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72B Huynh Thuc Khang, Phuong Tan Lap, Nha Trang, Vietnam

No Such Place At This Location

14 Dec 2013

We came at this address but there was a hair salon.

Montevideo 458, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Good price for good food

15 May 2012

A small, but not crowded place with a good variety of tasty things. You can eat your food inside. The cheapest price for a kilo we have seen in all the country.

1034 Chuck Dawley Blvd, Mount Pleasant, USA


06 Apr 2013

Not much variety of food in the menu. Portions are super small, but the prices are defenitely expensive. Seitan was so much deep fried that it was firm like a stone and tasted as if is was kept in boiling fat for ages. Vegan cheese was rather insipid.

Everything else was very tasty, especially bread. The service was super fast and kind!

One more disadvantage to mention - bad air inside. All your clothes, hair and skin will keep the odors of the kitchen.

Rivadavia 548, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Siempre eggs and cheese

04 Apr 2012

We had a buffet for 45 that incuded water and coffee.
Most of the cooked food was not vegan, but for some rice an noodles.
Very long line for those who bought food by weight.
thought the space for eating uspstair was almost empty.

Bulnes 2577, Palermo Chico, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amazing choice

15 May 2012

The prise on weekend - 60!
It is expensive but it is worth it! The offer very wide range of dishes. Many of chinese cousine, lots with mushrooms, even with the monkey king sort of mushrooms, they bring smth new every 10 minutes. You can mix your own fresh salads. Lots of vegan choises, soya meat, tofu, seitan, etc
They have several types of fruites: papaya, mango, oranges, pineapples, prunes, but they do not let you take as much as you want, they serve you a portion. The same thing was with cakes.

05 Lac Long Quan, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nice Place People And Food

14 Dec 2013

Open after 4pm. English menu has less items than vietnamese.
Updated from previous review on Friday December 13, 2013

Maipu 435, Tucuman, San Miguel De Tucuman, Argentina

Chinese all-you-can-eat in NOA is a luck!

07 May 2012

The place is not ver big but very popular. It may be full between 13-14.
They have a big variety of dishes but lots with eggs and cheese.
Green salads were seasones by mayonese.
A good choise of fake meat and proteins, tofu, etc.
Most of the dishes had too much oil in it.
In April the price for tenedor libre was 32, but you have to pay 3 pesos more, if you are not having a drink.

Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 11, Moscow, Russia

So fresh for Moscow

09 Nov 2015

Very progress-minded place for Moscow. Their menu reminds about some really nice vegan places in the US. The burger patty is absolutely outstanding and very balanced.
Of course, Moscow is not the cheapest place on Earth, unfortunately, but the prices here in Fresh seem to be pretty reasonable: regular omnivorous venues offer their mediocre food with poor service for similar prices. If you count these prices in dollars you'll get the prices of similar restaurants in California and NYC, and defenitely cheaper than Miami, Hawaii and Stockholm.
We disagree about posh and arrogant audience here. It's just the Moscow way -- people here feel free to be themselves. When we come here by bikes in sport clothes affected by Moscow autumn "road troubles" we still never feel miserable.
Waiters do their job well enough, but they are not chatty, even if you feel extravert and try to express how much you enjoy the food. But that's probably because they keep some distance due to the russian service tradition, when customers do not appreciate excessive communication with staff and prefer invisible service better than dialogue.

1614 Main St, Columbia, USA

Wonderful place!

06 Apr 2013

Interesting menu, many options, super delicious and healthy! Service is absolutely perfect: very fast, friendly, enough attention for every detail, if you come just a couple of minutes before their closing time, you still will have a great dinner. For a raw food venue, their prices are rather cheap. I'm so greatful that they exist!!

Av. San Martín 948, Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina

Open everyday!

07 May 2012

It was open even on Easter weekend, when everything else was closed. There is a great buffet but without a tenedor-libre option. You can buy only by weight (April.12: 45 peso por kilo). Even 15 minutes before the end of lunch time the variety of dishes was very good. Lots of delicious bakery. Some spicy things, all food is special, not just to full a stomach. Plenty of meat subsistutes.
There is a bar with desserts and drinks that is available between lunch and dinner.
there is free wifi.

Florida 165, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nice atmosphere

15 May 2012

Has lots of engredients for good and healthy salads you can mix yourself, two soups, pastas, some tortillas with eggs, postres. Juices are not natural. the choise is poorer than in most of chinese take-away places, but every dish is available until the end of the working hours. We enjoyed it.

Tuulimyllynkatu 18, Oulu, Finland

good buffet

08 Jul 2015

It is an all you-can-eat buffet close to the center of Oulu. The food was fresh and very healthy. You should add spices, salt and souces. They had one soup and rice with beans as hot dishes and nice hot tea and apple juice to drink. Everything was vegan. salad bar was 5 euros and the whole buffet was 9.

Calle Belgrano 619, San Salvador De Jujuy, Argentina

Popular bakery

07 May 2012

In April-12 a lunch costed 60 pesos and included salad, soup, main dish (4 options) and postre. We didn't have it as it was not vegan and really expensive. We bought some multicerial bread. It was twice expensive than regular one in a supermarket, but we liked the taste and the quality.
The place inside is very nice, clean and calm.

Av Corrientes 4657, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Small place on Corrientes

07 May 2012

Our experience was rather dissappointing. We came on Saturday evening, an hour before closing, but there was almost nothing left.... we took some tofu, empanadas and milanesas, and they were delicious. You should come when they have just opened to try everything they can offer.

Gral. Guemes 321, Salta, Argentina

it's a shame, not a restaurant.

07 May 2012

There's a small salad bar with cut tomatoes, 2 types of greens and steamed brocoli. There is also quinoa, but iа you take it, they will aks you to pay more than the price they told you a first. you may add some salt and olive oil, but they don't have spices.

It must be a place where people believe that healthy means tastless.

Km 4 Carr Tulum Boca Paila, Tulum, Mexico

New Schedule

26 Nov 2014

Wednesday is a day off. Other days open 1 pm - 9 pm

1145 S King St, Honolulu, USA

Asian Classics

31 Mar 2014

Nice place, but not much healthy choices. No salads, a lot of oil, fried stuff, a lot of salt. It's hard to find smth comfort. Service was dissapointing. We had to wait for every dish. There was only 2 other tables occupied. The waiter was coming to everyone with each dish and asking whose order was it.

3/F, 6 Gilman's Bazaar, Central District, Hong Kong Island, China

Really disappointing

11 Dec 2011

The food served is very primitive: steamed rice with steamed vegetables, no special flavors, herbs or spices. A lasy-cook's style.
The fact that was absolutely shocking: the pumpkin cream soup, which I had as a first dish, appeared in my second one as a dressing!!!
You have no options or choices, no menu.
Soland's food is not a meal but just a set of nutrients. I was starving in an hour after I left.
The stuff was very rushing, (though the place was almost empty), with absolutely incomprehensible English.
Hong Kong is packed with places where you can have amazing vegan meals, not less healthy, but much more diverse.

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