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Oborishte 18, Sofia, Bulgaria

Cosy & Tasty

16 Mar 2014

Located in the most cultural area of Sofia,just few blocks away from the University and the National Bibliotheque,this small and cosy place, offers good range of vegan food.
About one third of the menu is vegan.
Some vegetarian meals can be vegan too.
I would definitely recommend this place.
Especially, if you'll stay only few days in Sofia.
It worth your money!

Ulitsa Petar Parchevich 48, Sofia, Bulgaria

All VEGAN food at Vegan Kitschn

28 Jan 2014

Need a snack or a nice cup of vegan coffee with something sweet?
Hot soup in the cold winter?
Fresh salad or a cake?
Burgers,sandwiches and cakes?

All vegan and fresh at Vegan Kitschn!

Tsar Ivan Shishman St 43, Sofia, Bulgaria

Good choice of vegan and raw sweets

17 Feb 2015

This little place in the hearth of the city offers very good range of vegan and raw sweets, cakes and some baked salty stuff.

Ivan Shishman 43, Sofia, Bulgaria

Small but useful

20 Feb 2015

This is a small shop where you can find everything important like healthy food, drinks, cosmetics and other useful stuff.

50A Alabin St, Sofia, Bulgaria

Very good and affordable veg food

05 Jan 2014

This place is not very pretentious, аs design, but serves very good and tasty food.

It is easily reachable,in the city centre
,but you have to mind, they are on the first floor,so you first have to find the entrance on the left of the passage,and take the stairs.

Good choice of vegan and some vegetarian food.

Food is really good,especially for this money.

Service is good.


31 A. Stambolyiski Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

Nice modern place with vegan options

13 Mar 2014

Located on one of the main bulevards in the center of Sofia, this modern and very nice coffee place, offers good number of vegan and always fresh food.

Soups,Salads,Sandwiches and Sweets.

Great choice of fresh juices and tea.

Ask for the daily promotions!

Keep in mind
- 30% discount off the prices on soups,sandwiches and salads after 17h if Take Away!

Free WiFi
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 12, 2014

Ulitsa Lyuben Karavelov 70, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bio and Organic Foods and Goods

29 Jan 2014

In this small shop,close to National Palace of Culture and Rakovski Blvd, you will find many veg products.

Even it is a small shop,there is everything you need.

Bio and Organic foods,drinks,cosmetics and supplements.

Some types of algae,nuts and pasta.
Also vegan milks and juices.
Different kind of desserts,including raw.

Organic and bio cosmetics,household and baby products.

ul Tsar Simeon 72, Sofia, Bulgaria

Controversial feelings about this place

02 Mar 2014

I've been there few times, years ago,when they opened the place. I did not like it. The whole feeling on the details was not good - interior,service and food.

Now,I decided to visit Kring again, as they made some changes and I wanted to check on it.

I invited few girlfriends with me.
The place was empty,only one couple were dining.

I noticed, they added more room to the restaurant and made some renovations but the feeling is kind of too "steril".

I really don't like the music there - too religious for my taste.

The menu is quite big,but the focus,as I see it,is on "meat like" dishes - tempeh and seitan. This, I find a little disturbing.
From the other side,the menu is different from the other restaurants,so it's ok to try it, for a change.

We tried 3 different dishes:
Tender soy tempeh grilled fillets - we were not very impressed
"Meatballs" made ​​from sprouted lentils - We really enjoyed this meal
Aromatic rice with 3 types of sprouts - It was only me, who liked it

It looks like, the prices are higher this year and it makes it not cheap. For the same money - you can eat in a better place.

The service was not good - we were only few people there,but we had to wait and ask for the staff to approach. Obviously, they wanted to close,as as soon as we stepped out from the saloon,they switched off the lights?!

113 Georgi S. Rakovski Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Great all vegan place

19 Sep 2015

Located close to one of the most touristic places in the city this small place offers great variety of vegan and raw foods and fresh drinks. Raw soups, smoothies, tea, sweets, sandwiches, meatballs and many more.
Make sure to step by for lunch!You will be very pleased.
Very friendly staff!

Angel Kanchev 30A, Sofia, Bulgaria

Cosy place,nice service

05 Jan 2014

I atе once, in the beginning, when they opened the place.

At first it was impressive, kind of artistic place, with intriguing,rustic and cosy design, but after sitting for 2 hours on the chair and table, I felt very uncomfortable.

It is located very close to NDK and Vitosha blvd.,and it's easy reachable.

