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98 Marmion Road, Southsea, England

A visit to Coco's is a must....don't delay

Sue and Holly are the lovely owners, chocolatiers and makers of dreams of Coco Chocolate Boutique. You can watch them at work in their chocolate kitchen as they are a small artisan business who make their own chocolates on the premises.

They are friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. I am obviously a regular customer but then that shows how good their chocolate is. I have tried vegan chocolate where ever I can find it but I have never found any to match the taste, quality or choice that they have here.

I have bought gifts for family and friends, vegans, vegetarians and non-veggies alike and everyone always wants to know where it came from because they want more supplies. It is so reasonably priced as well. The packaging is all free and is of a very high standard. A particular favourite to give as a gift is their chocolate pizzas. The base is the chocolate type of your choice (dark makes the toppings look even better) and then the toppings can be broken honeycomb, marshmallows, fruit, nuts, other chocolates, fried jelly eggs (for Easter), sweet Christmas trees etc...all is this is cellophaned and placed in a rigid card pizza style takeaway box. It wonderful and comes in well under a tenner.

I am currently munching through a dark chocolate egg that has honeycomb inside and bursting out of the front of the egg. It came cellophaned with a big bag of dark-chocolate dipped honeycomb. That was all for £5.95.

They only use pure and natural ingredients, sourcing local producers where possible. To their wonderful chocolate they add fillings made from fresh cream, nuts alcohol and fruits, no additives or preservatives.

They also produce a pure water ganache range of dairy free chocolates. By removing the cream and butter the true character of the chocolate is revealed.

They sell Dairy free, gluten free and vegan chocolates. Luxury handmade chocolates. Bars, buttons and slabs. Chocolate shoe collection. Chocolate Brownies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cup cakes. Pure hot chocolate shots, chocolate ice creams and chocolate for fountains and cooking.

They previously ran an eating establishment that also specialised in chocolate so they are a font for recipes and ideas.

They undertake private commissions and orders, wedding favours and a corporate gift service. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

If you need a gift, love chocolate or just want to see craft people at work a visit to Coco's is a must....see you there.
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8 Coward Road, Portsmouth, England

Try these cakes....they are a taste sensation!!!

I cannot express just how gorgeous these cakes are. The choice of flavours, sizes and designs are amazing. We haven't had one yet that we haven't liked yet. As a vegan and a vegetarian we aren't often spoilt for choice where we live but Purely Scrumptious spoil us time and time again. These cakes are so moreish and wonderful though that non-veggies "do not believe that they are Vegan because they are so lovely"...their words not mine. The company are trying new cakes and ideas all the time. They also do a wonderful line in gluten-free cakes. They are open to any new suggestions or requests. Recent additions were cake pops and blondies (brownies without chocolate). The lovely lady that runs the company is a Sweetie and always polite, prompt and smiling. The packaging as well as the cakes is well thought out and all of this adds to the purchasing experience. The photo's do not lie...honestly look through their albumn and tell me there is nothing there that doesn't stop you and make you go yum!!! I absolutely adore chocolate and peanut butter above all other things so the fact there is a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter topping is beyond amazing!!!! In this time of recession it is even more important to support small local businesses that are prepared to go out on a limb and provide a product for people with allergies. It is creative baking with a conscience and for this should be applauded. The main reason to try this company though is the quality and range of their superb baked products. Try them soon though because as the saying goes ...they will soon be flying off the shelf like hot cakes!!!!

11a Kensington Gardens, Brighton, England

Why don't we live nearer!!!

We had a wonderful meal here yet again on one of sorties into Brighton. If only public transport and petrol wasn't so expensive we would be here a lot more.

As usual we had wonderful friendly, service. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

The food was absolutely fabulous as it has been on every visit. We started with the home-made falafels and hummous as we had not tried either here before....we were not disappointed.....both were excellent.

I then had the bunless vegan burger with extra salad and fries. My husband had the Kicking Kau curry special....it was huge. We were both extremely happy. As a vegan to have such a choice of options makes me feel spoilt. I had a peanut and banana Jakes Shake to drink also. This is a meal in itself.

The cakes looked wonderful but it is either starter or cake...if we had eaten both we would have popped.

If you are visiting Brighton and are Vegan, Veggie or just like good food then a visit is a must.

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