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3 Taojiang Lu, Shanghai, China

a happy place

18 Nov 2011

The atmosphere in this place is very soothing which adds to the overall experience. The service is extremely friendly, but they subscribe to the 'slow food' concept, I think ;) so for a quick bite you need to go elsewhere.
However, if you have time: enjoy the unique flavors, go for the salad combinations that give you four little portions instead of one larger one and do try at least one of their beautiful vegan desserts - yes, tofu and chocolate do mix, trust me. :)

999 JiangNing Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China

Temple Style Fare

18 Nov 2011

I used to work around the corner from Jade Buddha Temple and this was the only veggie place around then - about three years back - so I went quite often. Some days per month a buddhist should eat vegetarian, so on those days, the restaurant was full with long queues outside, but normally it's ok during lunch hours. Weekend might be busier.
They rely heavily on mushrooms to replace meat in their mock meat dishes, and me not being a big fan of mushrooms thus limits my choice. Also, be warned: Shanghainese cuisine is both oily and sweet, so if you prefer non-oily food, this is not your place. If you like Shanghainese cooking, this place is great - and less expensive than the other Shanghainese vegetarian staple, Gong De Lin.
They do have delicious noodle dishes and as they are linked with the temple it is one of the few places in Shanghai where you can be sure the broth is actually vegetarian.

2F, 428 Madang Road, Luwan, Shanghai, China

lucky to have found it

18 Nov 2011

Ji Xiang Cao is a beautiful restaurant serving very tasty Chinese vegetarian food and they do not realy too heavily on tofu or mock meat like is customary in other restaurants here, so kudos for that.
The most amazing dish for me is their sichuan style spicy noodle dish, individual portions that are superb and came only just in time as I was looking for noodles without the ubiquitous minced meat in the sauce. :)
also, for someone who does NOT like mushrooms, they have a dish with crisply fried mushrooms that I really enjoy, to my great surprise - leave it to the Chinese to find a way to make anything palatable.

98 Yanping Rd, Shanghai, China

A Soul Food Haven

18 Nov 2011

Kush is the place I share with all my friends who appreciate good food, ethically sourced - both vegetarians and carnivores alike. Their relaxing and welcoming environment is an added bonus as is their very friendly staff - not the rule here in Shanghai, unfortunately.
My personal favorites are too many to list - however, I can almost never resist ordering one of their delicious wraps with the Arabian one being a slight fave for me and I still wonder how they manage to make their veggie burgers so juicy - I've tried, and mine always fall apart but their chef has some kind of magic trick up his sleeve. Besides juicy, they're also TASTY and the buns are slightly toasted but still burger buns, which adds to the 'good burger' experience in my view. Only order the burgers if you're really hungry - the food here being good means it is also nourishing and very filling.
Their drinks are so balanced they're almost meals in themselves - the 'Green Goddess' is all you need when you're looking for sth light but healthy and tasty. Also, they have the world's - yes, I'm bold enough to make that claim! - best dessert: an orange chocolate cheese cake without sugar and without flour that has little orangey taste explosions all over your tongue - out of this world - even better than their ecstasy balls and those are already amazing!

258 Fengxian Road, Shanghai, China

long time favorite with consistent quality

18 Nov 2011

Zao Zi Shu - the Chinese name of Vegetarian Lifestyle, meaning 'jujube tree' - on Fengxian Road is my all time fall back on place that never disappoints. They serve vegetarian Chinese food, and if you tell them you want your dishes less or more oily, they will gladly comply with your request - sth that is almost impossible to get across in most Chinese restaurants as cooking in a wok requires more oil than western cooking.
There are a few staples like their wonderful jiaozi that are almost always filled with minced meat in other places and thus this is a special treat and they do have a great Taiwanese style mock chicken that is fantastic - however, what I truly love is their consistent but not too frequent menu changes and additions. It makes for seasonal variety as well as for pleasant new discoveries every now and then. Also, this was one of the very few places in Shanghai that was smoke free before the general policy hit town in 2010!

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