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104 Fishergate, York, England

Good to have somewhere to buy bits

12 Mar 2013

This is the only place in York I have found that you can buy Tempeh and other bits and pieces that a vegan might want. So for that reason its great, it is a bit pricey but I think most independent organic wholefood shops will be. They do have a minimum spend on cards which I think might have been £10 (possibly £5) but it caught me out last time and also of the couple times I have been there the wait to be served has been insanely long, not due to being busy just an inefficient cashing up practise.

14 Goodramgate, York, England

Really pleased

15 Aug 2012

I had heard great things about this place for vegans, so one day a friend and I walked in. It was a strange time, around 4pm on a Saturday. We walked in, not having a clue what was going on, there is a small sort of waiting area downstairs, I assume all staff were too busy to find us so others more pushy, ended up being helped first. I do think this needs looked at.

However, having been given the menu, we decided on the vegetable paella for two and as that would take 35mins (as all paellas do take some time) we thought we'd order a couple of dishes first. I checked with the waitress if something had any dairy in it and I was handed the menu again, but this time with stickers next to everything dairy free. This also included the meat items, but the whole menu was covered in little stickers, there were plenty veggie options and apart from the obvious with cheese or cream, they all appeared to be vegan. There were also other notes on this menu so I assume this is for other items which may cause allergies.

I settled on a blackbean and cashew fritter and my omni friend had a chicken dish.

Mine was very tasty and we didn't have to wait long, although we were forced to stand while we waited and were then taken upstairs with our drinks when our starter was ready.

The paella came out and looked small, but was quite deceptive, so the waiter offered to pack it up the remainder for us. Warning if you do this, the package will leak oil! I found this out when my jeans ended up with delightful oily patches.

Still, it was very nice and a great choice for vegans and reasonably priced. I would recommend booking though as it was really getting busy when we left close to 6. I will certainly be visiting again.

2-6 Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London UK, London, England


12 Mar 2013

We went into this place as Food for Thought was absolutely mobbed. It was good to have somewhere labelling what was vegan and there was a great vegan choice, but my goodness was it expensive!

A bowl of soup was £6 and you had to order bread seperately, the soup did look big but your £3 bread wasn't even the size of my palm. Glad I didn't order that. A main meal is £17, but they had vegan pizza so I had that for £9. I actually found with it being vegan it wasn't very filling, I know I must be really greedy right? maybe I was but a very thin pizza with leek and olives on it didn't keep me full, so we ordered a pudding to share. A raspberry tart for around £5.50, it wasn't like any tart I have ever had, it maybe would have been nicer if it had been warm with some ice-cream or something, but it didn't do it for me.

Also to go to the toilets you have to go through the upstairs room, which had a function on when I was there and someone was demonstrating something in my direction so everyone stared and I'm pretty sure they could all hear me do my business. hey ho.

15-17 Grape Lane, The Quarter, York, England

Changed my opinion

12 Mar 2013

I went here a few years ago and didn't have the best experience, but was persuaded to try it again. We booked as a large group which meant we had to order what they described as party food, so it was basically a buffet for £12.50 a head. Not having a choice about this was quite frustrating, but there was plenty of food and it was all very tasty. I especially loved the Dahl, it was nice and garlicky (that's a word right?). Being gluten free and vegan the food is never going to look particularly fancy, but I enjoyed it.

36 Goodramgate, York, England

Just not for me

15 Aug 2012

I want to say from the start, the food here is nice and I follow them on facebook so I can see they are quite imaginative, but I went here once for dinner and had awful service. Every drink had to be asked for twice with our final jug of water asked for 3 times and we never ended up getting it. Half the menu was off and orders mixed up. It was also extremely slow.

I have since tried to go for lunch twice, neither at peak times, and once I was quite rudely ordered away from the restaurant area when I peaked round to see if there was a free table and another time the only member of staff kept disapearing and hadn't yet served the two couples in front of us even though we had waited at least 5 minutes, she had still not got to the queue. I don't blame her, I blame the fact they were understaffed.

Needless to say both times we walked out.

As I say the food is good when you get it, its just getting it that is the problem.

24 Central Rd, Leeds, England

Love it!

24 Oct 2012

I have been here many many times. I can only echo what the good reviews have said, but I wanted to mention the price. It is a bit more pricey, yes. Bento boxes are around the £13 mark, but that is for your main, tempura, salad and rice, so to me that is a complete meal.

I normally order a noodle soup, around £8 and share the veggie starter platter with a couple of people. It is more expensive than a pub and definietly somewhere probably more for a treat, but its not a budget killer.

They even label their wines veggie or not, how good is that?

2 Byres Rd, Glasgow, Scotland

Not sure about this

23 Jun 2014

We went here expecting wonderful things. The place looked great and they had a decent menu for vegans.

We asked about the food, as someone else mentioned it is in small portions and it wasn't clear to us how much we needed to count as a meal. We ordered a mixture of starters and mains (4 as was recommended), each dish around £5.

It came out and I couldn't believe how small some it was, I left hungry I'll be honest, but I am a little greedy. We ordered a couple of things that I didn't really like, but that is just my taste, I had thought they'd be different as that is what I had eaten in other establishments, but upon looking it up actually know something that looks like a burger in a bread roll is how it is supposed to be, and a dhosa is a big stodgy pancake. I had another dish that we did actually complain about as it just was horrid and they kindly took it from our bill.

We had ordered popadoms and asked them to come before everything else but they all came together so our hot food sat while we ate them. The waiter didn't know what our dishes were, my partner is omni but luckily the non-vegan items he ordered were obvious, otherwise I would have had to ask for someone else.

It all hopefully will get better, but the food wasn't to my taste, I'm not saying it was bad (other than the one dish we didn't pay for) it just wasn't for me. I wouldn't go back to a non-veggie restaurant I didn't enjoy so it's doubtful I will return to this one, but if someone is interested in trying it I don't think they should be put off.

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