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41 Church St, Western Cape, South Africa

a light in the dark...

20 Oct 2008

you can find a lot of veggie options in this place and the atmosphere is relaxed, though you're better of with a reservation in advance. People from cape town love this place. I had ethopien food in different parts of the globe, but this is so far my favorite.
If you consider yourself a diehard veggie, it's probably the wrong place, as you might share the plate with your meat eating friends. Don't miss lunch at the portobello!

Rataskaevu 8, Harju, Tallinn, Estonia

Probably the best choice in Tallin

04 Jun 2008

A little fancy, but therefore very hearty and well prepared food. It might not be the best choice, if you're starving to death after an exhausting day of sightseeing. BUT just perfect for a stylish candlelight diner with your new estonian (girl-) friend.

Rua Bela Cintra, 1343, São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Just exellent!!!

04 Jun 2008

We went there pretty hungry and were lucky enough to find it still open at 3pm...(closed behind us). They had a very yummy all-you-can-eat buffet with seitan and soya choices and tons of deserts. drinks come free with the one-time charge for the buffet. They have a nice garden for outside eating on top of all that. Apfel rules!!!

23 Caoyuan Hutong, Beijing, China

my favorite in Beijing so far...

18 Jul 2010

only been there once, since it really isn't easy to find this cozy place. my friend and i tried some 4 different dishes and they where all amazingly good. sadly they haven't had my favorite tee. nice place for any occasion.

Ph Wat Bo, 100m South of Route 106, Siem Reap, Cambodia

exellent food!

07 Jan 2008

i've been there 3 years ago and still remember it very good.
i filled me belly nearly to explode!
VERY friendly stuff and awesome food. Check it out!

Uus 32/43, Tallinn, Estonia

Dining in a sauna...can you believe it??

04 Jun 2008

I feeled screwed, as i read, that they serve antelope. Goddamit!! But afterall i got a lovely prepared meal with soya chunks and spicy just the way i like it. All in a warm and cosy atmosphere. I wished i had have the time to try dining in their sauna. This might be quite an experience. Your still don't have that many choices in Tallin...

7 Ulitsa Pestelya, St Petersburg, Russia

lovely refuge for cold days in April...

13 Apr 2010

it's pretty hard to find decent vegetarian food in St. Peterburg. Though many restaurants have veggie options for cheaper prices this restaurant was our favorite. Lovely made dishes with lot's of regional food, nice teas and a friendly alternative atmosphere. The portions could be way bigger for their value on the other hand. Your best choice, if visiting SPB.

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

Damn good place for a sunny breakfast!

03 Jan 2008

Not anyone might feel comfortable in there, since this place has a clear anarchist/ squatters touch. But you won't find to many similar places either after most squats are gone! If you happen to be in berlin during summer it's just perfekt for a late breakfast outside. And it's all-you-can-eat 4 what-you-wanne-give...AMAZING!
They even used to have shows in the basement. Always jammed, but lovely...this might be history meanwhile. Merciless526

16 Lancaster Quay, Western Road, Cork, Ireland

either youlove it or lyou hate it...

20 Oct 2008

that seems to the average opinion ha,ha.
well i was almost giving up on this place as i got turned away 10 min to 12am, as it was considered to be still closed, even though the doors where widely open. i asked if i could just drink something as i was thristy too, but got told "this is a restaurant"..so what? did you think i came all the way frome germany to get myself drunken in a veggie restaurant???
Anyways i returned, as alternatives a rare in Ireland ;-)
and the food was pretty good. i had some potato pie, which was awesome. my collegues seemed slightly dissapointed, as the food is not really filling you up, if you're hungry as a bear. still recommandable!

Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany

Best choice in Berlin!!!!

03 Jan 2008

Since i now live right arround the corner i happened to be there quite often. But i definitely think this is the best vegetarian place to go in Berlin. Decent food and many weekly changing choices. Go for a lovely breakfast with all you want or cozy diner with homemade seitan. Not that cheap, but worth the money.
Bring some time, since the staff is always busy!
Highly recommended by

ps: it's a shame they still have the fish!

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

Neuköln is changing for good...

13 Apr 2010

though they don't sell the amazing lemon-seitan bagel anymore (i think there is no food beside cakes anymore) it's still a lovely place. Check out their Sunday breakfast buffet, but be early, it's getting more and more crowded. Nice place for a decent vegan caffé latte and selfmade vegan cakes. Hopefully selling food soon again.

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

How can anyone NOT love this place??!!!

04 Jun 2008

The only thing i would blame this place for is it's location in Bercelona and not arround my very corner in Berlin ha,ha! No honestly i always go there, if i happen to be in Barcelona and actually JUST there. You might be right about the service. Just bring some patience and time and you won't be dissapointed the food is changing a lot and their smoothies rule the world!! I always wlked out satisfied with an nearly exploding belly.
Convince yourself!!!

58 Ave B, New York City, USA

very warm and cosy, as i remember it.

05 Jun 2008

the 1st time i went there was about april 2000 and at this point i didn't know much about NY or the Happy Cow. So i wouldn't know, that i would be in veggie heaven and just found Kate's Joint by chance...nearly starving. It was much simplier interior in my memory back than, but i might be wrong. What i know fpr sure is, that the food never disappionted me. And when i've been there the last time in 2004 i again feeled very comfortable. I know for sure i had a potato dish and was happy to find the potatos not deep fried but cooked the german way...yeah. If you happen to be arround Kate's give it a try, even though you got a painful lot of choices nowadays.

129 N 11th St, Philadelphia, USA

The name rules!!!!

05 Jun 2008

i've been in the kingdom back in 2004 with a couple of friends and really enjoyed the food in there even though i didn't liked th atmosphere at first. we all went out nearly exploding and unable to move. Amazing place!!
check it out!!

Klenzestr. 89, Munchen, Munich, Germany

a fine runaway place still close to the center...

20 Oct 2008

this is an amazing place, with lovely punk and alternative flair and music. you can even buy some decent record while waiting for you huge bavarian like meal.
i had some soup as starter, that almost filled me and spätzle after. i was nearly exploding, but couldn't stop as it was delicious! i heard the sometime even serve vegan sauerbraten..i'd love to taste that!

Kisfaludy utca 39, Gyor-Moson-Sopron County, Gyor, Hungary

not so well attended

20 Oct 2008

i went there about 3 times, as i was working in györ 2006 and always ended up the only costumer in there. maybe it's a different story during the day?! i liked their food a lot, even though i always hoped to get som soya chunks or seitan with the gulasch, which i havn't. good choice for györ.

Ilica 72/1, Zagreb, Croatia


05 Jun 2008

i went there on a holidays trip in 2005. first we were very curios, but the food totally changed our minds. really insiring cooking and definititly the best place to go in Zagreb. thumbs up!

2, Place de Meuniers, Strasbourg, France

if i was there...

05 Jun 2008

it was amazing...
in 2004 i happened to be working in Straßbourg installing the furniture of the 2 storie Adidas store in the center of s. if this is the tiny reytaurant right beside it I LOVED IT. we went there everyday for lunch break and they always keeped a table for us. they didn't had to many veggie choices back then, but with the amazing deserts on top i was always happy!!!

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