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Calla La Ciudad, Toledo, Spain

Charm and Calm Come Nearer at Alqahira

10 Sep 2014

A special experience at Alqahira, where middle eastern food is thoughfully presented with small tweaks and additions that takes it to the next level. We loved our meal out here. Be prepared for it to be a bit more expensive than having the equivalent dishes (presented in a basic way) elsewhere - and the portions aren't large. But the inside of the small restaurant is so calm and beautifully done out and the service warm and professional, that it's well worth it.

Calle Calderon de la Barca, Malaga, Spain

Make Your Bid for Astrid

10 Jan 2016

Really great little place. Cool decor with refurbished tables and chairs that you use also for sale. A pretty good selection of veggie dishes and the staff who served us were clearly aware and able to advise on ingredients.
Good value overall.

Nikis 30, Athens, Greece

Avocado - To Return You Won't Be Slow

14 Sep 2013

We enjoyed our first visit here so much that we went back two more times within a few days. All good.

Calle Arzobispo Apaolaza, 10, Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain

Go Eat Something Fab - At Baobab

20 Sep 2012

This restaurant fully deserves all the great reviews it gets. We ate there twice over a 3 day stay - the really good value lunch menu and the slightly more expensive evening menu. Food was consistantly delicious and a real treat for a veggie restaurant in Spain, or anywhere for that matter. Service was really friendly and efficient. The restaurant is fairly large and seemed very popular. Definitely recommended - you'll be glad you went!

Very close to the Plaza San Francisco tram stop.

Rua Mártires da Liberdade,130, Porto, Portugal

These Burgers Set the Record Straight

13 Sep 2015

Fantastic! Good range of very tasty burgers, fries, juices, etc with the added novelty of eating them next to a range of vinyl, whilst listening to some thrashy, grungy rock. Sure if you bought a t-shirt it would be likely to smell of fried food. But good fried food at least!

For something a bit different and great value; do what we did and come here twice.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unleash the quiche

09 Aug 2014

Given that eating out in Amsterdam can be a little pricey, we thought that the substantial portion of quiche with very fresh side salad was good value here. Very enjoyable food. Decor a little old fashioned feeling inside but that is of minimal importance and only an observation. We'd definitely return. Service was fine though a little curt.

Calle Sant Feliu, 7, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

Take Stock of Bon Lloc

23 Nov 2013

Tasteful and relaxing surroundings; friendly service; a great value menu and well put together enjoyable dishes. Definitely recommended - the sort of place you'd go back to lots of times if you lived in Palma.
Quite a few reviews or listings seem to say that it's only open at lunch times. But we went in the evening - it seems to be open then towards the end of the week.

General Castillo 3, Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain

Borne Again .... and again ....

20 Sep 2012

We were hugely pleased to find this small, modern restaurant with great decor - and really great veggie food. The veggie lunch menu was fantastic value and everything tasted great and was well presented. Service was friendly. The best place we ate at over our 3 days in Bilbao. Highly recommended.

Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

Delights from the Larder on Frederiksborggade

11 Nov 2012

Interesting and beautifully presented dishes in relaxing modern surroundings. There were only a few menu options, but clearly a lot of care is put into the food. Service was helpful and friendly without being intrusive.
The restaurant was a little expensive for us - but well worth it.

Calle Serranos 33, Salamanca, Spain

Atelier - You'll Love It I Tell 'Ye

13 Sep 2015

Really fantastic. A large selection of veggie tapas - all tasted great and served by friendly staff who were happy to tell you what everything was. All right in the historic centre of Salamanca. Almost too good to be true!

Eat here - you won't be disappointed!

Calle de Serranos 9, Salamanca, Spain

Cafe Mandala - Didn't Help Our Pallor

13 Sep 2015

Really puzzled by the great reviews of this place. True - there is a good selection of veggie options. But we found everything we chose to be pretty terrible - nothing tasted great at all and we didn't finish the lukewarm dishes. By far one of the less good veggie places we've been to in Spain in the past few years.

We had a table in the back section of the restaurant. Harshly lit, with tired decor. All rather depressingly accompanied by having to listen to hits from the 90's videos on the TV channel they'd chosen as entertainment.