The service was good.
The food, I ate was very good.
Big portions.High prices.

The place is VEG friendly.
They serve vegetarian,some vegan food but still they serve meat.

This is good to know,because of the smell, which when I was there,was very tangible.

This is the main reason I never went there again.

Updated from previous review on Sunday January 05, 2014

Updated from previous review on Sunday January 05, 2014

67 Khan Asparouh St., Sofia, Bulgaria

Great atmosphere and awesome food

19 Feb 2015

This restaurant in the heart of Sofia, just few minutes walk from NDK, is probably the best traditional restaurant in the city.

Offers amaizing amount of traditional dishes and very cozy atmosphere.

One of my favorite restaurants in the city.

From 2015 the restaurant offers vegan and raw food.

10 Neofit Rilski str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Very cozy all vegan place

19 Sep 2015

This is a definitely to visit new place.
Very cozy atmosphere.
The food is not only delicious, but it is very cheap!
Great variety of all vegan, baked and raw foods. Pizza, salads, sandwiches and sweets. Homemade lemonade.
Make sure to try the russian salad, snejanka and the caramel cream!Yummy!

The location is good - just 5 minutes from NDK.
Very close to "Hristo Botev" Blvd.

Ulitsa Biser 16, Sofia, Bulgaria

Very sweet and cozy lil place

28 Sep 2015

Rawlly is a very sweet and cozy lil all raw vegan patisserie.
Located in Lozenets, just few steps from NDK, it is a nice place to visit for a cake & biscuits & fresh made drinks.

When you go for the first time - look on the map for Lozenets street and it is on the corner just before Biser str. It is very easy to find if coming from NDK, Cherny vrah blvd.

Knyaginya Maria Louisa 58 Boul, Sofia, Bulgaria

Awesome new place in town

15 Aug 2014

To find this place is a bit tricky at the moment but they work on the advertisement now.

It is located next to the famous Lions Bridge in Sofia.

To find it more easy, find the Carrefour shop, then look at the next new office building on the left, it is few steps inside.
You'll need to call MANDALA centre and get the inside elevator to the 5th floor.

Soma is located inside the Mandala yoga and transformation centre. You'll need to get inside barefoot.

Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
It is more like exotic coffee shop, but they offer all range of food as restaurant.
The food is delicious - all VEGAN and plenty of raw food.
There is option for vegetarians if they prefer dairy in their food.


Kokiche 13, Sofia, Bulgaria

Quiet and beautiful escape from the city hustle

14 Jan 2014

You will find this nice restaurant on a small street, a bit off the city centre.

The atmosphere is warm and cosy.
Designed in a great combination of Old and New.

The menu is vegan,some raw dishes too.
Gluten free and organic/bio food.

The prices seems high ,but they offer free filtered water and even it is not said especially, most of the dishes are prepared with organic ingredients.

We took 3 different dishes,all was tasty.

SHIITAKE KEBAP,the best dish we ate
BIRYANI RICE-interesting combination,but the coco taste was kind of weird.

Good service.

This place is a must to visit.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 14, 2014

2 Garibaldi Square, Sofia, Bulgaria

Very tasty and affordable vegan meals

25 Mar 2014

Located on the famous Garibaldi square, this small and cosy place offers good range on vegan food - main courses,soups,salads,desserts and fresh juices.

Prices are affordable.

Check on the daily promotions.

After 18.00 - 30% off the prices on some of the dishes.

Staff is nice
Updated from previous review on Monday March 24, 2014

W Gladston 18 B, Sofia, Bulgaria

Good place to go for a change

05 Jan 2014

Located on a small street close to "Vitosha" blvd. in the city centre,this cosy place is a bakery and a restaurant in one.

The bread they bake, is really good and tasty,but a bit expensive.

The restaurant is small and most of the times is very busy.

They serve vegan and vegetarian meals.

The menu is not very big,but still OK.

Here I ate the worst soup in my life,about a year ago,but overall the food is good. Really good desserts.

Service was not good most of the times.

They cover the tables, the bar,sell bread and take money on the cashier too. Sometimes there is a queue for the bread.

I would suggest they have different people to do the different jobs.

Shandor Petiofi 55, Sofia, Bulgaria

Very nice and cosy place

09 Feb 2015

Just few steps away from NDK is the newest Sunmoon restaurant and bakery.

Awesome fresh and mostly vegan food.
Some vegetarian and raw options.

Soups, salads, main courses and desserts are served in the daily menu.

Enjoy with a smile

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