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1900 S First St, Austin, USA

Don't leave Austin without going here

27 Jun 2015

Amazing vibe and food! Great hummus, fajitas, hibiscus tea, blt, broccoli salad..both miso and garlic tahiti excellent dressing. Super experience!

5052 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, Canada

Best Pho in Vancouver--Vietnamese Food!

20 Jan 2016

Best Pho in Vancouver--Vietnamese Food!
I did have a vegan spring roll but you will have to ask them what they can make vegan. Make sure to ask. It was very good.
The environment is unique.
It was like park on the street, stand to order, and then sit at a bug wooden communal table in a tiny place with communal (of course) bar seating as well. Everyone is just chowing down. Because it's small and the food is good, I felt rushed. This isn't a relaxing place or a sit and talk place, but if you're hungry and you want to inhale some epic broth...the PHO is EXCELLENT. Top notch Pho! Some of the best ever and I Pho often!

1595 W Highway 89A, Sedona, USA

You WILL buy Chocolate!

01 Jan 2015

Chocolat Tree is the only vegan place in Sedona right now and worth a visit every time. Bring a chocolate budget. You will buy chocolate here! They have a beautiful glass chocolate display case the size of Sees Candy, but with healthy veg* chocolates of all flavors and types (You have to see it!). Excellent vegan hot chocolate and hummus. Awesome vegan desserts like coconut cream pie, chocolate pie and tiramisu. Wonderful art displayed and an overall cool vibe abounds. There is a big heart on the roof of the building, created in red lights, with the words LOVE in the center. Lovely patio too, weather willing. Small concession in the back with lots of unique gift items including rocks and gems.

100 S Fir St, Ventura, USA

Mary's 5 Wow Review_Savories/Entrees/Holiday

21 Mar 2014

Mary has really outdone herself this LOVE season. The restaurant is always warm and cozy but was decorated with beautiful red tulips and purple iris, with red balloons to greet you outside. The love was detailed down to the red napkins and even the musical selections were handpicked, by Mary. The menu was visually stunning as were the selections and the back of the menu boasted several quotes about LOVE. Wow. The first wow was the blood orange juice served in champagne glasses.
The salad's were amazing...her Olive Tapanade Dressing made me feel like that reviewer in the movie Ratatouille, when he flashed back to his mom cooking for him. I'm Italian and that was the most Italian rich flavor dressing I've had in years, and it was not garlic overdone. ((I'm never moved by chefs that only use garlic as a flavor...--to me it's very boring))
Her raw cheeses from pistachio to macadamia are unbelievable. She has an flavor rich sun dried tomato nut cheese that is used in her raw ravioli's that's bangup, as well as the Eat Me Raw salad dressing, a long time fav of ours.
Her pistachio cheese dish "Raw Savory Pistachio Cheese Tart" included Sweet Papaya Chutney (chutney-ish fruit salsa side)...had the flavors of SAMOSAS with the chutneys, especially with the Spicy Mint Leaf pesto.....but very light and LIVE. Very very well done. ((I won't touch a fried samosa with a 10 foot fork....ew....so this was a really nice add))
We went from the Italian salad, to the Indian appetizer, then onto my Gourmet Raw Pizza....wow wow wow wow (the fourth Wow).
My entree, the raw pizza that was gone so fast I was almost embarrassed by my quickly empty plate. The quality of her ingredients and flavors really shine through in all of her dishes. Her raw crust was nice and moist, not like those dehydrated sandpapers of flax that most try to pass off as "raw bread". (anyone need some paint removed?)
The Risotto, the Menage a Trois... wow again. The portion was huge and it had some amazing string beans and amazing triple mushroom madness. Beautiful sage aroma with sage leaf decoration.
Mary's has full spectrum FLAVOR. If you have never been, it's a MUST DO. She's mastered the use of herbs for flavor.

Updated from previous review on Friday February 15, 2008

20839 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, USA


31 Dec 2014

Everything here is beautiful and amazing.
Almond Biscottis!!! 3 types of mexican wedding cookie type cookies (lemon, pecan and chocolate cinnamon), cupcakes, carrot cake, muffins, chocolate, pecan bars, pecan chocolate chip bars, 3 flavors of turnovers. You can leave here with a lovely box of compassionate cruelty free deliciousness. You can order cakes in advance. Call or stop by, really it will change your life. Also think of all the nice vegan gifts you can give to others!

