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167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Humble veggie haven in sordid surroundings

07 Jan 2014

As we walked down the gauntlet of bars and sleazy sex joints of Cuba Street for the first time we were not filled with confidence about dining in the area. On reaching Aunty Mena's it looked basic and not very inspiring. Likewise, much of the food served looked humble and unsophisticated. But this is one place where the proof is in the eating.

We started off with soy nuggets and spring rolls, which were probably purchased frozen and only cooked on-site, but were yummy nonetheless. Then we had coconut rice, which came with some cashews and wafer things similar to papadums but not as salty. It also came with some veggie tofu curry that was mild flavoured but addictively delicious. I did not like the look of the not chicken dish, as the sauce looked really dark and salty. But to my surprise it was deliciously caramelly and slightly sweet / savoury.

There were only two desserts on the menu so we got one of each and shared. The soy ice cream was very nice. The sago was unflavoured in itself, but drenched in creamy coconut cream and a scrumptious burnt sugar tasting caramel sauce. Heaven!

Don't be deterred by the look of the restaurant or food, it is well worth trying.

126 King St, Newtown

Love the vegan pizzas

08 Jan 2014

We order pizza here about once a fortnight, or more! We've tried all the veg options with soy cheeze and loved them all. Hard to pick a fave, but the roast veggies is great, as is the roast pumpkin with spinach and pine nuts. I also love the Mexicana, Hawaiian, Supreme, Sheree & Neridah (sun dried tomato, artichoke & olives) and Animal Lovers. Cannot go past the garlic pizza. It is scrumptious! They also have a few lovely vegan cakes in the fridge. And some salads. Also some possibly vegan pasta options, but I haven't tried those. Can't resist the pizzas!

We usually pick up, but on occasion when we order home delivery it always arrives in the specified time frame.

6 O'Connell Street, Newtown

My new Saturday morning hangout

12 Feb 2009

I've been here twice now and LOVE it. I had tofu scramble the first time and couldn't eat it all there was so much - very tasty. But even better was the buckwheat pancake stack the next week, with sliced bananas and strawberries and maple syrup. Yum! My partner had the big breakfast fry ups which would be a bit full on for me, but I did sample everything from his plate and it was all scrumptious. Haven't been able to have hash browns for years now, so that was a real treat. The coffee is delicious and mellow and it is just such a thrill to me to be able to order "a flat white" without even having to specify soy milk, because that is all they have! Not only that, it is bonsoy, the creme de la creme of soymilks. The owner is also making aussie style pies made from mushroom 'steak' rather than tvp. The one we sampled was incredible. Can't wait to take one home to try with mash potato and peas (or it would be even better if they put that on the menu). This is now our regular breakfast spot.

2 West Street, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast


13 Jan 2013

I love this restaurant! The atmosphere is light, open and airy. The service was fast, efficient and polite, despite every table being full and more people waiting outside. We had two delectable, fresh, light and interesting salads, combining leaves, fruit, flower petals, raw cheeses and wafers. We accompanied these with fresh lemongrass ginger soda. Perfect for a baking hot Gold Coast summer day. This left us feeling satisfied but with room for dessert. Do not leave there without having the raw snickers dessert! With layers of light chocolate crackle, vanilla and chocolate mousse, caramel, peanut and a thin layer of chocolate on top. It is perfect, and the most incredible thing I've ever tasted. Our other dessert was vanilla ice cream with blueberry and apple sorbets. This was the creamiest, most delicious ice cream I have ever had. Amazing! Can't wait to go back and try the pasta and tacos, which others were eating and they looked great. Looked like they would be a bit more substantial and filling if you are more hungry. We lucked out and got a table straight away, but it would be worth booking, especially on weekends and holidays.

99 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

Vegan friendly Hare Krshnas

26 Dec 2010

We love it here and visit as much as possible whenever in Brisbane. I don't consider the religious ownership a con, as there is never any attempt to impose it or even talk about it to you unless you ask. The Hares are so friendly and happy it's a joy to be around them and eat their food - not to mention it is delicious and satisfying and great value for money. The place also has great atmosphere. Get here before 1pm if you prefer not to queue.
Updated from previous review on Friday August 29, 2008

St Kilda Sea Baths, 10-12 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda, Metropolitan Melbourne, St Kilda

Loved it

30 Aug 2008

Despite the food all being pre-cooked, it was scrumptious and not over-cooked. Plenty of vegan options and clearly labelled so you don't have to ask a million tiresome questions. But best of all, a different vegan cake every day with a jug of soy cream on the side. We kept going back just for that. Worth the trip to Melbourne! Relaxing, casual atmosphere with great views and friendly helpful staff. I imagine it could get noisy on weekends or when entertainment is on, but great for a quietish lunch. Overall a very pleasant experience.

