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C/ Zorrilla, 11, Madrid, Spain

Al Natural Restaurant, Madrid

10 May 2012

All the food on the main menu was vegetarian, but they had a lunch menu at 12 euros per person, which had four vegetarian main courses and one chicken, which spoilt it. It was a reasonable sized restaurant and the vegetarian food was very good. There was an English menu and English was spoken by some of the staff.

Luis de Vargas 4, Seville, Sevilla, Spain

Centro Ecologico Gaia

09 May 2012

Very nice restaurant with moderate prices. There is a weekday three course lunch, with 4 choices of main course at 10 euro. The other meals were about 24 euros for three course and a bottle of water. The menu was very extensive and imaginative.

Menu in English and very helpful waitress, who understood us, even though she did not speak English.

The shop is a few door along the road - No. 8, or 10. It's hours are 10.00-14.00 and 18.00-20.30 on weekdays. Rellying on our Happy Cow listing we arrived at 20.45, and was told that it had closed. The shop does not open on Sunday. It is difficult to go to the shop and the restaurant at the same visit as the hours do not co-incide.

The details listed for the restaurant are correct, but it will be closed for the month of August 2012.

I have not found out how to send you the photo of this restaurant.

Calle Valverde, 42, Madrid, Spain

Mamina Restaurant, Madrid

10 May 2012

This restaurant advised me on the telephone that they were not vegetarian, so I did not visit.

Calle de las Huertas 57, Madrid, Spain

Viva la Vida - Huertas

10 May 2012

Small shop with a large range of vegetarian and organic food and vegetables. Has a selection of boxed salads and wraps in a refridgerator and deserts, sold by weight. There is a large table at which the food can be eaten if you don't want to take it away. It was tasty and priced very moderately. The staff spoke English.

5775 Charles St, Halifax, Canada

To come 3 times in a weeks vacation, it was good

09 Sep 2014

enVie was the second vegetarian/vegan restaurant we tried on our visit to Halifax. It was so good we returned twice more. The food was excellent and Diandra & Cory (the owners) were excellent waiting at the tables, and very friendly and helpful. The good service was in spite of the restaurant being very full.

We enjoyed all the dishes we tried and found the prices reasonable.

Our only difficulty was that my wife has mobility problems and the restaurant was up three steps, but they showed us that we could get out on the level through the back and into the entrance of the shop next door. It is also not possible to park outside and one has to park further away and walk to the restaurant.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 09, 2014

6250 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, Canada

In Halifax we tried this first

09 Sep 2014

On arrival in Halifax we tried this restaurant first. The food was very good, with a large menu, which probably accounts for the large number of diners. However the service was poor and our soup did not arrive until we were halfway through our main course, which had taken some time to come. The waiter seemed to be chatting with someone in the cooking area most of the time.

Bajada de la Triperí­a, 2, Toledo, Spain

Madre Tierra

08 May 2012

The restaurant is a little difficult to find in a small lane called Bajada de la Triperia (number 2).

It is a very nice looking restaurant, clean and well maintained, and prices were moderate. The menu was in English but none of the staff spoke English.

We had one problem - most of the dishes contained cheese and the waiter had not heard of vegetarian cheese. Since most non-vegetarian cheeses use a meat based renet, we mentioned this to the waiter, who said "cheese is cheese".
This was a problem for us.

I doubt whether the restaurant would be suitable for vegans.

Cuesta de Abarqueros, 3, Granada, Spain

Paprika Restaurant, Granada, Spain

10 May 2012

Very nice little restaurant, up a few steps from the road. Tables also outside. Moderate prices. Menu in English and staff speak English. Very tasty food.

Opens 13.30 - 16.00 hours and 20.00 - 23.30 hours.

Pablo Picasso 30, Granada, Spain

Paprika Restaurant, Granada, Spain

10 May 2012

Restaurant opens rather late in the evening - 9.00 pm - about one hour later than most restaurants in Spain. Very large and would seat over 100 customers, but we were the only two customers. Prices moderate. Food tasty, but there seemed to be egg in every dish - even the mushroom soup. Menu did have an English translation. Staff do not speak English.

Hendersons Yard, Bell Close, Cumbria, Keswick, England

Lakeland Pedlar Wholefood Cafe

08 Dec 2013

Excellent restaurant with a good variety of dishes - some of which we have tried to copy at home. Very busy and popular locally - although my wife and I were only tourists passing through. On our way back into the area, we made a point of returning for lunch. Unfortunately it does not open in the evenings. The prices were very moderate. There is parking in the square outside the restaurant and disabled parking just in front of the restaurant.

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Saramago Cafe

08 Dec 2013

The restaurant is set in the covered courtyard of the arts centre. It is a large area, but was full when we arrived. The food was good and the service quite good in view of the number of customers. At first we thought that it was only a bar, as the counter was full of the drinks you would find, but we asked and they promptly gave us the menu - we then notices that everyone was eating a meal. If we are in Glasgow again, we will certainly go back, although we understand that it can be cold in winter as it is too big to heat.

186 Prince St, Charlottetown, Canada

A favourite restaurant

09 Sep 2014

Excellent restaurant, well laid out, with good food and enjoyable atmosphere, having spent time in Hong Kong, I found this Taiwanese food slightly different, but very tasty. Excellent service by two young Chinese ladies, who were very friendly.

238 Main St, Norway, USA

A delightful surprise

10 Sep 2012

Unexpectedly driving into the lakes of Maine we had a delightful surprise when we found this restaurant. There was a small but appetising menu, with good and friendly service. Many local people patronised this restaurant in a small out of the way town.

16-18 Newington, 2F, Liverpool, England

I wish it wasn't 2 floors up

08 Dec 2013

The Egg Café food was good and very reasonably priced. Long tables for the students and groups, but a few smaller tables for visiting old folk. All food from the buffet, but it was brought to our table. The taste was excellent and we were very satisfied. The prices were reasonable.
Our main problem was that it is on the second floor and there is no lift. My wife is partly disabled and it was difficult to get to, so we did not go back.

Easedale, Grasmere, Grasmere, England

The Green Valley Restaurant, near Grasmere

08 Dec 2013

A really nice restaurant in the Lancrigg Hotel. A little expensive, but top quality food and enjoyable atmosphere.
The road to the hotel is not easy to navigate, as it is not all paved, but the hotel is well signposted.

179 Mountain Rd, Moncton, Canada

Lovely little restaurant

08 Sep 2014

Zen Garden is a small, but lovely restaurant, with excellent food - although the menu is limited.
Service, by the owner, was very good, but, unfortunately we were the only customers.

The restaurant does have a car park, which is very useful as it is on a main road.

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