3485 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

Fantastic Flavors, Food and a Fun Experience

01 Oct 2014

Slow down and check this place out! Expect to spend some time here but it's so worth it! Panz is DELICIOUS and healthy, but make sure you are ready for a family experience and bring a pen and paper. If you do end up writing out your own order, help the staff out by using the exact name (not just the number) of the entree. That helps them the most. Understand that they think tea is water, so if you want water, you will have to ask. For example, don’t just ask for broccoli, ask for Canadian’s Favorite Broccoli, and Laughing Tiger and Buddha’s Feast; use the exact names that appear on their menus (they give you two menus that are different but mostly the same, except one is pink and has a bit more English descriptors of the dish). The ribs are excellent but you will have to wait until you get there to find look up the proper name to use when ordering (I can’t find it online). They are kind, they will appreciate your understanding, and the food is amazing. I read that dinner might take 2 hours, and it did, so just be ready for that and you will have a great time. I recommend the Won Ton Soup, The Masala Soup (spicy and flavorful), Laughing Tiger (excellent flavor with taro, jicama and even some string beans), Buddha’s Feast (unique and tasty with mushrooms, bean curd sheets and aduki beans), and the rice is mixed whole grain. Canadian’s Favorite Broccoli is really just regular broccoli with baby corn (if you like broccoli then that’s your dish). The ribs are decadent and orange TASTY. I got up to order, I got up for water and I got up to pay. There are 2 different dishes with Tiger in the name, just know that. The people are wonderful. Take your time and enjoy this experience!

1704 N Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, USA


11 Jun 2014

I love this place. I love the Kalefornia smoothie, the juice, the raw chocolate and the special soups and salads. Cool atmosphere and nice people...just pull up a couch and have your smoothie and a kombucha!

26767 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, USA

Erewhon open date

31 Mar 2014

Erewhon announced new open date April 23
Updated from previous review on Sunday March 30, 2014

75-5813 Ali'i Dr, Kailua Kona, USA


19 Jul 2015

Really need I say more? Get your vegan banana bread, and get another with macadamia nuts. Take them with you for your activities. Best banana bread on the island, and they have SO many vegan options you must check it out. They also have Kombucha. Go there later in the day and get your bbread with a vegan pizza from Get Sum Pizza (get the vegan breadfruit crust!). I'll write Get Sum Pizza's review separately. Call ahead and pick it all up! In coconut grove shopping center and you can park in that center in back.

37 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, USA

AMAZING Flavors and Food Here & Great Atmosphere!

11 Jun 2014

Green Earth is just an amazing place. My favorite thing here is not just the Pho, it's actually the Pho broth. I'm a food snob and the command of flavors in that broth are unparalleled. Exceptional to find this quality in a VEGAN Pho (most Pho masters are omnivore. Here you have a fabulous msg and meat free Pho!) Their other soups are amazing too (Curly Zoodle Soup with Cilantro and Zucchini noodles, Potato Chowder Soup, Won Ton). Start out with the Spring and Summer Rolls, they are both excellent and of course they did not miss the basil. They have a green mango smoothie (Groovy Green) that presents like a sherbert with a boba straw...really delicious. Great Salads too! I've tried everything from the Meatball Sandwich to the Three Flavors, which is very popular as is the burrito. Excellent service. Don't miss this gem!

8400 Melrose Pl, West Hollywood, USA

A Really Great Falafel

04 Aug 2014

If you like herbs, spices a great blend of flavors, arugula and a nice smile, you will love Ihsan's Falafel. He's nailed it and his falafel is REALLY REALLY GOOD! Don't miss it!

2855 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village, USA

Great Food, Customer Service & Communication too!

08 Oct 2014

Joi Café had recently had their grand opening when I approached them with a big order request. I wanted a variety of Joi’s beautiful delicious vegan baked goods for a party I was hosting. I don’t do dessert, but if I want to bring treats I want to know I’m bringing in fabulous compassionate choices. In addition to the large order, I needed to pick them up on a Monday (the day the café is closed). Nicholas and I worked it out and it was a complete amazing win.
I ordered the colorful variety the week before (scones for adults, mini cupcakes for kids, chocolate and chai cookies for all, fruit tarts for adults and more). The plan was for me to text Nick before the pick up. Shawn would be there for me to receive the goods. I texted, Nick answered, I went by and NICK WAS THERE ON HIS DAY OFF to help me get the goodies. We packed up my truck and off I went. The party was a complete success and my guests (foodies and accomplished entertainers themselves) all loved the all the pretty cookies and cakes. I bought the scones for the adults and the kids loved the scones too. A huge thank you to Nicholas, Joi and the team. It’s one thing to have great food, it’s another thing to have great customer service, but to also be able to communicate and create solutions is above and beyond. Thank YOU JOI CAFÉ!

2857 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village, USA

The Best Juice In Town

09 Dec 2014

Juice Ranch is the best juice in town touting the best juicer and organic ingredients. I love the Yoda, Greens and Ginger or Dandy Liver for green juice and if you're looking for beets their Beach Beet is one of the best beet blends in So Cal. Glass bottles, easy parking, friendly staff and delicious juice!

180-3665 Kingsway St, Vancouver, Canada

THIS ONE! Vegans, You can eat here DAILY!

20 Jan 2016

Cozy, warm, filling and delicious.
Homemade vegan chocolate!
Lots of appetizer rolls to choose from.
Pho amazing!
Burritos amazing!
Lasagna amazing!
Bean Burgers amazing!
Even their drinking water (Kangen) is amazing.
Food and service here was very personable.
Casual atmosphere where you can meet the chef, eat some delicious food and relax.
They know their ingredients.
I visited several times in one week and even took a bean burger to-go for the airplane ride.
Don't forget the chocolate and other desserts.
Check their menu and call for specials.
Tell them I'm coming back! :)
Parking is underneath restaurant.

