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16563 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, USA

Au Lac

14 Mar 2010

The restaurant has changed over the past couple of years, offering more raw and less cooked food. The prices have also increased. The service can be good at times and bad at others. One time we waited 30 minutes for a booth, which is fine. But another couple walked in 20 minutes after us, and the hostess gave them our booth. We got a "sorry" from the hostess and the next available booth, but a free spring roll would have been nice.

2981 Bristol St Ste B5, Costa Mesa, USA

Waitress from H*LL

08 Aug 2008

We dined there last night for the first time, and could not figure out why the blond waitress was so mean to us; we are pleasant people. She would ignore us when we asked for water, but take care of other people that were drinking wine. Later, we finally got her attention when she was 2 feet away at the table next to us, and asked for a to-go box for our leftover entree and a dessert menu - she never brought us those; she just kept taking care of the wine drinkers. We went to the counter and asked for those after waiting 20 minutes; the counter person e-ven-tual-ly brought those and cleared the table. The manager, who was pleasant, eventually brought our dessert, which was a delicious Hazelnut Torte; the main course was so-so. We told him she was rude to us and he said he'd take care of that, and said "Let me bring you some menus to take with you. You should join us for brunch sometime." NOT

2226 Sunrise Dr, Rancho Cordova, USA

Udupi is no longer great

22 Mar 2011

Sorry to tell you, ownership changed and they are no longer all vegetarian. As of January, they now serve chicken.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 05, 2007

1815 Osos St, San Luis Obispo, USA

Stingy and greedy

06 Apr 2012

We used to go here when it was Vegan Spices. The vegan food was ok and customer service was so-so at best, but we never told anyone we disliked it and we continued to eat there because it was an all vegan restaurant and felt we should support it. Now that they've decided to serve MEAT again, we have no reason to go there.

These people seem stingy and act like they'll always trying to squeeze more money out of you. She looks at you funny if you don't order alcohol with the meal. Once, I ordered the spinach curry, which gives you the choice of tofu, so I ordered that. The curry came with tofu only and No spinach! We asked her about it, and she said if you order a protein, you don't get the spinach. She never offered to fix it.

Another time, we dined with a large group on a Thursday night when they have a dinner specials menu. The owner only gave the group regular menus and cringed when someone asked for the dinner specials menu. She was going to make a few dollars less probably. I didn't know they could get lemon slices so small; the lemon piece(can't call it slice) in our waters were the size of a pea.

We've tried many times to give this place a chance, but they are stingy, greedy people.
Updated from previous review on Friday April 06, 2012

3534 State St, Santa Barbara, USA

Pretty Good

13 May 2011

We ate there on Saturday around 4:30pm had a large Vegan Mystic pizza, and beer. The pizza was exquisite; it satisfied all our pizza cravings. The cashier/waiter was pleasant and our pizza was ready in 15 minutes. Yum.

1704 Broadway, Sacramento, USA


06 Sep 2007

Delicious weekday vegan lunch buffet for $7.50. Usually salad, spinach, rice, green beans, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, yellow lentils, red lentils, bengal lentals, and injera bread. The music and decor is pleasant, as well as occasional videos they show of Ethiopia.

291 Water St, Santa Cruz, USA


03 Jan 2011

One of the best smoothies I've ever had. They have a variety of acai smoothies and they can make them vegan. The atmosphere was relaxed like a coffee shop, and the person who took my order was really nice. The place had a good vibe.

427 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, USA

Delicious and Healthy

28 Jan 2011

They have great homemade vegan soups on a daily basis. On Saturday mornings, they do breakfast. We had some delicious Vegan - yes I said Vegan - pancakes there last Saturday. We did have to wait a bit though, but we sat at the outside tables in the sun and enjoyed seeing people with their dogs walking by.

1531 Froom Ranch Way, San Luis Obispo, USA

Needs Improvement

28 Mar 2011

New Frontiers is very similar to a large Whole Foods. The store is huge and has a wide range of fresh fruit, vegetables, and bulk priced around the same as WF. We can also special order items we don't see in the store. Pretty good.

However, New Frontiers frozen and packaged food is much more expensive than Whole Foods. About 20% more for most items. For instance, Tofurkey brand pizzas at Whole Foods are regularly priced $7.99, currently on sale for $6.49; but at New Frontiers it's $9.99. We've noticed the same over-pricing at New Frontiers for many many other items.

Customer service at New Frontiers is inconsistent. Sometimes the cashiers are nice and attentive, but other times there is an "I don't care, can't wait to get out of here" attitude. They say thank-you maybe 50% of the time.

One time the guy sweeping the floor nearly ran us over trying to grab some sample slices of pizza for himself. Didn't know employees were allowed to snack on the samples in front of customers.

One other thing. We requested that the bakery use another sweetener instead of honey in the "tofu chocolate pie" so vegans could buy a slice, but were told "That is the way we make it, and could only special order a whole pie that way". Really?

Hopefully management will read this and work out some of the issues. It is nice having a store like this in SLO, but it needs some improvement.

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