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Gustav Möllers gata 2, Malmo, Sweden

Great stuff! But..

27 Jun 2014

They really need to change two things. While it's awesome with all the great vegan foods they have, the locale is horrid. Dark, grey, kinda depressing. Hopefully they'll put some lights in atelast, almost hard to read the labels.

And also, the staff is just sad. No hellos, no eye contact, just a really weird choice when there so many nice people in malmö to hire people that has no interest or passion at all in what they are selling.

Otherwise great place!

Múzeum Körut 19, Budapest, Hungary

Rude staff but so much good food!

08 Jan 2014

Really hard place to judge. There's such a large amount of great food to find here, the prices are great. BUT the staff seems completely uninterested in what they are selling, the become almost agitated when you ask what's vegan and not and they have really low english skills. Plus that they treat almost every customer like a criminal, following you around the store staring like your are a common thief. Shame. Hopefully the will one day hire staff that's as good as their wares.

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

Favourite place in London

06 Jan 2015

This is by far my favoruite place in London!
Great food, great prices, friendliest staff ever!
It´s even got a nice little bookshop, what more can you ask for?
This is really a must when visiting this city!

Katarina Bangata 17, Stockholm, Sweden


17 Dec 2013

Aside from uninterested staff an amazing place! Cozy locale and really good food! Could be a bit more daring and spicy, but delicious anyway!

Hornsgatan 174, Stockholm, Sweden

Nice Vegan Options but a bit pricey!

05 Jan 2015

Finally got to try out their vegan bagels (only vegan bagels in stockholm?). And their great! Super tasty and with a generous amount of filling!

A bit expensive tough (60-99kr) since there´s no sallad at all with your bagel. Just a sallad leaf or something on the side would make it feel more worth the price!

Östra förstadsgatan, 16, Malmo, Sweden


21 Jul 2014

Cozy place with an amazing mix of retro gaming and restaurant/cafe! The staff is incredibly sweet, their vegan burgers are the best i´ve eaten and you can play video games for free! You can request specific games and everything! They also host video game tournaments and such. Highly recommended!

Garibaldi str 5., Budapest, Hungary

greatest raw food in budapest!

08 Jan 2014

Really nice and helpfull staff, amazing desserts! Can really recommend the mixed plate for 2000huf, enough food gor two!

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

best place in stockholm!

17 Dec 2013

Just as the title says, without a doubt the best veg-restaurant in Stockholm. A must visit!

Stora Nygatan 11, Stockholm, Sweden


17 Dec 2013

One of the better places in stockholm! Cheap and great food! The humous is highly recommended :)

Kungsportsavenyn 39, Gothenburg, Sweden

best fast food place in Sweden

17 Dec 2013

A must visit in gothenburg!

Foreningsgatan 37, Malmo, Sweden


21 Jul 2014

One of my favourite vegan places in Malmö! No complaints whatsoever, just go there when you are in town! Bit pricey but worth every penny!
Updated from previous review on Friday June 27, 2014

Bramaregatan 14, Gothenburg, Sweden

Great Vegan food and relaxed atmosphere!

16 Apr 2015

Behind the appearance of an rather ordinary pub hides a surprisingly great vegan menu! Affordable, generous servings and pleasant staff!

Luntmakargatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden

Great but expensive

05 Jan 2015

This is really one of the better restaurants in Stockholm, but not one you go to that often since the prices.. :) The food is great BUT a bit to spicey for it´s own good. Many dishes on the menu kinda numbs the mouth so you can´t taste the other dishes anymore.. And i love spicey food, but here it kinda kills all other tastes.

Bondegatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden


17 Dec 2013

A pretty good raw food resturant! A bit overpriced and some weird atmosphere, we were the only ones there and there was no music or anything on, just a really noisy fridge. But aside from that highly recommended, the food is great!

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

favorite venue in Budapest!

17 Dec 2013

Amazing Vegan Pizzas, kind staff and awesome vegan ice cream! A must vist! :)

Jókai u. 7, Budapest VI, Budapest, Hungary

cozy place with great staff!

08 Jan 2014

Really kind and helpfull staff and great lunches! The store is small but with good pricing, only thing missing is a more clear sorting of vegan and non-vegan products, but the staff was great at answrtin our questions. :)

29 Greek St, Westminster, London, England

Okay, not more!

05 Jan 2015

Seen some pretty negative reviews of this place, but i don't quite agree with them.. During my visit the staff was super-friendly!
The vegan fish n´ chips was pretty great, and fun to eat just for the novelty of that kind of dish made vegetarian!

Nothing special, but worth a visit!

Hammarby Allé 87, Stockholm, Sweden

great pizzas, not so great prices

12 Apr 2014

My favorite pizza place in stockholm! Great vegan menu that's updated with new and exciting ones pretty often and the pizzas really are great! The prices are way the expensive though, and always sad to see the vegan pizzas so much more expensive than their "ordinary" ones.

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