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666-6 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, USA

Hard to find, but worth it

01 Aug 2008

Tucked away next to a McDonald's of all places, the food here is quite good. While not 100% vegetarian, the owner, who was running the counter when I was there, was very glad to hear that I was a vegetarian, and went out of here way to recommend selections. Any restaurant that is friendly toward vegetarians gets additional points in my book.

21 Furnace St, Akron, USA

Amazing to find a restaurant like this in Akron

01 Aug 2008

A thousand thank you's to Chrissie Hynde for remembering her home town and establishing this restaurant in a rust belt city such as Akron. It's so wonderful to have somewhere to go to dinner and not have to worry about what's in the food! And what great food it is. Anyone who dares say that vegetarian food is bland need only try this place.

The wonderful airy atmosphere when the bar window is open is great, too. I wish only that they hadn't designed it with such "cold" decor...metal and cement, and very uncomfortable chairs. Oh well, you can't ask for EVERYTHING!

315 W Garden St, Pensacola, USA

Wonderful little market

02 Aug 2008

For a smaller market...and co-op...this store has quite a good variety. Not on a par with larger organic/natural stores, but Pensacola should be glad to have such a good small store. Many cities aren't even lucky enough to have it this good.

131 Pleasant St, Morgantown, USA

Not much

23 Aug 2009

A few bulk items, and that's about it.

3885 W Market St, Akron, USA

Don't buy into the bad reviews

01 Aug 2008

The Mustard Seed...though not 100% vegetarian...is a mainstay of my diet.

First, the grocery: this store has everything, but everything, a vegetarian or vegan could want or need. In addition to the shelf items, the deli is WONDERFUL. The staff is always there with a smile (at least most of them), and the selection is always wonderful AND healthy. I buy most of my groceries here. When comparing the produce to a standard market like Buehler's or Giant Eagle...well, there's just no comparison. The organic produce at a regular market looks like it's been on the shelf for weeks.

As for the restaurant, I have NEVER had a bad meal there...and I've eaten many of them. The selection of vegetarian and of vegan meals is great, and the wait staff caters to those on veg diets. Unlike other restaurants, they don't look at you like you're crazy.

Absolutely the best restaurant in Akron....bar none. Even beats out the Vegeteranian...though the Seed does serve non-veg diets, so one must be careful.

There needs to be one of these type stores/cafes in every city in the nation. I pity those that don't have one.

1449 Boardman Canfield Rd, Boardman, USA

Great find in depressed Youngstown area

26 May 2010

I have to say that I was quite impressed with finding a place like this in such a depressed area as Youngstown (Boardman). The food was great, and the help quite friendly. Every town needs a restaurant like this one.

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