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5-10-17 2F Minami Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Very lovely

15 Aug 2016

8ablish was a great little find. The restaurant is accessed by the stairs to the left of their ground floor shop. Very nice environment. Often times vegan locations are lacking space/pleasant ambience etc. This is a date night spot (which is not to say you couldn't go alone, I certainly did) very very nice environment and the prices of their food do reflect that. I had a a tofu/tempeh/veggie kabob with pita bread and tzatziki sauce which I posted a picture of ~$17. Definitely visit if you're got time and you're not on a super tight budget. Very close to the very hard to miss united nations university and the (Christian?) college, and the Kirin Ichiban bar. I walked there from Shubuya which is very doable, also close to a Ginza line subway stop.

538-6 Shijyo Agaru Shinkyougoku Nakanocho Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Japan

Not bad

15 Aug 2016

I went to Cafe Matsuontoko once, I had a burger with fries and it was pretty good! Now, its a gem for a vegan, I give massive respect to any vegan place in this country, but I would say that if you could only visit one place in that area, I'd make it Mumokuteki. As for the service people are complaining about, I didn't really get that. I just gave a little "Sumimasen" in the waitresses direction. I had a question in english and she couldn't answer it so I had to get the main guy to answer it, he looked a little annoyed but I think it had more to do with the fact that he had to hire a waitress than didn't speak any English, haha!

1700 E Main St, Richmond, USA

Excellent Burger

05 Mar 2010

I ordered the vegan crispy mock duck burger. Price was excellent ($8) and tasted amazing. Some of the best mock meat I have ever tried. Would highly recommend someone to go try it. However, a vegetarian/vegan should not be under the impression that this is a vegetarian or vegan place by any stretch of the imagination. A shining gem in the flaming shithole city that is Richmond, VA ;) haha

948 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

May as well try it before they close.

10 Mar 2010

As an out of state visiting Vegan newbie to Richmond, my friend took me to "Panda Veg" 2 years ago. I was blown away. I had never tasted mock beef quite so delicious.

The following year I returned and had the shrimp...eh, not so great. But the texture was amazing, I didn't know you could make something that wasn't shrimp feel so much like shrimp.

One year later (today), I returned to the restaurant, only to be informed that it had changed it's name to Panda Garden. As another reviewer has noted, they now serve meat as well, I was disappointed. I asked the guy why they served meat now, and he said they had to start serving meat to stay in business. I don't really know how adding meat to the only completely 100% vegan place in Richmond (Harrison St. Cafe has cheese) helps you save your business. I would have thought it would do nothing but turn the clientele away.

I ordered the sesame chicken today and quite frankly, it was garbage. It was chewy and did not resemble chicken in any way shape or form. Now this isn't a huge problem, I don't really care if it tastes exactly like chicken but that's what it's marketing itself as. I just care if it tastes good, which it didn't. I will give it up for the mock ham fried rice though, it was excellent as always.

I don't predict Panda Garden will be in business for much longer. I could be wrong though, who knows. They still do have a very large selection of Vegan items, but as others have noted, is just junky food. Check it out. But if a Vegan place can't survive in Richmond, VA...I don't know where it can.

p.s. Dude definitely shorted me a spring roll in my lunch special today, bastard. ;) haha

917 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

Local favorite, great Vegan food.

10 Mar 2010

I visited Ipanema yesterday, it was the second time I had been there, but first time visiting looking for dinner. As everyone has noted already, the atmosphere is great, and the wait staff is nice. They don't have menu's, just the chalkboard which is annoying but eh...a mild irritant (call it part of the ambiance if you will). One complaint though, I was sitting for a good 10 or 15 minutes before I decided no one was coming to see if I wanted anything, and therefore had to go up to the bar to order the food (don't know if this is standard though, not a local myself, but I don't think it is)

The food though.... phenomenal

I got some sort of homestyle plate of bread, collards, mac'n'cheez, and bbq seitan. It was really really really good. The plate was shining porcelain before it was taken away. I was slightly confused as to why my dinner was going to cost $12 beforehand, but my confusion was quickly eradicated...it was worth every penny. The best meal I have ever had as a Vegan in Richmond, VA. Trailed closely by my tempeh artichoke sandwich at Harrison St. Cafe.

