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24, Rue Sainte Madeleine, Strasbourg, France

Bad eperience

02 Jan 2013

Maybe we just came to the wrong time but for me as a vegan this wasn't a good experience at all :( They offered just ONE menu, which wasn't vegan, first the waitress told me, that we can go if we don't want to eat it but after asking the cook I could chose between very few "gratins", it sounds better than it is, it's just vegetables in tomatoe sauce. Really disappointing and boring. The waitress wasn't friendly at all, my french is quite good but she wasn't patient and inattentive - our food came before our drinks because she brings the usual free tap water only if you ask her (unusual for france).
My mom ate almost nothing, she had a pizza calzone, she said there where no spices at all used and it was obviously mushey.
There are no signs for vegan food. They offer coffee with rice milk (no soy milk) but it came with milk chocolate :(
She brought me a non vegan soup, too so she is really inattentive...

Sadly the worst vegetarian restaurant ever visited even non-veg restaurants make tastier vegan food and take more care to not bring me non-vegan food.

8 Rue de la Rape, Strasbourg, France

Slightly disapointing for vegans

08 Jun 2013

The restaurant is really nice and close to the center but as a vegan I wasn't that happy. They have except for the salad no vegan food on their card but they made me a veggie burger without cheese.
Sadly it wasn't very tasty, the patty seemd to be homemade with tofu, veggies and curry but the texture was awful and the whole food wasn't spicy enough, just boring.
They have lots of desserts but except of the fruit salad and 3 sorbets non of them where vegan which is very sad for a bistrot that is well-known for their chocolat desserts.
They serve breakfasts and brunch, but there are no vegan options so bare this in mind!
My mom was disapionted, too her food wasn't tasty and so she didn't eat it. Her dessert was fine, my fruit salad was disapointing, just apples, melon and pineapple for 4,50€
The best was the side salad, but honestly, I can eat salad in every restaurant and I visited this place to get tasty, warm vegan food...

If you are vegetarian, this might be a nice place for you but if you are vegan, this is rather stopgap solution than a great experience.
I honestly don't know why the don't even try to offer vegan options?! Usually every vegeterian restaurant does this...

We payed 45€ for 2 meals, 2 desserts, 2 coke light and 2 coffee.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

Great food

01 Sep 2012

We visited the restaurant during a trip to Berlin and we really enjoied our meal threre. It was a friendly atmosphere and the food wasn't that expensive as we expected after reading the reviews, I mean it es a restaurant serving great, fresh food, so compared to not vegan gourmet restaurants the price is really inexpensive.
I was really happy with my menue, everything was tasty and it looked great. It is the best vegan food I ever had in a restaurant, and I try as many vegetarian/vegan/veg-friendly restaurants as I can find.
The only problem is the unfriendly stuff, they really need better waiters!

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

Really disappointing

31 Aug 2012

After reading all these great reviews I was so excited to eat there, I imagined it to be a real gourmet restaurant but what we got wasn't even mediocre.
The atmosphere is really nice, the stuff is slow but friendly but we went there at a bad day and they told us, that only 4 (!) meals are available because they couldn't prepare the others. There was no meal I would consider to fit in a "gourmet" restaurant.
We chose 2 burgers, what isn't really gourmet food but I really hoped that it will be something special.
My moms burger was really a like a bad joke, just a bun with 2 portabellas and very little sauce and onions, some french fries and bit lettuce. The portabellas tasted strange, a bit bitter and the consistancy wasn't as usual. The french fries where not crunchy at all and the salad dressing was bitter, too. Please imagin that we payed 14€ for that!
I had the same salad and frenh fries, but my burger was better, not really tasty because they do not use that many spices, but okay. It was made with lentils, so the petty was soft just like mashed lentils with some onions, mushrooms (that tasted strange, too), homemade nut-cheese and a tomatoe. The cheese was really good and tasty, but over all it was disappointing and not worth the price.
We got free wather to our meal what is great in general, but it had a very strong chemical-plastic taste, so I couldn't drink it.
I really wanted to like that restaurant, but I can't, maybe our worst experiance in Paris.

