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970 Warren Ave, Downers Grove, USA

Great Raw Food

21 Mar 2012

I have been to the Borrowed Earth Cafe twice now and have left both times feeling fantastic and uplifted. Both Danny/Bobby and Kathy are very nice and helpful. I sat in at the counter last time and they were both willing to chat while they made awesome vegan food. Well worth the visit to Downers Grove. And for those who say it's a bit pricey, it is, but it keeps this great place open and for the amazing ingredients and what they do with them far outweighs the extra cost.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 21, 2012

2960 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, USA

Wonderful Surprise

21 Mar 2012

I have been working in Indianapolis a lot in the last few months and only stopped at Duos for lunch on my last visit. I had read about it online and then saw it parked right across from the OneAmerica building downtown. I ordered both vegan selections and they were both great. The people behind the counter were extremely friendly and enthusiastic about what they are doing and it's contagious. I'm not sure how often I will be in Indianapolis in the near future, but will make it my lunch stop every time when I'm there.

2409 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Great Food

21 Mar 2012

I have read some of the negative reviews and I kind of know where the reviewers are coming from, but I also think the approach by the customers makes a difference. And overall the food is great and it's worth dealing with any drawbacks. At first blush, it seemed like the wait staff was a bit uninterested, but once I engaged them and seemed excited about the food (which I was!) the server responded in kind. I then had a great experience. Should it be the responsibility of the diner to set the tone? No, but then again I'm not a believer in a passive experience and I was not willing to be unhappy. Anyway, nothing can take away from the fact that the food was really good and I appreciate vegan restaurants. I am also willing to put up with a lot to avoid animal cruelty. I will definitely go back.

317 W 48th St, Minneapolis, USA

Great Experience

21 Mar 2012

I turned vegan in February of this year (2012) and found this place through the Vegan Meetup group. I was just learning about vegan replacements for my leather stuff and went Ethique Nouveau. My Mom and I visited with Heidi, from the Animal Rights Coalition, and she was extremely helpful and pleasant. I was able to find a couple of vegan belts and a wallet and was really happy with my purchases. I am really pleased to have such a great store in Minneapolis and really appreciate the effort of ARC to provide this service.

1821 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, USA

Not too bad

21 Mar 2012

My first time to Hard Times was a bit of a mixed bag, but based on what it is I will for sure go back. The guy behind the counter was really nice. The cook was a bit cranky, but I enjoyed what she cooked, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume a bad day. Both people ironically match the ambiance, which I think is fine. It's kind of a dive, which I think is either the intent or the result and is supported by the people working there and the clientele. Either way it's pretty cool. The vegan selections are pretty clear, so I think I would call it vegan friendly as well as vegetarian.

2105 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Love the Wedge

21 Mar 2012

I have been a member since 1999 and have always loved The Wedge even if I don't get there that often (I more often go to whole Foods and the Northeast Co-op). I mainly go for the produce and the bulk dry goods and it is great. Lots of vegan stuff, so there is lots of other stuff I buy as well. The main draw back if anything is that it is almost always crowded. Overall, I don't think the masses of people who go is really that bad, because it shows massive support in the Twin Cities for Co-Op shopping, so I have no complaints. I don't even try to get in the lot anymore and walk from wherever I can find a spot on the street, which is much less stressful and walking is good for you anyway!

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