901 W Morgan St, Raleigh, USA

Good experience.

29 Mar 2013

Nothing too big to report. I'm a Vegan living in Raleigh, NC and we were in that neck of the woods. We were both hungry so my friend asked me where I could eat... Irregardless is where happy cow led me. It was in the middle of the weekday when we went so I can't really echo the noise complaint. It was pretty quiet. It's not a vegan restaurant so I wasn't surprised to see just a few vegan options, but as everyone else has stated, the options are clearly marked.

I had the black bean quinoa burger. It was nice to have one, most quinoa burgers you find have egg in them to bind the ingredients. It was served on a whole wheat bun with lots of guacamole. It was incredibly tasty! Dare I say it has been the best vegan burger I've had in Raleigh yet. I have eaten at Remedy several times and fiction once, but this burger definitely took the cake *to date*. And at 8.75, it was reasonably priced.

3 stars! (which is solid in my book)

Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Omachi 2-2-2, Kamakura, Japan

was closed

16 Aug 2016

Closed at 4:02pm on a Tuesday afternoon. I can't read kanji so I don't know what to tell you.

2338 Main St, Columbia, USA

Great experience!

05 Aug 2010

I recently stopped by Lamb's Bread Cafe on my way through Columbia. Since it was on the way I figured I had to check out the only Vegetarian restaurant Columbia offers.

Lamb's Bread offers an afro-carribean style of interior, complete with drums and wooden figures all over the place with the kitchen hidden from sight, and a small counter visible in the back.

The lady I spoke with (apparently the owners daughter) was incredibly nice, and I enjoyed speaking with her.

I had previously ate, so I unfortunately was not incredibly hungry and did not order one of the larger dinner plates. Instead I went with the mock chicken sandwich which was a pretty standard setup: patty, lettuce, tomato, veganaise, toasted bread. It was fantastic. As I spoke with the lady I discovered that they brought the patty in from another source. Regardless it was still one of the best mock chicken patties I had ever tried. The meal also came with a sweet potato souffle which had apple, raisins, and coconut. It too was absolutely fantastic.

I don't go to Columbia often, but when I return I will definitely be coming back. And if you pass through Columbia, SC you should help out the biz by stopping in.

I am giving Lambs Bread 4 stars. It is worth the full 5, but I have to reserve that for the restaurants like The Laughing Seed in Asheville, NC that have gone above and beyond on food, environment, location, etc. However, don't let that dissuade you!

Tokyo Shinjuku-ku, Yoyogi 2-23-1, Tokyo, Japan


13 Aug 2016

Just outside bustling shinjuku, quiet, English speaking, comfortable deli style eatery. Nothing fancy, just nice.

2F, Teramachi-dori, Kyoto, Japan

Visited 1x, 2x, and probably 3x

15 Aug 2016

Cafe mumokuteki was an awesome find, especially for a vegan who was trying to get his "Japan legs" and finding it difficult. Some of the best vegan food I've had in Japan. I am going back to Kyoto today and I'm pretty sure I'll be eating there a 3rd time despite the other options in the city. I won't bore you, just go. Its close to Nishiki market and chances are that you're going to visit there if you go to Kyoto.

Its above the their clothes store

Would give 5 stars but absolutely respect the happy cow rating system.

165 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

Hands down one of the best

22 Feb 2013

I have been Vegan for 5 years and I make it a goal to hit every vegan restaurant I can whenever I go someplace new, so I like to think that I have a large internal database of vegan/vegetarian restaurants.

You can bet money that at Plant you'll have one of the greatest Vegan meals you've ever had in your life. It is also a fantastic place to have a romantic dinner if you're lucky enough to have a vegan significant other such as myself!

Between my girlfriend and myself I have tasted the cheese plate, the wild forest, the mixed mushroom grill, the hazelnut crusted seitan, the pumpkin cheescake, the "my own" apple-cranberry pie and the cannolo. I honestly can't pinpoint my favorite entree because they were all absolutely fantastic.

Some may find Plant's prices high but their dishes are worth every penny. I do not hesitate spending $100 on my girlfriend and I when we go. Granted...we order 3 courses for each of us because we only go on special occasions.

Stop thinking about going and go! Like I said, it's one of the best and its my personal favorite Vegan restaurant in the world.