9 Rue la Cerisaie, Paris, France

Boring food

30 Aug 2012

We visited this restaurant at the first day of our last Pairs jouney and I was a bit disapointed, it's really small and it looks a bit untidy.
The stuff was really friendly and tried it's best to explain us the food in german.
My mother had a soop and I had a small mixed plate, there where vegetables, beans, sea weed, rice and salad. The bad thing was, that there where no spices used at all, not even salt. So it was almost unpossible for me to eat the food, it had no flavour at all. There was no salt to add, just soy sauce, but it was empty.
If they would use spices, it would be a good place for healthy food. If you look for a great dessert better do not eat there, they don't use sugar, so they had only not good looking fruit pie.
The prices are okay, a bit expencive, but normal for Paris.

Marktstr. 28, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Best vegan sushi

16 Apr 2016

This place has really improved over the years and they now serve the best vegan sushi I've ever had. They have a lot of choice too not only your usual avocado and cucumber makis. They offer a big choice of other vegan dishes too, but I'm personally not into these typical asian-german fast food dishes and prefer the sushi, but the mock duck tastes really good and everything seems to be prepared fresh (you can look into the kitchen).

8, rue Xavier Privas, Paris, France

Best falafel ever

30 Aug 2012

Maoz has 2 stores in Paris which are near each other and located in the Quatier Latin, so it's easy to get there. Both are very small and there are few seats, depending on the weather it will be very cold inside because it is all open.
It is self service, but they make all the falafel fresh after your order, you just put the vegetables and topping on it. Almost everything is vegan, but unfortunately there is only 1 vegan sauce.
The food is really delicious, a bit pricy for fast food but defentily okay for Paris.

41 Rue des Bourdonnais, Paris, France

Tasty but you have to like fake meat

30 Aug 2012

I visited the restaurant with my not vegetarian mother and unfortunately they had only fake meat meals, fake fish and shrimps, the view other meals where sold out. My mom is really a difficult eater and so she ate nothing of her food, because it was only fake meat what she really doesn't like and a little dry rice and not tasty vegetables.
I ordered a seitan steak with mushroom sauce, I have to say that I normally don't like fake meat, but this was my first great experiance with it, it taste unbelievable good, a bit like german bread dumpling :D
The side dish wasn't that good, but the steak was big enough for me, so I didn't eat them.
The dessert, a chocolate cream wasn't that good either, so I would not recommend it.
But I'll surely visit the restaurant again just to eat that tasty steak.
It is quite nice inside and the stuff is friendly but doesn't really try to speak english, luckily my french is better than my english.

20, rue de la Pierre Levée, Paris, France

Great experiance

30 Aug 2012

I visited the restaurant with my not vegetarian mother, she is a really difficult eater and doesn't like vegetarian/vegan food, it was the only restaurant in Pairs where she ate something, so I think it is quite good ;-)
We where there for lunch, the buffet was really expencive, but juice, coffee, tea and water are included and they had a great choice of vegan foods.
You just have to ask the waiter because they are not signed. There where some cold salads, warm dishes, small snacks, cakes and creamy desserts, and there was always a vegan choice. I've read in the other reviews that they had almost no vegan choices, but I really can't complain, there where even 3 (!) vegan desserts.
The food was really tasty, and there was always enough even if it was really full and most people had to wait for a seat.
The stuff is really frienly but I don't know if they speak english.
The only bad thing is, that it is not in the center of Paris, so there is nothing really intresting close to it, but it is easy to reach with the metro.
I'll visit it again in a few days :)

53 Rue Mouffetard, Paris, France


31 Aug 2012

As you can read, I love vegan cupcakes and usually I make them at home. For vegans it is almost impossible to get great desserts in a cafe or restaurant so I was really excited abouth that place. I visited abouth 3 or 4 times and really like it, even if there are some bad points, too.
They do nots have hot drinks like coffee and they only have 3 or 4 seeds, so it is almost impossible to eat there.
They have abouth 4-6 cupcakes to chose from, and very few other stuff, today they had one cake and brownies.
The cupcakes cost abouth 4€, the brownie abouth 2€.
They look so great and lovely but they are really to sweet and havy, so even for me how can normally eat 5 cupcakes without any problem even one of them is to much.
But the stuff is really friendly and they sell very special flavours, so try it out ;-)

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