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2600 Poplar Ave Ste 115, Memphis, USA

Great place

The food here is very delicious and filling. Every time I went there the staff was very grateful and friendly. It would be nice to see more than one non-meat dish on the menu, but at least the one that is there offers a large variety of food. I have never been unsatisfied after eating here. Parking in front of the restaurant is sparse, and I'm always confused where in the back it is OK to park - I'm always afraid I'll get towed when I go there. Other than that, this place is very much worth checking out if you've never been.

1035 S Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, USA

Probably true they have world's largest veg menu

My husband and I went to Chowpatti last night for our anniversary and were happy with our experience. Our waitress was nice, knowledgeable, and attentive. They were able to make mostly anything vegan. I was only disappointed once during our trip when I found out they no longer make the vegan sesame dressing listed on their menu for the falafel, but the waitress brought some oil and vinegar to the table for me to make up for it. My only other complaint is that many things had to be purchased separately. A mango topping for the Indian nachos was $1 extra. Cucumbers and spinach for my falafel was $1 each. Rice and bread for my husband's saag aloo was $1 extra for each. The food was good, and we loved having SO much to choose from. We are so used to going into a restaurant and not having to think about what we are getting, since there's usually only one option. Quite a change going from that to a hefty, spiral-bound menu!! We were so happy they had two vegan desserts. The brownie and cinnamon roll were very small, especially the brownie, but they were both extra delicious. I can't complain too much about the smaller portions, since I at least left feeling nice and satisfied instead of overstuffed. Overall, it's not an AMAZING place, but it is a very nice place to have around for vegans or vegetarians - not too many vegetarian places in the suburbs it seems! They seems to be focused more on healthy eating than on making food that just blows you away (usually stuff that's heavy in fat and salt). They also have a large selection of fresh juices to choose from. I would love to go back to try some of them out. We will probably return many times to try as much as we can on their HUGE menu. This place probably would have gotten five happy cows from me had they some dairy substitutes available instead of just having the option of dairy omission (although, I'm still grateful for that option).

394 N Watkins St, Memphis, USA

Delicious Healthy Food

I went here a few months ago and ordered the live BBQ burger and the spice-sea (a nori roll stuffed with quinoa and spices). The burger came with a side salad. We waited while the owner personally prepared our food for us. We were not disappointed! My favorite part about the meal is that it was filling and left me feeling good about what I just ate. I only hope I can return many times to support this man's much-needed business in this city.
To find Belewa, head straight back toward the main counter and take a left. He has his own counter set up behind the back aisle where the few tables are.

2206 8th Ave S, Nashville, USA

The Holy Grail of Vegan Brownies!

I've been vegan for over two years and still have not found a brownie that was just how I like it. Most I've tried (including my own experimentations) are cakey and crumbly. The one from FiddleCakes was AMAZING and exactly how I like it. A little crispy/crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The portion was also extremely generous. I also tried the chocolate chip cookie and red velvet cupcakes. They didn't stand out as much as the brownies, but I can't complain because they were still delicious and vegan and very reasonably priced.

I did not try any of the lunch items or sit in the dining area, but it looked like a very pleasant place to eat.

5101 Sanderlin Ave, Memphis, USA

Nice place!

I'm very happy this place opened in Memphis. The more vegan establishments, the better! I've had a few drinks from here. The fruity ones were kind of a letdown. They just tasted like something I could make at home with my VitaMix, which is fine; you're paying for the convenience of having someone else do it for you. But I really loved some of their creamy shake options; I think I had something with cocoa, bananas, and tahini, maybe? It was delicious. The food I had here was kinda meh, but it's healthy at least! And again, it's convenient vegan food in Memphis! I love the creativity that went into this place; the art, decor, and menu are all so fun. If I still lived in Memphis, I would probably be here all the time for fun.

110 N Main St, Crystal Lake, USA

Legitimate Vegan Options in the Suburbs

My husband and I ordered the grilled vegetable flatbread pizza that is made with Daiya. The crust was delicious! It had plenty of Daiya on it too. We had the jalapeno hummus for an appetizer, which was tasty and a nice portion. My husband was very happy with the beer selection. Here's the one thing that makes me maybe not want to come back...the second I walked in - the smell of urine hit me! I thought maybe it was just the restrooms leaking into the bar/entrance area, but the smell was also in the dining area. I went to the bathroom, and it did not smell like that in the bathroom. It smelled like air freshener. They must use the same dirty mop for the bathroom and the rest of the restaurant. Yuck!!! Other than that, the service was friendly; it was a pretty cool building, and the location is great - downtown Crystal Lake is really nice. Maybe the smell was a one-time thing. I'll probably give it another chance sometime. There were a lot of other people there who seemed to be regulars, so it must not have been bothering everyone.

481 S School Ave, Fayetteville, USA

Worth Checking Out

The best thing about this place is that they have a symbol on the menu for if something can be made vegan. They also have symbols for vegetarian and gluten-free. There are quite a few options for vegans.

