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G/F 71 Chatham Road, South Oriental Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

Tasty snacks

11 Jul 2010

Some very tasty dim-sum options - right on the street - immediate hunger removal.

A couple of items contain cow cheese so be careful.

The upstairs restaurant was packed out when I thought about eating there on Friday lunchtime.

"I'll be back!"

56 Dinshah Ln, Malaga, USA

The Dinshahs & friends

02 Oct 2013

I have a well-read copy of 'XXIII World Vegetarian Congress Cookbook' by Freya Dinshah - North American Vegetarian Society, 1975.

Enjoying this book very much triggered me to learn more about the US society.

In their own unique way the team in Malaga have been spreading vegan information continuously the late 1950s.


Here is a fine interview detailing their many years of vegan activism - http://www.vegparadise.com/24carrot58.html

175/1 Pham Ngu Lao St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A sane place to eat / sit in Saigon

11 Oct 2007

A "home from home" for me. 60% vegan options. Basic English spoken. Friendly family atmosphere. Better than anything in Kaosan Rd. / Pahar Ganj. Food for life. Good value. Few frills. Clean enough. Safe salads. Tasty noodle bar at the front. 170+ item menu of quite good attempts at Italian / Mexican / Thai / Chinese. The usual MSG containing sauces on the tables BUT! ! ! genuine "H.P. Sauce" & great Mexican Chilli Sauce by request - the bottles are partly hidden on the counter of Margherita's. An Lac Chay is owned & run in parallel with "Margherita's" directly opposite - you can sit in either place / order from both menu's / bar's at the same time - so ideal if you are entertaining carnivores. The owner is the vibrant Hoang (nickname Mang) the staff are mostly his extended family members & some of their student friends who work a few hours each day to help pay their college fee's. Customer are local's, backpackers, foreigners working in Saigon, "homesick" overseas Vietnamese. Open 365 days a year. Rooms available to rent. Located in a street of bars & cafe's. Excellent for Viet Nam.

205-207 Crookes Valley Road, Sheffield, England

Where is the bleeding sign?...

18 May 2007

Some strong memories came back to me when I saw Beanies listing. We used to be the lowest priced! 8 till late 365 days a year! Started as a project of the 80's youthful energy & optimism! I respect the current team for keeping it going - "may they have fun & prosper". Bean Beanies (the name is a play on David Bowies Gene Genie) opened just after the 1985 Stonehenge - in the dark days of Maggie & her focused abuse of the miners / the homeless / the gay & colorful / the "off-whites" / the mentally & physically challenged / anyone else whom she & her crew could bully. The Crookes / Walkley "druggies" shoplifted Beanies heavily in the 80's - perhaps they still do? - this may explain the high prices! Be happy! - John

1 Eldams Road, Chennai, India

Very vegan animal sanctuary & activism

13 Jul 2013

Run by vegans.

Doing wonderful work.

Numerous animals rescued & cared for.

Very active in making India aware of animal abuses.

Inspired by 'Our Dumb Friends' League' which became 'The Blue Cross' in the UK - but not affiliated with them.

A first class operation in every way!

772 2nd St Pike, Southampton, USA

Vegan "super-friendly".....

21 Jul 2008

From - http://www.philly.com/inquirer/food/20080717_Memorable_Vegan_Meals.html

........ vegan choices like sweet, chewy, crunchy Green Curry BBQ Summer Rolls and the Cubano Supper, which features plantain pastries stuffed with sunflower seed and red pepper pesto,......

11 Vauxhall Grove, Vauxhall, South West London, England

Long & sweet history - loved by many of my friends

26 May 2008

My HappyCow blog post here - http://www.happycow.net/blog/?p=145

The Bonnington Cafe is "different" - study their website before planning a visit - Google for more info - it takes time to get to know The Bonnington - if you have the patience it may well become one of your favorite places.

