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Kulmavuorenkatu 2, Helsinki, Finland

Great place!

09 Jan 2013

I enjoyed Veganissimo's lunch very much. They had a delicious garlic soup with croutons and a variety of salads, both green salad and pasta salad among the warm dishes. It was nice that the food was "normal" veganized food and not just some healthy and weird lentil stew kind of stuff or protein-free vegetables. I believe that omnivores would like it, too.

The atmosphere was cozy and the owner was very friendly. Unfortunately, the cafe's opening hours are too limited for me. But I'll definitely visit again, especially since it's not very easy to find vegan quality food at low price in Helsinki.

Rusovska cesta 5, Bratislava, Slovakia

Loved it!

09 Jan 2013

The restaurant was just closing for a week so they didn't have many choices left. But the chef made us excellent and diverse dishes anyway! All of them were delicious and even the omnivores in our group liked them. We had tortillas with soy filling, tempeh sauce, and seitan curry. The drinks were delicious, too. I have never tasted fresh apple juice before.

The waiter didn't seem to speak any English, but the chef took our order instead. Both were very nice and friendly. The interior was classy but still it's not an expensive place, at least for us tourists.

The place was a bit hard to find since it's in an inner courtyard. But it's definitely worth visiting, so follow the signs bravely! It's so close to the main railway station it would be shame to not try it if you come by train.

506 Guoding Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Loving Huts have never disappointed me

06 Jun 2011

The food is great (but that's China, almost every mock meat is), and really cheap. We got appetizers and dishes for two and cookies to take out for around 80 RMB. And it wasn't the cheapest ones in the menu. The staff were nice and friendly, and talked us although their English was a little limited.

We were there around 4, and it opened half past. But they still let us sit and look at the menu meanwhile, and took our order before 4:30. It was good that we were there early, since after it's real opening time it got really crowded.

The staff brought us some free cookies with meal, and when we were leaving they asked if we would want to buy a box of them. Although I don't usually like this kind of selling, since it's hard to say no when they have been so nice, it was really worth buying. They were simply delicious, home-made, soft but crunchy, with walnuts. If you get the chance of trying them, you should!

45, Dongdaqiao Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Nice all-vegan place

07 Jul 2011

Food is tasty, normal Chinese vegetarian selection. Mock meat is always great, but I think you can find same options in most vegetarian restaurants in Beijing. But Loving Huts are the safest way to get vegan food in China, I think.

Very tasty fish, but the chicken was more beef-like than chicken (I am talking about the other vegan chickens I have eaten in China, I don't know what real chicken is like). Not too oily for me. They serve water with food, which is nice compared to usual tea they have in many restaurants.

Staff are really nice, and speak English well. The menu was also in English, although it had some weird things like a dessert called "awfj" (or something like that).

As in almost all Loving Hut's, there is Supreme Master tv in this restaurant also. Usually I don't mind, although I'm not so fond of Ching Hai. But here it was hard not to watch the tv since it was so loud. Usually they have it muted.

Close to the embassy area, which was great for me since I had to go there lots of times. There is also nice park called Ritan park nearby. The restaurant is easy to find, just walk north from the Yong'anli subway station.

Zagorodniy pr. 38, St Petersburg, Russia

Nice little place

17 Jun 2011

The place was small but cozy. The staff was really nice and helpful. Food was good but nothing special. Many options, but at least the vegan ones seemed to lack protein. Very inexpensive.

There wasn't any English menu and the staff didn't speak any English, so a little bit of Russian is helpful at least if you are vegan. Otherwise you can just point. They understood the Russian word for vegan, though, so I didn't have problems with my limited skills.

1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge, USA

Great for a quick lunch

03 Jan 2015

They have a few vegan options and most of them are tasty. I haven't had problems getting veganized food or getting understood as vegan. Try especially the rosemary fries! Service is fast and everything is compostable.

31 Bradford Street, Provincetown, USA

Great vegan brunch

10 Jul 2016

Devon's brunch was excellent! They have so many vegan options and all were tasty!

We tried pancakes with fresh strawberries, smoked tempeh strips and tofu scramble with spinach, onions and tomatoes. The scramble was just perfect, not at all watery like someone had had. Service was also great, quick and friendly.

We happened to be there at a relatively quiet time, but I can imagine that this restaurant can get crowded! It's a bit far from the center but worth the short walk.

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan


22 May 2011

Nice place and delicious falafels. For a change, it was wonderful to have a protein source in Japan that's not soy. A good-sized lunch meal for a good price (around 1000 yen for a pita falafel and french fries).