299 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

Lovely, peaceful, delicious and friendly

07 Jan 2014

We visited this cafe twice on our holiday in Auckland. It is excellent. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The food is clearly labelled as to whether it is vegan, gluten free etc. The staff are also very knowledgeable about what is in the food. We had nachos and burrito for lunch with tropical smoothies, which were excellent. For dinner we had bowl meals and these were really delicious. Beans in tomato coconut sauce and veggies with peanut sauce, totally scrumptious. Followed by delicious moist vegan chocolate cake. Soy ice cream was available to have with it. If I lived in Auckland this would definitely be a regular. The coffee was not all that great, so I would stick with the fruit smoothies next time.
Updated from previous review on Friday December 27, 2013

12 Marina Boulevard 02-05 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Central Singapore, Singapore

Delicious vegan burgers and the trimmings!

15 Oct 2014

The restaurant is a little hard to find - but worth the effort if you want some delicious vegan "junk" food. It's in a complex of tower buildings near Marina Bay. Once you find the right one, go up the escalators and do a u turn.

We tried to eat a bit of everything they had as we were only able to make one visit there during our short Singapore stopover. The burgers were scrumptious, the chips were hot and crunchy, just how I like them. We also had sides of steamed broccoli florets, potato pops (fried potato balls) and grilled slices of vegan spicy sausage. There was a choice of refreshing juice drinks included with the burger chips combo.

Fortunately the servings are not too huge, so you are not left feeling overstuffed or sick like in some places plus you have room for dessert! The chocolate covered vanilla ice creams were incredible. We got them to take away and ate them walking on the water front seeing the sights. A lovely end to a day of sightseeing.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 14, 2014

245 Abercrombie St, Darlington

Awesome vegan cafe

08 Jan 2014

I luurrve this cafe! They have great, freshly cooked vegan food and they use bonsoy, the best soy in the world, for no extra charge! I specially love the pie with mashed potato and gravy, the breakfast pancakes with berries and soy yoghurt, and the lentil burger. Cannot rave enough about the tempura style sweet potato fries, they are addictive! My fave place for breakfast.

185 Victoria St, West Melbourne, Melbourne

somewhat disappointing, but would try again

30 Aug 2008

We were disappointed by this one, but maybe we ordered the wrong things. Too oily and a bit bland. But based on others' reviews below, I might try it again. The staff were certainly trying hard and very friendly.

169 Rankins Rd, Kensington


11 Feb 2015

I went here with a group of friends for an amazing breakfast. We cut up everything and shared it so we were able to try a lot of different things, along with yummy bonsoy coffee. I think my personal fave was the traditional jam donut. Have not had one of these for 20+ years! I was also very impressed by the chocolate brownie, as I usually find them too oily and heavy and overly sweet. This one was perfect. Rich, and deeply chocolaty, just the right density and degree of moistness and not too sweet. The raspberry and chocolate iced donuts were lovely and the lemon blueberry cake was light and fluffy. I was looking forward to trying the croissants and danishes mentioned in the reviews below, but they didn't have them this day. But hey, leaves me with something to look forward to on my next trip to Melbourne.

291 Queen Street, Auckland

Saved from starvation by delicious dosa

07 Jan 2014

Ok, so if you are a vegan or vegetarian who likes eating out, summer is not the best time to visit Auckland. Most of the veg restaurants were closed for the duration (and mostly without informing people of this on their websites, grrrr!) Fortunately, Dosa Plaza rarely closes. After frustrated attempts to visit 3 other restaurants on my carefully researched itinerary, we found Dosa Plaza hidden away in a subterranean food court behind a cinema complex.