79 Main St, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Outlying Islands, China

Great atmosphere - I eat there often now -

13 Jul 2007

Take the ferry from Central on Hong Kong Island to Yung Shue Wan Harbour on Lamma Island & walk for 10 minutes to Bookworm. The other ferry stop on Lamma is Sok Kwu Wan - this is a 2 hour walk from Bookworm over the mountain. I really like Bookworm - it is a "hippie" style place with a good percentage of vegan dishes on the menu. Super relaxed atmosphere. If you are in a hurry ask the staff which dishes can be prepared quickly. Even the salads take 15 minutes to prepare - they are worth the wait - super fresh & well combined. "Fair Trade" coffee's & teas available to buy. No longer connected in any way with "Life" in Central.

1/F, 9 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

"Bollywood" on the TV

31 May 2007

I recommend the Thali's. Vegans you will have to speak with the owner at the cash counter / not with the waiters - the owner will choose butter / yoghurt / ghee free dishes for you. I have always had good / tasty food there. North Indian dishes tend to be overly heavy with oil & spices. Customers are mostly local Marwari / Gujurati & Jain Indians. TV usually on playing "Bollywood" movie clips. Phone in the evening if you have a group of people. Funky entrance - ring a doorbell & wait to be admitted - either walk up one floor & turn to your right - or go up in the elevator & exit to your right.

132 King St, Hammersmith, West London, England

Stephen Cowan on Bushwhacker

19 Apr 2008

One of London's best loved wholefood shops.



Tuesday, 11 March 2008
Hammersmith's Bushwacker Wholefoods At the Forefront Of A Retail Revolution

Back in 1982, six years before the modern Fair Trade movement was formally established and when the current organic food sector was still a twinkle in an environmentalist's eye; Chris and Sunita Shipton set up Bushwacker Wholefoods.

Chris tells me that their aim "was always to source high quality food that's produced by suppliers committed to looking after their workers, their livestock and their land, and who work with the underlying nature of things". Chris says that he and Sunita "thought it was important to support the people that produce our food in a sustainable way". Twenty six years later and they're still serving the people of Hammersmith with the same ethos.

The store is homely and the shelves are stacked with an impressive variety of high-end produce. Amazing Dijon mustard and beautifully produced chocolates sit alongside their sugar-free breakfast cereals. Bags of exotic dried fruits, rustic breads, and jars of delicious rainforest honey line up next to dairy products and a wide array of teas, coffees, lentils, split peas, fresh fruit and vegetables. Almost everything is organic, Fair Trade or both. It's one of the few places I know where you can pick up the most obscure cooking ingredients and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Look around London and you'll quickly realise that there's fewer and fewer shops like Bushwacker Wholefoods. Large supermarket groups have actively sought to crowd out their smaller competitors. Concern is such that the Evening Standard is running a campaign to protect London's small retailers and, as reported here, there is concern from Parliamentary Select Committees to influential think tanks about the future of the UK's independently owned shops.

PO Box 540, Salford, Manchester, England

Fighting an old fight - for animals!

02 Jul 2013

A wonderful group of people.

In 2013 animals are still tortured & paraded in circuses, zoos & other terrible places.

Consider supporting them!
From almost exactly 100 years ago - John Galsworthy - speaking in 1913.
Excerpt -
~......I have no special knowledge, like some who will speak to you to-night, of the training of performing animals, I have only a certain knowledge of human and animal natures, and a common sense which tells me that wild animals are more happy in freedom than in captivity; domestic animals more happy as companions than as clowns. And — quite apart from (the) definite question of inhumanity — of which I personally have no right to speak — it is perfectly clear to me that these animal shows are among the many surviving evidences, the lingering symptoms, of a creed that — thank heaven !— is beginning to pass, and must pass, from us. That creed said : We human beings have the right, for our pleasure, convenience, and distraction, to disregard in the matter of dumb creatures, those principles which our religion, morality, and education have fixed as the guiding stars of our conduct towards human beings. (In parentheses — please note, that I do not to-night touch on the question of our rights over dumb creatures in so far as our actual self-preservation is concerned; I limit my words for the moment to pleasure, convenience, and distraction.)~

John Galsworthy (14 August 1867 – 31 January 1933)

Through his writings he campaigned for a variety of causes, including prison reform, women's rights, animal welfare, and the opposition of censorship.

42 N Main St, Spring Valley, USA

You will like Caribreeze!