My husband and I had the delicious shiitake mushroom fries for an appetizer; they had great texture, and the portion was a decent size. The mushrooms were so substantial, it was almost like eating fried calamari (but way more delicious and way less gross).

I had the falafel; the pita was very nice and soft. My husband had the fried eggplant muffuletta with sweet potato fries; it arrived artfully arranged.

Our server was nice, and the food arrived quickly. The only negative thing about our experience was that we ordered the shiitake fries to be made vegan since they had the menu symbol of "can be made vegan" but we still received a dairy-based dipping sauce with our order. Next time I would just ask them to give us double their special spicy ketchup and keep the dairy dipping sauce since someone overlooked the fact that that sauce is not vegan.

I would eat here again!

3315 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, USA

Pretty good, would need to try again

The food my husband and I had here was delicious - mashed potatoes and a seitan sandwich. When we were here, they had no creamy vegan options - no vegan ranch for the vegan wings, only dairy-based ranch. The sandwiches we had had to be served without cheese since they did not have Daiya. I have heard that they did start supplying both of these things, so I guess I need to go back to check it out. The peanut butter chocolate cake we had for dessert was very tasty but not out-of-this world. It was just like a homemade cake. I can't complain too much though because I am very thankful that they offer vegan desserts. I gave this place a lower rating because I think they could offer more vegan options and bigger portions, especially since it was kind of price-y.

1600 Woodland St, Nashville, USA

Vegan Pizza This Good in Tennessee?!!

WOW! My husband and I LOVED this place. The pizza made with Daiya was unbelievably good. I just noticed they also have Teese sticks?? I am so upset I missed them because I'm sure they would have been fabulous. There was a generous amount of Daiya on our pizza, and the crust was soft. The sauce was delicious too. It probably could have used a bit more, so I would order extra next time. I am originally from Chicago, and I would say this pizza would be able to compete with what I grew up with. I only wish I lived in Nashville so I could patronize this place at least once a week.
The atmosphere of this place was as informal as it gets which was really enjoyable. You order at the counter and seat yourself. The soft drinks are stored in a refrigerated case. You can buy pop in 2 liter bottles or cans. The neighborhood was great too - quiet and mostly residential.
My only regret is not staying in Nashville longer so that we could have eaten here many more times and tried more stuff on the menu. I'm very intrigued by the hummus pizza. Oh! And our large pizza with mushrooms, olives, and Daiya was only TEN DOLLARS! This place is a real gem.

2089 Atwood Ave, Madison, USA

Great Surprise

My husband and I missed this place on our first trip to Madison! I'm so glad we found it on Happy Cow for our second trip because wow, this place has so much vegan stuff on their menu, including lots of breakfast items! I think we drove past this place the first time, and I was probably thinking, yeah right, like they have anything vegan there...

Make sure to check out the vegan menu on their web site. There's lots of info about vegan extras they offer that are not mentioned on their menu, most notably milkshakes! Milkshakes are on their regular dessert menu at the table, but there is no mention of vegan milkshakes. Our server knew what we were talking about though, and we were able to have amazing shakes (one Oreo, one chocolate) with our ridiculously good tofu reuben and waffle fries - super greasy but what do you expect with diner food? We also got to have a satisfying brunch here - a delicious potato hash paired with tofu scramble fruit and toast. We also got a plate of vegan banana walnut pancakes to share; we could not finish everything; portion sizes are generous here.

I'm curious if this place is ever not busy. It says on their web site - "always busy." I figured that they wouldn't be crowded before 11 AM on a Monday - nope they were just about as crowded as they were on a Saturday morning for brunch.

1101 Williamson St, Madison, USA

Almost All Vegan Establishment

My husband and I had a great visit to this place! The guy behind the counter was friendly. As far as I could tell, the only thing I could see that wasn't vegan in this place was dairy options for the coffee drinks. There were two kinds of soy milk available and almond milk as well, all for no extra charge. There was an amazing variety of vegan baked goods, courtesy of a vegan bakery in Milwaukee. Vegan soups were available from the Green Owl vegetarian restaurant down the street. They even had vegan samosas available the day we were there, but we didn't get to sample any of the savory stuff, unfortunately. The baked goods and coffee drinks were delicious. We wanted to come back during our stay in Madison, but there was just too much other great vegan food to be found, so we couldn't fit a return visit into our schedule, unfortunately. We will be back next time we're in Madison!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday July 07, 2015

1554 N College Ave, Fayetteville, USA

Wow! Nicer than Whole Foods!