5474 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, USA

MUST GO in Pittsburgh

26 Jun 2015

I really loved this place in Pittsburgh. Huge variety of food. Check the details. If you love any kind of asian food or a burger, please visit them. It was surprising and nice to find such a warm clean place to eat in Pittsburgh! All vegan! I loved the won ton with noodles, spring rolls and pho.

5015 Kanan Rd, Agoura Hills, USA

You need to eat at Mandarin Express!

01 Aug 2014

Mandarin Express is the place where everybody knows your name and you will be greeted by the warmest owners, Kim and Dan. They will never forget--not only your name--but exactly what you love and what you loathe in your food preferences. You can get exactly what you want here; atkins, lowfat, no fat, no sugar, tons of sugar, super crispy, no meat, no carbs, or carbo load...---from omnivore to vegan...and you will always get a giant portion. Chef Dan is very creative and Mandarin Express's menu boasts a choice for everyone. If you cannot decide from the zillion choices offered to you, just tell Kim what you like and what you don't......(like in the movie Chocolat where the owner could pick the favorite..similarly,Kim knows her stuff!)..If I tell Kim, "I'm vegan and I want only steamed tofu with a sauce that has no heated oils, so sugar, and I hate garlic"..she & chef Dan will create something very interesting and tasty for me. If I want something very basic, I can get that too. From sweet and sour to garam masala...amazing mock meat dishes both fried or steamed...you pick...amazing rice and noodle dishes, soups..just check out their menu..and check out the incredible size of the Vegetarian menu..
Our favorites include kung pao tofu (with soft tofu), kung pao tofu skins (w/fried tofu skins), kung pao vegetables, any sweet & sour or orange peel dish, any sakiyo miso dish, any soup, any garam masala dish (potatoes are awesome).
Unlike anywhere else, Mandarin Express is both my weekly and special occasion choice because I can get it all here.
I can eat very simply (I just get steamed veggies and steamed tofu--or my favorite tofu vegetable soup) and I can get really decadent if I want for an occasion or to bring a guest...with any of the fried mock chicken dishes (my personal fav) or any of the mock meats...the sauces are awesome!
Eat it there or take it to go....and there is something great for EVERYONE here.....Call or fax ahead is not a problem. Catering not a problem. I'm telling you....check it out...it's behind IHop on the corner of Agoura Road and Kanan in Agoura Hills....
I'm a food snob, I'm a very picky eater and I eat at Mandarin Express ALL THE TIME. SEE YOU THERE!
Aloha and Namaste!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 05, 2008

Updated from previous review on Friday March 21, 2014

633 S Arroyo Pkwy Ste 3, Pasadena, USA

A Good Backup Choice but Not the Best

03 Aug 2015

My favorite vegan in Pasadena is Green Earth Vegan on Fair Oaks; clean, vegan, delicious, fresh. I went to My Vegan because Green Earth was closed one day, and I wanted to report that it's good, but not the best, and some things are better than others. I'm guessing that IF they can use a shortcut they do, so anything that can come from a can/jar/or frozen probably does (and tastes like it does). Tom Yum soup was much better than Pho or Won Ton (freezer won tons not great). Pho was garlicky. Some veggies in my soup had been frozen for far too long and were blah. Now the more Thai dishes and things that HAD to be fresh were good, such as: Kale Hot Bowl, Brown Rice, Fresh Coconut, Green Veggie dish (Kale and Broccoli, and Mushroom Salad..those dishes were great, but only if you like hot and garlic. Mock Chicken Sate good. Spring rolls fresh but "meh". They have a big menu with lots of choices but it's sortof a "soda and vegan fast food" type place which is not my thing (I love FRESH veggies). The fresher things were better and the Thai dishes were better. Nice little place and nice people, but I think it matters what you order. If you can do a rice dish or curry that would probably be a great choice. Also french fries looked popular. Check them out but also Green Earth (on Fair Oaks between Green and Colorado) is nearby and that's my personal favorite. Affordable, fast and nice people, and some dishes pretty good!

2438 W Anderson Ln Ste A3, Austin, USA


26 Jun 2015

VEGAN PHO IN AUSTIN. THUMBS UP! On West Anderson Lane. They have other locations so make sure you try West Anderson Lane.
This is not a vegan or veg restaurant, but they have a vegetarian menu that is clearly marked and helpful staff to answer any questions. I reviewed several dishes and they have interesting VEGAN choices.
The pho broth is vegan and excellent.
I had Pho and the Chef Special Crunchy Noodle Salad and a spring roll. All fantastic. (All you need is the Pho and the spring roll—I took the salad to go as my lunch for the following day)
They give a nice tea to end the meal (they also give a cookie that I did not ask if it was vegan—if you’re gonna eat that cookie please ask if it’s vegan) .
It’s next to a very crowded burger bar. Go represent!e

Update Caution: check your order here! I returned and they served me wrong dish full of seafood, etc. so Be Careful. There is a vibe in Austin of "vegetarian enough"..so know that.

Updated from previous review on Monday February 09, 2015

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