegan desserts in Vienna

Bio Bar offers a massive range of food and it took ages to work through the menu, specials and then to narrow down to a shortlist before ordering! The serving staff were really helpful and happy to explain anything that hadn't already been translated into English.
Everything we had was tasty, well made, fresh and well presented. The vegan savoury pancake with a creamy filling was a rare treat.
The puddings were amazing - vegan tiramisu and chocolate pudding. Never had vegan tiramisu before - recommend both!
We ate outside - nice tables under umbrellas in the square, inside decor was also really nice and funky. We ate late and the staff were relaxed about it.
It's not very cheap but this is good quality food in a good atmosphere with good staff - we felt it was good value for money.

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

Fantastic friendly vegan cafe and shop

We loved Black Cat! Great atmosphere, friendly people. Shop has interesting books and also some unusual vegan foods.
100% vegan menu with delicious, down-to-earth meals cooked well and served in massive portions. Very reasonable prices.
Lasagne - great flavour and texture, served with a good crunchy salad.
Burger - big thick home-made burger in a bun with wedges, sauce and salads.
Fantastic cheesecake and milkshakes.
We got some homemade samosas to take-away for lunch the next day as well.

Piazza sant Eustachio, 47, Rome, Italy

12 types of vegan "Ice Cream"

Visited here today and found loads of vegan options. I assume the rest were vegetarian.
The coconut soya ice cream was amazing, as was the chocolate one.
They do various size tubs from 2 euros to 5 euros, and cones from 2 euros to 6 euros.
Their website lists about 10 sites in centre of Rome and 9 in outer Rome.
Fans of Soya Cornettos may also want to look in supermarkets for "Valsoia il gelato cono" which we found in the supermarket near where we are staying - a box of 4 for about 4 euros and they are nicer than the ones we can get in the UK as the cone is fully chocolate-lined and crunchy.

Vegans don't have to miss out on Italian Ice cream!

2 St James St, Sheffield, England

Good range of vegan options, flavourful food

Lovely building, lots of seating. Good range of choice for us vegans. All the salads were vegan, a couple of pies and a couple of hot dishes. We had one Caribbean pattie with salad, one roast butternut squash with chick peas, red pepper and tomato stew with salad, chocolate cake and a peanut butter blondie and a fruit smoothie. Everything was very fresh and tasty.
Having read the other reviews we were expecting the legendary grumpy service so were almost disappointed to be served really nicely and politely!

6 Pool Valley, Brighton, England

Vegan ice cream heaven in Brighton!

Fantastic to find 6 different unusual freshly-made ice creams suitable for vegans. When we went:
Coffee and Hazlenut
Chilli Chocolate
Strawberry, basil and black pepper
Chocolate, blood orange and figs
All looked gorgeous. Friendly staff gave us little tastes to help us choose which ones to have! We tried a few between us and they were fantastic, really good strong flavours and great texture of ice cream, really smooth and creamy. We'll be back!
There was plenty of seating inside and out when we visited, plus it's just a step back from the seafront so you can always head to the beach with your ice cream for that holiday feeling!

Updated from previous review on Tuesday April 30, 2013
Fewer vegan options today, but still excellent flavours:
Chocolate Lime
Alfonso Mango
Raspberry & Elderflower

39 Ship St, Brighton, England

Brilliant cheap all-you-can eat curry

We've been going to Bombay Aloo for well over ten years and always enjoyed it. Favourites are the spinach & potato, chick pea, chef's special sweet potato and wonderful daal. Non-vegan items are marked.
The staff are really friendly, you can depend on it, and you can't beat the price - where else can you fill up for less than a fiver in the centre of Brighton?!

Ryusenji 1-2-11, Irya, Tokyo, Japan

Amazing experience

The other reviewers have said it all, really. It's expensive, hard to find, and totally worth it for the experience!
The atmosphere and presentation of the food is amazing. Some of the food is delicious, some is just weird - some of the pickled veg were just way too much for us. Check out the photos of the dishes on Happy Cow - tried to get all 12 courses.

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