Calle de la Regina, Santa Croce 2264, Venice, Italy


06 May 2009

In the city of Italy, it's hard not to come by hundreds of Ristorante's, Trattorias, Gelato stands, etc... all of which serve massive quantities of meat and cheese and dairy.

Although slightly difficult to find, and slightly led astray by google maps, I managed to find the Rialto Bio Center. It's a tiny little shop (as are most things in Venice), I'm not sure whether she was the owner or just a worker but the girl was nice enough. Expect to be treated with indifference in Italy, especially in Venice.

The store itself has fresh vegetables in the window, vitamins on the right, pastas on the wall, and of course the little fridge. It was within the little fridge I was able to find some really nice seitan and rice milk which I bought to eat with the muesli I also bought there. I also picked up some pine nuts there for some pesto I was going to make. The girl didn't speak a lick of English but somehow together we were able to discover that the omega 3 oil was not Vegan. That's another thing, maybe it's a completely different word in Italian, but she didn't know what the word Vegan meant (or at least that's what I gathered). I thought that was a little strange given that some of her product had the word Vegan on them. There must just be another word for it. I suppose it was just american logic leading me to believe that since Vegetarian is Vegetariano in Italian; Vegan couldn't be far off.

Anyway...that's it, nice little store to buy some standard veg products. Does not sell any sort of Vegan pre-made food. It's a little pricey too but that's probably because it's Venice.

Tokyo Station, 1F, Keiyo Street, Tokyo, Japan

100+ can't be wrong right? that's right.

15 Aug 2016

Visited T's twice whilst in Tokyo and may even go back one more time if I have time. If you're going to see the madhouse that is Tokyo station and you're vegan, you'd be a FOOL to not try T's if you have the time. If you're visiting Japan there's a good chance that you have the Japan Rail pass allowing you free entry into the station but it IS inside the station. To repeat what others have said, its very near the Yaesu south exit. Tokyo Station is a big hot mess. The restaurant is in a corner on the main floor just to the right of a single one direction escalator coming up.

Ramen in Japan is very not vegan, maybe other's experiences have differed but every package I've ever google translated contained fish or pork, so being able to eat such an authentic dish while you're there is awesome.

Btw, for those who can't read Kanji, those extra vegetables you can order are pickled vegetables on the side, not veggies that go inside your ramen. And if you're vegan in Japan you might have just had enough of pickled veggies! haha.

137 E Hargett St, Raleigh, USA

Like a wise friend once said, hit or miss.

29 Mar 2013

I moved to Raleigh about 3 months ago, but I have been to Remedy about 4 times. A Vegan recommended I go, so off I went.

First time I went to Remedy, I got their wings and the Tempeh Tantrum (their staple vegan sandwich.) Both were good... Remedy proudly puts on their menu that the tantrum is a PETA top 5 sandwich in the USA winner. I wouldn't give it as much praise, but its definitely a solid sandwich that I'm sure I'll eat again. The wings...pretty ordinary (not an opinion shared by many I'm sure! Don't lynch me!) but the vegan ranch that comes with it is very good.

I also have had the crabby patty. It was fine, made with mock soy. I'll give it extra credit for attempting to imitate a fish protein, you don't see that often in vegan eats, but it does a fine job.

Had the eastern carolina BBQ sandwich the last time I went, it was..meh

I'm really looking forward to the meatball sub, it will be the next thing I order. In my 5 years as a vegan I can't remember having a meatball sub!

The mac n' cheese dish they have was fine the first time I had it. I did however sample a friends last time, and it was bland and boring. I will also note that its incredibly spicy (maybe that was just that particular one that day) too spicy for me.

The deserts are where its at at Remedy, all vegan except for the one I forget. I have had all except for the sopapilla (which they say is the best) I however love the chocolate cake. Luck of the draw whether the waiter shorts you on slice size! haha

Remedy is small and cozy though, which makes you keep coming back (like I will many times I'm sure)

I give remedy 4 stars for being a great food resource for vegetarians and vegans alike. It has a warm atmosphere and everything on the menu is clearly marked, and highly adaptable to the vegan diet. I will even forgive it for that rude [edited by staff] waiter we had last time who tried to shuttle my friends and I out. I guess he though we were going to be hanging around until after closing.

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