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187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

What a gem!

We went to Blossom twice during our stay in NYC. The first day we had lunch here, where I had the soy bacon cheeseburger and my partner had the Tuscan portobello sandwich. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have the Philly Cheese steak that was on their menu online, but we were both happy with our meal. We shared the chocolate ganache with soy ice cream for dessert, and it was absolutely divine - but I do recommend sharing it, as it is quite a bite.. but ooh so good. Our waiter was really nice, and the restaurant itself is just lovely.

The day after we went back for dinner, and this was such a lovely experience. We had a different waiter, equally nice as the guy the day before, and enjoyed an amazing three course meal. After reading the recommendations here, we had the Porcini cigars for starter, and they are just to die for. This must be one of the best starters I have ever had, and if you ever come there, do not miss them. We also had today's soup (tomato and chick peas) which was quite bland.

As an entree, I had the port wine seitan which was very good, but didn't quite live up to my expectations after reading so much about it here. My partner had the rigatoni in porcini cream, and he did not so much eat his meal than inhale it - apparently it was one of the best pastas he has ever had (he is very much an omnivore). For dessert we shared a lavender and coconut creme brulee. I can swear that I would have never in a million years known this was vegan if it was served to me in a regular restaurant. It was absolutely exquisite. Coming from Norway, the prices are not high at all, and it is so worth it. Great in every way.

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Great experience

We had booked a table at 8 pm, but came at 7, guided by earlier experience that vegetarian restaurants are rarely so full that it is not possible to get an early table. However Candle 79 was packed, so we had a drink by the bar whilst waiting. It was so full that some were actually having their meal at the bar, which did not seem ideal, but obviously that's how popular this place was. We enjoyed watching the bartender make drinks and the hour we had to wait (by no fault of the restaurant of course) flew by. We were then escorted to a great table by the window.

My partner and I shared a starter, a wonderful hummus with a delicious pita bread. As a main course I had the seitan piccata. Despite my aversion to capers and citrus in main courses I really enjoyed it, but then I am an avid seitan lover.. My partner had the paella, which I found rather bland, but which he enjoyed. For dessert we shared a Mexican chocolate brownie which was lovely. The service was good, but not outstanding. A really nice touch however was that when the waitress screwed up how to serve a particular type of beer, making it overflow, they gave it to us on the house rather than pouring it out.

We did not find it expensive, totally worth the price. Beautiful restaurant, good atmosphere, delicious food.. Nothing to complain about! Definitely worth a visit. However, if you have not made a reservation and can't be bothered to wait, V Note is not far away and is equally good in my opinion.

45 8th Ave, New York City, USA

Charming place

As I had just eat my breakfast before coming here on my way to High Line Park, I just had a muffin and a coffee to go from here, but it looked really nice, and the menu looked very tempting. The banana and chocolate muffin was delicious, and their coffee was really good. Hope to come back for a full meal once.

179 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Really disappointing

First of all, I have to state that I am what I call a reluctant vegan - I've cut out almost all egg and dairy product from my diet, but like so many others in my situation, cheese pizza is just so hard to give up. So after reading all the rave reviews, I was so exited to try this place, and boy was I in for a let-down.

The place itself is not very nice, shabby-looking and unappealing. The selection of pizzas were great however, and they all looked good. I bought three slices right away as I wanted to taste as many as possible, even if they were quite expensive (about $ 5-6/slice). Had I known a slice was like a quarter of a pizza, I wouldn't have, but the guy behind the counter did not give me a heads up about this (nor is he obliged to, I guess, but it still annoyed me).

The big problem was however the taste. And it had nothing to do with the lack of cheese (I didn't have the one with vegan cheese, because I simply overlooked it). The crusts were hard and unbendable, and the pizzas fell apart with a little tugging. The toppings were ok, but all in all I have to say this were one of the worst pizzas I have ever had (they were all more or less equally bad, the soy meatball one a tad better than the rest). I am so sorry to say this. The only reason I give this place two cows is that I want to give them kudos for effort, but in a place like New York with so much great vegan food and great pizzas, trying is just not enough.

159 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Vegan icecream bliss

I am not a vegan myself, but am willing to trek quite far for good quality vegan ice cream, and this was definitely worth every step. Can not believe the bad review of the person with credit card issues, the people were super friendly, and the ice cream was just amazing! I had three huge scoops, and I finished every smudge. My favourites were chocolate chip cookie and chocolate fudge brownie. Do not miss this if you are in the neighborhood.. or even if you are not!

I only give four cows because I reserve five cows for great, full dining experiences, but the ice cream itself is worth five cows.

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

Best entree ever!

I was a bit reluctant to go to V Note, because the menu was so similar to Blossom, where we had already been twice. Blossom was fantastic, but I was afraid that it would be too similar. However, it was an equally great experience and enough variety in the menu to give you a new set of tastebud extravagancas. The restaurant itself is really lovely, nice atmosphere and stylish. Our waiter was very nice and attentive in every way. We skipped the starters, as we had had a really big lunch, and went straight for the main course. My partner loved his mushroom risotto, and my seitan medallions with pepper sauce was simply divine. Probably the best entree I have ever had. Everything about it was just so extremely tasteful, even the salad was dressed in a vinaigrette so tasteful that I regret not having asked what it was.

For dessert we shared a dark chocolate fondue with fruits and cookies, which was every bit as nice as it sounds. The only negative things I can mention is that it is a bit far off central NY (we had to take two subways and a bus to get there) and that it claims to be a tapas bar, although they have nothing resembling tapas. Don't know why that is. Still, hands down a five cow experience!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 15, 2011

140 West 4th St, New York City, USA

Seitan to die for

We came here on a weekday without reservations, which was a mistake. We were told it would be a 45 minute wait. As we were getting quite hungry by this time, we decided to get a take-away instead. I had the BBQ ribs, and it was simply amazing. They screwed up our order a bit and the trimmings were just decent, but the BBQ ribs itself it worth a trip across the Atlantic. I was hoping to come back to try something else from their extensive menu, but alas this did not happen. Will definitely come back for my next trip to NYC. The restaurant looked nice, but crowded. I give 4 cows overall because the trimmings were not excellent and we didn't get to try a full dining experience, but the BBQ ribs itself are worth at list 6..

60 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

Great mock meat sandwiches

I have to admit that I do love my mock meat, and Terri's does it really well. I had a chicken and bacon ranch style sandwich at 6 in the morning and it totally hit the spot. I also bought a portobello sandwich to bring back to my partner who is not a fan of mock meat, but this was unfortunately too spicy, and it was not listed anything spicy on the ingredient list. I'm sure I would have loved it though, but I couldn't have another bite after my own sandwich - they are BIG!

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