Suggest best avoided.

Calle Isaac Peral, No 7, Bajo 2, Salamanca, Spain

Pacifico - You Should Go

13 Sep 2015

A small cafe which is about 10 minutes easy walk straight up from the main Plaza Mayor (just walk to the top of Calle Toro, cross over and go up Calle de Maria Auxiliadora, up Avenida Federico Anaya and the road is on the right).

An unassuming cafe, but serving freshly made tofu and other veggie dishes which make for a really enjoyable change to the other options available in the city. We really enjoyed our meal here - ordering a few items to share with rice.

The owner spoke good English and was very welcoming and happy to make the dishes as spicy or not as you liked.

Definitely worth a visit.

Av Elias Garcia 172A, Lisbon, Portugal

Make Great Food A Breeze at Casa Nepalesa

04 Jan 2014

About a dozen veggie main dishes in this restaurant with lovely decor and friendly professional staff. We stumpled on the place for new years day lunch, and were really pleased we had. Very tasty Nepalese food, certainly added to our visit to Lisbon.
The small cover charge included a couple of starter items. When we explained we were veggie the waiter quickly replaced one of the items with something suitable. We were asked how hot we wanted our food too. Delicious light breads.

Definitely recommended for veggies. I'd think vegans would have to select much more carefully; there seemed to be butter ghee on the breads and no idea how widely dairy would be used in other dishes.

C/ Peregrino, 2, Malaga, Spain

With a Good Clean - The Food We Might Have Seen

02 Jan 2013

We were going to eat here over the new year period. But compared with other Loving Hut restaurants we've been to we weren't impressed with the level of cleanliness. It wasn't awful, but the placemats were all slightly grubby, the table was only passably cleaned and the plates we were given had greasy finger marks on. Overall the place appeared shabby. So despite the owners evident hospitality, we decided to leave without eating.
As I say, we've been to other Loving Hut restaurants and not only been impressed with the food but also the quality of the restaurants themselves. So disappointing.

Katexaki & Xeimaras, Rethymno, Crete, Greece

Good Healthy Call by the Old Fortress Wall

14 Sep 2013

We went for the evening set menu on 2 occasions. One was slightly better than the other, but overall we enjoyed the choice of dishes - which were presented on really nice plates, bowls and tiles. It was great to have this healthy, alternative option during our stay in Greece.

The location of the restaurant (where you can also just call in for a drink) is fantastic. By the old fortress wall and very atmospheric at night. A really lovely place to sit.

The owners were very welcoming and friendly in a low key way.

Definitley recommended for somthing a bit different.

Adolfo Muñoz Alonso 2, Alicante, Spain

Utopia - The Value is Clear

14 Sep 2015

Friendly service in a relaxed restaurant. We had an extremely tasty Gazpacho made with other unusual ingredients such as melon and some other competently made dishes. Whilst overall the food wasn't anything to blow you away, the menu was fantastic value for money, so definitely recommended on that basis.

About 10 minutes walk from the train station and easy to spot when you get to the road.

Calle Garzia Morato 36, Alicante, Spain

This is the Point

11 Sep 2014

What a welcome find in Spain - a vegan tapas bar with a great range of dishes including burgers and fab patatas bravas with spicy sauce. Music was great and the owner was really friendly and gave excellent but relaxed service. Overall we had a good meal at a good value price. The sort of place you want to support.

rua de Ceuta 80, Porto, Portugal

Cultura - Food A Bit Under Par

13 Sep 2015

The restaurant looks lovely; a smart yet quirky and fresh environment which gives you high hopes for the food. But sadly the food didn't really live up to our raised expectations. To be fair, we visited fairly late in the evening. But the options for hot dishes were pretty average and uninspiring and the salad selection was fresh, but just too dull. Whilst it was an 'eat as much as you like' buffet, after one modest plate, we weren't inclined to get more. So it felt a bit pricey for what we had. If they upped their game a bit with the food then this place could be amazing.

If you're looking for veggie options then by all means give this place a try, as it was very clean and somewhere you'd like to support. Just don't expect anything too amazing.

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