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762 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

Good food

19 Mar 2010

My daughter and I ate dinner here while visiting SF and really enjoyed it. We ordered way too much food because we just couldn't decide (so we also had Cha-ya breakfast). The food was very good, the servers were very nice when you could get ahold of them. Don't expect lightning fast service. I sat there for a long time after we had finished eating trying to flag someone down to get our check. I finally walked up to the counter and I think that might be what you're supposed to do. Cash only. We initially tried to stop in for late lunch a few minutes past 2, but they had just closed. So don't go at odd hours.

535 5th St, Eureka, USA


24 Feb 2014

Clearly written on the menu is a notation that all dishes can be made vegan. The owner used to be the cook at the only other Indian restaurant in town. When we would go there, we always asked him which buffet items were vegan, so it feels like his new menu note is just for us, ha ha. I just had a business lunch here and the food was excellent. The waitress was pretty spacey and forgot to put in part of our order, but other staff is usually pretty good. The owner and his brother are the chefs and they make lovely meals, appetizers and naan.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Very good

19 Mar 2010

Stayed a weekend in SF and visited here for breakfast twice. The first day we had a very yummy scramble. I still dream about the breakfast potatoes. The service was quick and our waiter was exceptionally friendly.

Before we left town, stopped in to pick up some doughnuts. The waitress that day was incredibly rude. We are very low-key people, so someone had obviously peed in her rice milk that day. She's the only reason I wouldn't give Herbivore 5 stars. I only had the one meal (HUGE portion) and doughnuts, but that was enough to make me want to come back.

939 Main St, Fortuna, USA

Awesome sandwiches!

24 Feb 2014

Best sandwich I've had in a decade. Can't believe this is in Fortuna. The three of us got three different sandwiches and all of them were excellent. Local, gluten-free buns available. GF doughnuts were in the bakery case! You must stop here. The store was cute, but not well-stocked on the day we visited. Some areas looked like they were getting ready for stock, so might just be in the growing process. Don't stop here if you're in a hurry. Sandwiches were made one at a time. Definitely worth the wait for us, though! We are already planning when we can stop in again.

1707 W Allard Ave, Eureka, USA

Hit or Miss

24 Feb 2014

I've had several great meals here and several meals that made me think someone wasn't trying very hard. But my last meal there was when I found several pieces of bacon in my scramble. They clearly reuse pans and/or work surfaces, so I no longer consider this restaurant to be vegan-friendly.

2001 Talmage Rd, Ukiah, USA

Wonderful food, great price

19 Mar 2010

If you're passing through Ukiah at lunchtime, this is the place to stop. The only thing that I was surprised by - The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas has gender-specific areas, so don't go wandering around the grounds. If you check in at the visitor's reception area they will give you a map. In the short time we were there we saw a group of chanting monks, a group of businessmen, and several people who appeared to belong to a motorcycle gang. When we arrived the place was packed, so we shared a table with some other people. One man told us he would never normally eat meals without meat but he loves this place so much he comes at least once each week. You know when you have a crowd this diverse something good is going on.

Service wasn't super speedy but everyone was very friendly. It helps to remember they are all volunteers. Our food was excellent and cheap. We'll definitely stop in the next time we pass through and bring our own to-go containers (which are encouraged to reduce waste, but not required).

403 Second St, Eureka, USA

Must stop

19 Mar 2010

There is nothing I miss more since being diagnosed with celiac than Los Bagels. All of the bagels are vegan. Several vegan options or build your own bagel. Locally made tofu spread is oh so good. Now if they'd just start making a gluten-free bagel my life would be complete again.

854 Washington St, San Francisco, USA

Hit the spot

19 Mar 2010

My daughter and I loved this place. Our food was excellent, which is really all that matters to us. The service left a little to be desired, but they were trying to serve quite a crowd of people. It's a very small place, but people were packed in and I kept thinking we were all going to burst out like wearing jeans two sizes too small. When we first arrived there was quite a line and I spent a good time waiting in it before realizing they were all actually just headed to the counter for to-go items. To be seated you basically just need to barge in. Cash only. If having strangers really close bothers you get something to go (and in full disclosure I ate there on Chinese New Year so it may not always be that busy).

11th and Duane St, Astoria, USA

vegan bowl

31 Dec 2015

The vegan bowl is very good. We went here because DJ's Vegan was closed. My daughter said something along the lines of "this is how vegetables should be done" but it was hard to understand her as she was stuffing her face. Simple meal - rice, veggies, light sauce - but the sauce really made it special. I definitely recommend this place.

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