Main dishes are clearly marked if they are vegan, and there are many options. Others such as desserts aren't marked, so ask the staff about it. I accidentally ate dairy cream on top of a soy pudding because I didn't realize that everything is not vegan.

Herrengasse 5, Wien, Vienna, Austria

Not worth visiting

03 Jan 2013

We couldn't believe that the previous review was realistic so we tried this place anyway. And true: the previous writer was really exaggerating. Freshii was not so bad, but we didn't enjoy it either.

The menu and settings looked excellent from outside. Almost every meal was vegetarian (you can choose the protein source from shrimps, chicken and tofu) and many of them vegan. Vegan options were clearly marked, although not in the paper menu but only on the wall.

But unfortunately the meals were not so excellent. I was disappointed that they used paper plates although in the pictures the meals were served on porcelain bowls. We ordered Buddha's Satay and the Wrangler. Both the noodles and rice were cold and dry. It felt like they'd been standing in the kitchen for hours. And we visited there after it had just opened! There was enough tofu and peanuts for me and the sauce was okay. But still the food wasn't so tasty. The tofus and peanuts didn't have enough spices in them and there was no dressing for the salad. They left out the cheese and cream sauce from my partners meal although only I asked for vegan food, and therefore the food tasted like it was missing something.

I don't understand how someone could have spent 50 euros per two persons, since our meals cost less than 10 euros per person, including drinks. I would call this place really inexpensive. And it is a fast food restaurant (and it definitely looks like it), so we weren't even expecting to be served .

2, Alley 19, Lane 300, Sec. 4, RenAi Rd, Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan

Lunch buffet

07 Jun 2014

Vegan pay-per-weight buffet, noodle soup bowls also available. The place has also a fine selection of vegan groceries. Good for having a quick lunch, the atmosphere is not too special for dining.

The buffet has common Taiwanese items such as tofu, marinated mushroom and vegetables.

Got a good portion for less than 100 NTD.

140 Washington St, Salem, USA

Delicious soup

31 Dec 2014

Their soup was very tasty, but they have only one vegan soup per day. It's still good enough place for a vegan visiting Salem since it's conveniently located in the center. The staff upre also very helpful and nice!

Vaasankatu 9, Helsinki, Finland

Cozy place, delicious seitan!

21 Mar 2013

Soi Soi is a nice little fast food restaurant that has many vegetarian options, both hemp, soy and seitan based and burgers and pitas as well as plates. About half of the menu is vegan. The staff speaks English.

We were served by a super relaxed and cool dude. It was nice that you can watch the staff making the meals. The place is quite small but nice.

Their "Sataman seitan" meal was delicious, especially the seitan part. It included also salad and fried potatoes that tasted good, but potatoes had a little too much fat for my taste. Options are a bit limited for vegans, for example there was only one vegan burger (that was a hemp burger).

3F, 177, Sec. 1, Heping East Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan

Wouldn't have guessed from outside what an excellent experience

13 Jun 2014

They had so many dishes that you couldn't possibly try all of them! (Did my best, though :) ) There is something for everyone, with faux meat, vegetable dishes, stir-fries, salads. They even have vegan desserts!

If you are vegan, before going you should learn the Chinese characters for milk and egg. After that it's easy to spot those vegan delicacies.

It's a bit hard to find for a foreigner, but just believe the address although in the elevator lobby it looks like a residential building.

1771 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, USA

Nice little shop

15 May 2015

Good selection for a small place. Has shoes, belts, wallets etc. Staff is nice. There's nothing special in it except that it's wonderful to have an all-vegan shoe shop here!

90 Fleet St, Portsmouth, USA

Nothing special but nothing wrong either

24 Jan 2016

Tried a smoothie which was good. Some contain honey but otherwise they're vegan. The place felt more like a grab-n-go place than a place to stay but I had a nice experience anyway. They also have some salads etc but nothing special for vegans.

123 Dorrance St, Providence, USA


10 May 2015

The staff was so nice and helpful! We enjoyed our stay and liked the food very much. Soy and seitan mock meats were delicious just like in the best places in Asia. Non-vegan options (one or two) are clearly marked. Love to have it that way for a change!

601 Islington St, Portsmouth, USA

Nice place

24 Jan 2016

Many vegan options that are clearly marked. Friendly service and delicious food. Good vegan breakfast is not easy to find so I definitely recommend this place. You should try their specialty teas as well!

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