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507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, USA

Gets Better Every Time

17 Mar 2012

My first visit last Fall delivered the best vegan pizza I've had ("nacho" slice with avocado and carmelized onion) ... but that visit was ruined by DEAFENINGLY LOUD music (even by South Street standards)! One would think a vegan restaurant would strive for a more pleasant atmosphere. Still, I can't resist the place and the food always delivers. They seem to have cleaned it up/scrubbed it down a bit, too. Blackbird delivers vegan comfort food that tops all the rest. I just don't want to guy deaf while getting my fix, though.

333 W Cordova Rd, Santa Fe, USA

Good Food/Snobish Staff

27 Aug 2011

A nice spa retreat with small retail shop and restaurant. As a visitor, this appeared to me to be a local haunt among S.F. health-conscious people. The menu was unusual and offered appetizing choices. The waitstaff and cashier all had an air of snobbery. In spite of that, it wasn't a bad meal (vegan soup with chips and salsa).

19-3834 Old Volcano Rd, Volcano, USA

Oh-"yes" (not Ono)

27 Aug 2011

Excellent retreat on a little estate in Volcano. It's at the end of a dead-end road (easy to find) and offers everything, art gallery, small garden shop, excellent vegetarian/vegan choices and tranquility! Met the owner, who was kind and showed me around the garden and pointed out plants of interest. There's even a pet goat to entertain and engage with. Their vegan soup of the day when I was there was "lentil" and I had it with rice and a pot of hot tea. The server brought out a caddy of loose leaf tea choices -- I can't remember but had something like "island sunrise" or similar. You could easily spend several hours in this little haven relaxing and enjoying a light meal or beverage. Too bad it's in the middle of the island ... but then again, it's the feeling of isolation and tranquility that are so inviting.

51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, USA

Good for Reading Terminal Market

27 Aug 2011

Definitely your only choice in the slaughterhouse known as "Reading Terminal Market." Since a lot of people just end up at the Market as a result of Center City business or conventions ... don't miss Basic 4 if you find yourself here. I've tried the sandwiches (OK) and a few other menu items. The dairy-free "cream" of broccoli soup is a stand-out. On a cold day, I highly recommend this for "take out" soup. The veg chili is also good. One drawback is service/atmosphere -- but this really only is a take-out window anyway.

1318 Walnut St, Philadelphia, USA

Great Find in Center City

17 Mar 2012

I stay nearby when in town and I found this a welcome surpise for vegan and vegetarian deli food. They carry prepackaged vegan items at a reasonable cost and can make sandwiches, etc., to order. The people behind the counter are friendly and I love supporting a place that takes our dietary needs into consideration. Love the veggie "chicken" salad wrap -- usually served with a few tortilla ships and pickle spear. Good "go to" place if you're in a rush.

114 Hetzel St, State College, USA

Pizza Like You Remember (Before Going Vegan)

27 Aug 2011

This tastes like the bad-for-you pizza you remember before going vegan. It's probably still bad for you, but very good tasting and cruelty-free. I suggest delivery (they say their delivery zone is pretty extensive) instead of going inside. Like another reviewer said, the inside (very small) doesn't assure you of cleanliness. Excellent vegan pizza and so glad they are serving the State College community!

129 N 11th St, Philadelphia, USA

Good Near Convention Center

27 Aug 2011

I usually stop by Kingdom of Vegetarians once on every trip to the city -- mostly because it's so convenient to the Convention Center. They have the usual fake meats (OK by me), but it's definitley not health food. Hot and sour soup here I always think is too salty and with too much pepper. They have strange and sticky plastic sheets over the tables, which destroy the atmosphere, but it's the food that makes this stop worthwhile ... and the reasonable prices!

75-1027 Henry St Ste 105, Kailua Kona, USA

Best Choice in Area

27 Aug 2011

I shopped both Kona Natural and popular Island Naturals during my stay. They are unique -- the latter a little fancier. Btu Kona Natural definitely had better prices on the same product(s). Also they are located next to a nice Safeway, just in case you need to run to the big chain for basic staples. I found a tofu dip in the refrigerated section here that I enjoyed on vegan crackers as a snack. Go here for the prices ... go to Island Naturals "to be seen."

131 W Beaver Ave, State College, USA

Reliable Veg-Friendly Place in Happy Valley

27 Aug 2011

It's too bad a thriving college town doesn't have more veg-friendly places, so I usually end up here when visiting State College. That said, if you're vegan, be sure to check out MAD MEX attached to the Days Inn a block away! Green Bowl is pretty much your typical Korean or Mongolian-style BBQ place. Staff is reliably friendly and they take care to mark your creation as "veg" for grilling purposes. They do have a diverse selection of ingredients to choose from -- sometimes mandarin oranges, kale, etc.

5474 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, USA

Visit Loving Hut PGH

27 Aug 2011

I visit PGH on business at least once a month and was ecstatic when Loving Hut opened. Their buffet offered occasionally on Sundays can't be missed. Otherwise, everything I've tried on the menu is creative and good. The staff (seems to be a family?) are nice. This vegan oasis is only about 10 minutes from the PGH airport and near the retail area of Robinson Township. Don't miss Loving Hut!

1615 W 39th St, Kansas City, USA

Hipster Hangout

26 Sep 2011

My friend and I tried two desserts, a cupcake and nut bar. They were good but not spectacular. With a little freshness, this place could be awesome. Great to have a vegan bakery in KC -- sit outdoors if the weather is nice and watch the hipsters pass by.

88 Kanoelehua Ave, Hilo, USA

Friendly Atmosphere

27 Aug 2011

Skip popular Ken's House of Pancakes, and visit Sombat's (right behind Ken's) instead! So glad I found Sombat's (from happycow)during my week in Hilo. The vegetable curry and the hot mamaki tea were excellent. My server explained mamaki to me and even took me to the little garden to show me a mamaki tree on premises. The owner visited my table and told me she used to be vegan, and fully understood and answered my questions about the menu. One night during my stay, I tried the cold beanthread noodles -- also very good -- and it was such a large portion I had leftovers (nominal charge for take-out container, but it's Hawaii!).

1508 Sansom St, Philadelphia, USA

Best Vegan in Center City

27 Aug 2011

Su Xing is my favorite vegan in Philadelphia! I've never seen "tofu skin" on another menu -- theirs is great and presented well (you'd think it was Thanksgiving) with braised tofu skin covering a mound of button mushrooms and nicely surrounded by braised shitake. Yum. Another treat is the unique "As You Wish" pockets stuffed with mushrooms, veggies and contained in yuba or tofu skin. If you're overwhelmed by choices on the extensive menu :) don't leave without trying "As You Wish" -- you won't be disappointed. The hot and sour soup can stand up to anyone's -- staff is always friendly; you can ask for a booth or table beside narrow Sansom Street and just watch passers by while having one of the best vegetarian meals in the city.

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