The only large natural foods stores in my area are Whole Foods, so I am there a lot. After my brief visit today, I rather shop at Ozark Natural Foods. I was surprised at how well-branded, high quality, and professional this place is for being an independent non-chain. I sure hope Whole Foods never buys this place out. It is a beautiful store. Kind of small yet very spacious and well-stocked. I was there only briefly, but I took a walk through most of the store, and they offer many vegan foods. They even have an entire refrigerator case with all vegan items! At checkout, the charity they were collecting donations for was an animal rescue, so that endeared me to this place even more.

4080 Steele Dr, Machesney Park, USA

SO good!

My husband and I were thrilled that this place opened. An all-vegan restaurant outside of Chicago?! We finally got around to visiting this weekend, and the food was absolutely wonderful. My husband said the beer was great too. I don't like beer, so I can't give any details. He liked it enough to get a growler to take home, and this is his new favorite restaurant, beating out Chicago Diner and Native Foods. Since it was our first time here, we ordered two appetizers - fried pickles and nachos. Wow! These were both delicious. The pickles weren't too greasy, and the nachos were artfully presented and high quality. We both had the steakless sandwich, and it had intense flavor. The sides were home-style, filling, and delicious. We're hoping to come back here again and again. I hope this place stays open for a very long time!

3411 N Halsted, Chicago, USA


Everything here is soooo good. Almost everything is vegan or can be made vegan. The Reuben, shakes, and baked goods are not to be missed! But you can't go wrong with anything here. The only thing that would make this place better is if they could acquire a larger building and would just go full vegan already.

1970 Atwood Ave, Madison, USA

Lots of vegan options

My husband and I have been here several times now, twice on two different trips to Madison. It's been a tasty experience each time. The decor is fun and very owl-themed. They have a pretty large menu for both food and drinks. Sometimes I forget that this place is not all vegan, since almost everything on the menu is vegan or can be made vegan. I think I enjoy brunch here the best. The breakfast sandwich and hash browns are super delicious. I would not recommend the French toast though; it's basically a small serving of rock hard Italian bread with not much flavor. That's my main complaint about this place - the portions are usually small! We will keep coming back though because the food is really delicious, and we are happy to support the only vegetarian restaurant in Madison. We were a little disappointed with the nachos last time too, as they had very little toppings, almost no vegan cheese, and were almost all just tortilla chips. They also left off the vegan sour cream, which was on there last time. (Thankfully, Tex Tubb's across the street more than made up for this later, as they have a gigantic portion of amazing vegan nachos on their menu for almost the same price.) I'm chalking it up to being short-staffed. They were super busy the last time we were there for lunch. One waitress seemed to be taking care of the whole place. I think they had more help for brunch. Wait time for food is a little long, but I think it's because everything is freshly made.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday July 07, 2015

5014 Poplar Ave, Memphis, USA

One Place in Memphis Where Vegans Can Be Happy

It is true that not much on the buffet is marked as vegan, but they do list ingredients for nearly every dish, so you can determine if it is vegan or not. I've rarely found non-vegetarian dishes on one side of the bar. The quality and types of food vary from day to day at this location. Sometimes they have up to six vegan mock meat and/or tofu dishes on the hot bar at one time. There are many vegetables dishes suited for vegans as well. Sometimes the soups are vegan. It just all depends on the day you are there, but there is always SOMETHING. They have a great salad bar too, and oftentimes there is vegan chocolate mousse available (and it is marked vegan). There are also 4-6 types of vegan cookies and 2-3 types of vegan muffins (always marked vegan) in the self-serve bakery case. The deli ALSO has some AMAZING vegan options like mock chicken salad made with Gardein, vegan crab cakes (marked vegan), cashew noodle salad, and many other things. They have also begun carrying an excellent raw vegan product line made locally in Tennessee. You can find it across from the deli and sometimes certain products in the deli case. Finally, there's always vegan sushi available (not a lot of it but I've always seen at least one pack of it) All that aside, even if it's a bad day at the hot bar, there are plenty of vegan items in the grocery section of the store. Check out the freezer and refrigerated sections if you want something convenient to take with you. Tons of vegan dessert products are available too - including raw vegan and coconut milk ice cream! I feel like I could list so much more stuff available here. This place has made my and my husband's lives so easy as vegans in a city where there are very few of us.
I recently went to a bigger Whole Foods in a Chicago suburb, and they weren't nearly as good for vegans as this location is. They didn't even sell nutritional yeast in their large bulk bins!
The people who work here are always friendly too. Sometimes the deli people aren't in that great of a mood, but the cashiers are really great. I've rarely ever had to wait longer than a couple minutes in line too, and I go here several times a week.

4205 Hacks Cross Rd 101, Memphis, USA

Positive experience!

My husband and I are both vegans, and our waiter was very helpful when we asked him what menu items contained dairy. We asked about eggs too, and I believe he said that eggs are not even considered vegetarian for them so they weren't in any of the food.
The food was absolutely delicious. Seemed very fresh.
The ONLY thing that I can say would have made the experience more enjoyable is if the menu items were marked if they were vegan.
Good service, very extensive menu, highly recommended!

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