Before coming here, I had only tried Masala Dosa (potato), and had no idea there were so many possible variations. Dosa Plaza has more than 100 different dosa choices! Many of them contain cheese, but the helpful chap behind the counter went through the menu and ticked all the vegan ones for us. On his recommendation, we chose the Mysore mushroom dosa. It was fab. I forget the name of the other dish we had, which was even better. I think it started with 'u'. It was like big round pizza base made of cooked rice all smoolched together. The veggies were embedded in it rather than on top. It was pan fried and a bit oily and crispy. OMG! Yumm!

The food was freshly cooked to order, and took longer than expected for a food court, about 10 minutes. Not sure how they must cope in the lunch hour rush. It may have been because they were veganising it for us.

Lucky for us the 'proper' restaurants were all closed or we probably would not have wandered into this culturally barren looking food court and found this fabulous feast.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 07, 2014

Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 07, 2014

311 King Street, Newtown

Not vegetarian

15 Jun 2014

This is a fairly large "health" food store with a good range. I shop here quite regularly. I was surprised to see it listed on this site as being vegetarian though. I am sorry to say that is not the case. They sell a lot of dead animal products. The worst thing is they don't even keep them separate - the veg and meat pies and other items are all mixed up together and the packaging looks similar - too risky. But they have a lot of nice chocolate, tea, pantry items and Eco cleaning products.

I wonder now if all the other stores listed on this site as vegetarian really are?

85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction

Absolutely delicious and exquisite

07 Jan 2014

We visited this restaurant not long after it opened and loved it. Everything we had was perfectly prepared, top quality and scrumptious. The desserts were incredible.

The food was not as rich as you often find in raw cafés, we managed to find some reasonably light dishes to order. Servings were not huge, so we ended up spending a fair bit, but it was a wonderful treat. Hope to return again one day.

I'm not sure if they take bookings, but I would recommend reserving a table if possible. We had to wait awhile to get in, but it was worth it.

206 Bondi Rd, Bondi

Not vegetarian

07 Jan 2014

Where do these people get off describing themselves as a vegetarian restaurant? It is not vegetarian. It serves meat. We did not order or eat anything. This was a huge disappointment after driving all the way here to sample what we thought was a vegetarian restaurant.

Also annoyed that I had to select a two cow rating in order to submit this review, as it does not deserve any.

Updated from previous review on Monday January 06, 2014

113 Queensbridge St, Southbank

Excellent and friendly

30 Aug 2008

The barbeque not pork is even better here than the Green Gourmet in Sydney, and that's saying something! My only critique would be that, like many of the faux-meat Asian restaurants, it is hard to find a dish containing enough fresh vegies to satisfy me. But for a big dose of delicious protein food, it's hard to beat.

39 Paora Hapi St, Taupo

Great vegan menu

31 Dec 2013

I would highly recommend this cafe to vegans travelling in the area. Although it unfortunately serves meat, it is nevertheless a haven for vegetarians in a cruel world! After leaving Auckland and driving around in volcano country for a few days, we thought we would not get a decent breakfast again until Wellington. Dry toast and bottled 'juice' was our typical fare. Most cafés in the tourist areas did not even have soy milk!!

At Fine Fettle all this changed. We got freshly squeezed juice. And fresh wholemeal bread straight out of the oven, made from organic flour they grind themselves. They have a separate menu listing all their vegan items, so you can feel completely confident in what you order, without worrying about suddenly getting a mouthful of mayonnaise in your sandwich, as happened in other places!

The full vegan breakfast had delicious flavourful sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, house made baked beans, salt and pepper crispy slices of tofu, hommus for the toast and, saving the best till last, the yummiest hash browns. They were actually like a crispy thin mashed potato cake with lots of finely chopped parsley. On a future visit I would ask for a whole plate of these! The coffee was mellow and rich flavoured. My only suggestion would be that they switch to a non-sweetened brand of soy milk, as it gave the coffee an odd taste.

The rest rooms were also very nice and clean, but this seems to be the norm in New Zealand (unlike Australia).

27 Wollumbin St, Murwillumbah

Nice veg friendly restaurant

09 Jan 2014

This is a good option for vegetarians for dinner in Murwillumbah, as the only fully veg cafe is closed at night.

It has the usual excellent range of veg dishes that you'll find in most Indian restaurants. The owners and staff are warm, friendly and helpful, especially with advice about dairy free options. The restaurant decor is quite basic. Not really the place for a romantic tryst, but great for a relaxed dinner with friends or take away.

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