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6207 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA

High expectations blown out of the water

04 Aug 2010

I recently went to Amitabul with a couple of friends, expecting to satisfy my needs for a good vegan meal and my other friends' desires for good, authentic Korean food. I have heard rave reviews about this place, so I was expecting a lot. I was blown away with how amazing this place was.

I ordered the Bim bop kimchi or something along those lines, and tried the Tibetan curry and another noodle dish, and then the spiciest soup on the menu. all of these dishes had such distinctive and amazing flavors. Even though it was so spicy, you could really taste the unique aspects of each dish.

The service was excellent--both people working were so kind and attentive and seemed to really enjoy providing the food to their patrons.

It has been only 5 days since I sat down at Amitabul, and I have craved it every hour since then. I can't WAIT to go there and explore every dish on the menu.

this is my FAVORITE restaurant, vegan, in chicago, or otherwise, EVER.

I can NOT recommend this place more: go there, feel amazing, and feel as if you just indulged in something you should regret (but can't! it's too healthy)!

Plaça del vi 11, Girona, Spain

Great beer, mediocre food

20 Jan 2012

We were really excited about trying this place out after all the great reviews, but were highly disappointed with the food.
The beer selection WAS amazing, and we had a great time trying out several beers! So, if nothing else, come here for the beer!! fantastic!!
The food, however, was very small and extremely bland. I greatly appreciate the beautiful presentation of the food, but it just didn't make up for what it lacked in taste.
We left hungry and not satisfied with what we ate.
In my opinion, if you are traveling and want to eat ONLY vegan and want to be 100% sure about it, this is probably the place for you. But if you're like me and care also about the taste, I recommend buying a pizza with no cheese somewhere else.

6551 E Riverside Blvd, Rockford, USA

Everything you need

13 May 2010

This market has recently opened a new addition, and I can't believe how awesome this store is now. They offer a massive variety of delicious things, including locally prepared vegan sandwiches, salads, cookies, muffins, etc (Sunny Day Bakery from DeKalb provides this phenomenal service), not to mention umeboshi paste, fruit-sweetened soy icecreams, pizzas, misos, soy-whipped creams, and vegetables galore! Also I saw a lot of raw foods items and tons of bulk grains, beans, teas, and nut butters! All reasonably priced, from what I have experience in the surrounding areas at other locations. Really the ideal grocery store for the Rockford area...(FINALLY!)

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

Uh...hello delicious food!

20 Jan 2012

My boyfriend and I came here twice and were blown away. The place is super small, but the options are many! It should be noted that they no longer serve any raw dishes (I was disappointed!!) because there was no longer a demand. Since the place is primarily vegan "faux" meats, burgers, and hot dogs, I was expecting a kind of grungy white bread or something that goes with it...but I was so pleasantly surprised. The buns are so hearty, whole grain-y, and delicious, and there is tomato and lettuce and onion, etc served, too! Not to mention, they are HUGE. We thought it would be a snack to split one, but ended up being a meal between us. The Dahl burger was PHENOMENAL! I can't imagine a better burger there!

Also, how often can you find VEGAN potatoes bravas? They were the best potatoes bravas I had in Spain....and the PRICE?? Ridiculously cheap. Also, they have professional vegan cakes provided by a wholesale vegan baker in Barcelona. The trip to this restaurant is worth buying one of these pieces of art in itself.

One bit of advice: Know where you're going. My boyfriend and I searched for this place and failed twice before we finally found it. For the record, it's a few doors down from another vegetarian restaurant (Which we mistakenly thought was Gopal one night and were quite disappointed with the place). So look closely!

131 N Clinton Ste 7, Chicago, USA


25 Apr 2010

Not only is the location extremely cool (within the new French market that reminds me of the LA Farmer's market), but the stall, staff, and food is decidedly phenomenal. I've tried quite a bit of raw food, but this place, with its conveniently packaged meals, desserts, and even salad dressings, bread, and hummus in to-go containers, makes this place wonderful. The staff is clearly passionate about spreading their joy and belief in raw foods, and it's rather contagious. The samples are abound, and the staff will make sure you buy something that you've tasted and loved! I did not try a single thing I did not absolutely love--and that makes for about 10 different menu options!

C/ Dels Angels 3, Barcelona, Spain

Highlight of a Trip

27 Dec 2011

This is the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've been to--hands down...and that says a lot considering I live in Chicago, home to so many vegan restaurants and upscale vegetarian cuisine. Veggie Garden combines everything you could possibly desire in one restaurant: vegan ethnic cuisine, organic red wine, whole grain bread served with the meal, four changing "menu of the day"s, ridiculously low prices--8.25 for the menu of the day (wine, whole grain bread, starter of your choice--between four options, main of your choice--between four options, and dessert), the world's best Gazpacho (and, more generally, soup), vegan samosas, juice bar, smoothie bar, an upstairs sitting area...the list goes on. Did I mention they have a Thali option every day? My boyfriend and I went here 5 times while in Barcelona, I kid you not. We went plenty of other places, as well, but none topped the Veggie Garden. The food was phenomenal--the chefs clearly know how to flavor things the best way possible. On that topic--the service was amazing. The chefs, the waiters...everyone was obviously happy to be working at the restaurant and was always happy to answer any questions--plus, English wasn't a problem! I wish so much to go back to this place! Their gazpacho will live forever in my memory :)

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