15 Jun 2007

No set menu. Simple vegan restaurant. Close to perfection. Chef is Tony Monroe. Each day Tony prepares soup, mixed grain porridge and 6 specials some Jamaican / some old "hippie" classics. Very varied / stimulating culinary masterpieces. Plenty of green vegetables - good, good brown rice & wholegrains. Give up cooking! Visit twice / thrice each day!

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

PLEASE someone visit & update this listing

04 Jun 2007

My favorite eating place in the 90's up to 2002. A short (often muddy) walk from the south side of Jatujak Market through an area of antique furniture sellers / cheeky magazine sellers. Run by the "Santi Asoke" Buddhist Group. They used to be open every day from early morning until perhaps 2 p.m. - a really useful shop atached with organic veggies / dried & packaged foods. Several other veggie joints in the same group of buildings. The next time I visit bangkok it will be my first port of call.

Long Men Lou, Nan Lian Garden, 60 Fung Tak Rd, Kowloon, China

A step back in time - -

03 Mar 2008

Well worth a visit - http://www.nanliangarden.org/facilities.php
Chi Lin Nunnery is a Buddist organization established in 1934. It began at the foot of Diamond Hill. At the time, Diamond Hill was not a place for the well-off people. Most were housed in simple wooden huts. With its limited resources, Chi Lin started to provide food food the needed and shelter for the elderly and the small. Chi Lin's major objective was to tender support to the poor and the helpless. With its primary function as a Buddist monastery, Chi Lin has now developed into a non-profit making charity establsihment.
The food provided by Chi Lin is healthy. Chi Lin is responsible for operating the Long Men Lou and will strive for quality. The equipment and layout of the kitchen, as well as the interior design of the restaurant is all in line with the modern highest requirement. The staff members working in the kitchen are well-trained. The cooking methods they used are practical and innovative. On the basis of its well-established foundation, Chi Lin aims at further improving its service in providing vegetarian food and sharing with people its experience and pleasure. Long Men Lou is situated in the Garden. Customers enjoying food inside the Long Men Lou have the Silver Strand and Moon Wash in their full view through the windows. The Mill, Pavilion Bridge and Song Cha Xie are also in the neighbourhood. Long Men Lou has an environment which is hard to come by.

124, Street 357, Chbar Amphov II, District Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Delicious food - beautiful place

09 Dec 2010

Follow the written directions carefully.

Great food - freshly prepared - run by a friendly family crew.

My last meal there was a hot pot which you cook yourself on your table - with mushrooms, tofu & 8+ different types of green leaves.

Very fresh ingredients.

Tidy & clean kitchen area.

Go with 'local' friends so that they can help you to order.

I hope that they write an English menu soon!

Great walks nearby.

17 Lower Marsh, South East London, England

Small cafe & shop - very popular busy place

23 Aug 2008

Coopers is a fine little shop - plus cafe - it has been open for many years.

Near to Waterloo tube station.

Wide selection of products from wholefoods to teas & herbal remedies.

A different hot & delicious wholesome soup every day - plus a selection of drinks & snacks.

Outdoor seating area.

Helpful & enthusiastic staff.

240 Kensington High Street, Kensington, West London, England

Macrobiotic cafe & store & much, much more

27 May 2008

Very well designed & well run cafe - store - therapy centre.

Owned & managed by the macrobiotic teachers / prolific authors Simon Brown (Modern Day Macrobiotics, The Secrets of Face Reading & many more titles)& Dragana Brown (Karma Cookbook with Boy George).

See - http://www.chienergy.co.uk/aboutus.htm

Unit 10, 13/F Wing Hang Industrial Building , 13-29 Kwai Hei Street, New Territories, China

Fair Trade Chinese Teas

18 Dec 2007

This Hong Kong based Fair Trade group supports a tea growing area in Jiangxi Province, China - they are planning to introduce better & better quality teas as interest in the products grows.

To date over US$ 120,000 has been raised for educational projects in the local area.

Please support them.

They will export the tea.

They also have FairTrade coffee from Ethiopia % other countries. Chocolate etc.

Always phone when you plan to visit as they only have a small team of people.

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