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65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

A side of sizism with your dinner?

26 Nov 2007

We ate at Aum several times the first week we were in Chiang Mai, as many of the guidebooks suggest it. Even though the food is wonderful, the staff leaves much to be desired. Our last time eating at Aum, an older manager type women sat at the table beside us and watched my partner and i eat, until she came over and asked us if i had any children. She explained that she thought we had kids, as I was so large (gesturing hugely with her arms). I would rather support a place with a more comfortable vibe and a little less sizism.

152/6 Kaeo Nawarat Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand


13 Feb 2008

My partner and I ate here everyday while taking the 2 week massage class at Sunshine Massage school. The food was super affordable and SO amazing - the soups were such a blessing, as was the fake meat made out of mushrooms! Try the deli like items after the buffet - they vary often and are such a taste sensation.

608 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada


08 Aug 2011

Friendly staff (usually).
Brilliant atmosphere.
Delicious food (but it is rumored to be not quite as whole as one might assume).
It's a bit of a fun adventure finding the loo.

85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu, Bangkok, Thailand

friendly laid back kind of place

26 Nov 2007

And a very good place to relax, and enjoy your evening. We ate here several times while in Bangkok, and suggested it to friends. Everytime we ate here, we fell into casual chats with those around us, as it has such an open atmosphere. Though the service is slow, and there was only one man we every saw serve, cook and clean, he was super friendly. The Shepherd's pie and chai made for a nice light dinner.

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

our favorite place to eat

26 Nov 2007

It is so very delicious. We too found it pricey at first, but we have gradually gotten the price down by loading up on the lighter more filling items, and less of the heavy cooked items. We eat here regularly. Adding hemp oil and apple cider vinegar gives food the zip and excitement I need and we enjoy that second counter corner to flavor our foods! They have gluten-free items as well, which is a very novel thing in a vegan place.

617 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

always amazing

08 Aug 2011

We live in Victoria and enjoy Lotus Pond whenever we are downtown for the lunch hour or for take out in the evenings when we don't have the time to eat out...yum... turnip cakes, won ton soup and fake chicken balls. Our meat eating friends enjoy this place as well because it is so delicious. I do not appreciate onions in my food, and i crave the fake meats, so this place is perfection. It is comfortable diner-like place and the staff have always been friendly and accommodating.

33 Samsen Road, Soi 1, Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

Good Times at May Kaidee's

26 Nov 2007

We took the cooking class and ate here almost every time we were in the area. Such a crazy good time. The food is amazing (can't get enough of those banana coconut shakes). The cooking class was completely worth the investment, as we now make delicious food back home. Sap! Sap! (tasty, tasty)

107 Morningside Road, Saltspring Island, Canada


26 Nov 2007

Whenever my partner and I have a bit of expendable money, we splurge on the ferry over to Saltspring, to enjoy the amazing food at Morningside. The owner is very knowledgeable, and she cooks up some AMAZING sandwiches and hot beverages. The cafe itself is eccentrically decorated using many natural materials, making it such a nice place to enjoy our wonderful meal.

15/3 Soi 1 Sri Phum Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand


26 Nov 2007

We ate at Baiporn many times while in Chiang Mai. What drew us in at first was its location, right around the corner from many guest houses. Even after we had moved away from the area, we would still travel back for dinner. The food is a wonderful retreat after months of backpacking fare, with a good variety of delicious, spot on food. The staff was always very friendly, and everyone very welcoming.

2590 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria, Canada

my favorite cafe

03 Jan 2012

Pure Vanilla is a treat. Perfect for lunch - their soups are always perfectly seasoned and balanced, their paninis are filled with gooey cheese and gourmet filling, their salads are huge and filling. Their baked goods are perfect. Everyone in my family has their favorite treat cookie. And their cakes are amazing.

50 Bastion Square, Victoria, Canada

A Treat

26 Nov 2007

Rebar is always a treat for my family. It is the ONLY restaurant were we can all get something delicious that we love! The cookbook has been a good investment for our household, and we enjoy the creative flavor combinations from our home as well!

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