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c/ Fernan Gonzalez, 37 bajo, Burgos, Spain

Imaginative and delicious

10 Jan 2010

I was extremely impressed by this very centrally located restaurant. The decor is colourful with photos and artefacts from around the world reflecting the international menu. We had the menu of the day which was an amazing four courses and wine for 10 euros. There was a choice of three or four items for each course and there were plenty of vegan options. I had a flavourful gazpacho and my brother had a seaweed and cucumber salad, this was followed by a gorgeous leek and potato stew for me and a 'risotto' for him made from pearl barley which worked very well. Then I had falafels followed by a cranberry yoghurt and he had a bean taco and an apple mousse. All excellent.

Everything was cooked well and was beautifully presented. The portions were exactly right-we finished everything and left feeling very satisfied but not overly stuffed. I didn't feel the need to eat again for the rest of the day.

The service was extremely efficient and friendly with the waitress very happy to explain anything we weren't sure about.

I live in Spain and usually eat from menus of the day as I eat fish. This was one of the best menus of the days I've eaten in terms of quality and was absolutely fantastic value for money. I would definitely go back.

Bordadores, 3, Madrid, Spain


10 Jan 2010

After reading all the mainly positive reviews I was confident that we would have a good meal here but we were disappointed.

We had the menu of the day which had no English version. Although I speak reasonable Spanish, the list of ingredients for the choices was long with some unfamiliar ingredients which the waiters couldn't help us with and so we weren't exactly sure what we we were getting.

We were given a free nibble of pate on toast while we waited which was nice enough and the first course was also pretty good and as others have said, beautifully presented. We had a soup and what was basically a stew. I thought this was really quite tasty but the meat eater in the group described it as watery and over cooked.

The second course was ill conceived and extremely heavy. It was described as 'a little book' and consisted of aubergine, potato and something we couldn't identifycovered in a brown sauce and wrapped in some very soggy pastry and then fried and then covered in a (very tasty!) pea sauce. It didn't work and none of us finished it.

We all chose a 'turron' (Spanish sweet usually made with eggs and almonds) cream for dessert which was also disappointing. It was also very heavy being almost purely cream with a few nuts and a bit of chocolate sauce.

I really didn't like the decor-it was very impersonal -like a chain fast food restaurant and the waiters while not unpleasant didn't seem as though they really knew what they were doing or serving.

Overall, not very impressed and I wouldn't go back. The menu of the day was 13 euros and although we left full, we didn't leave feeling good. It wasn't good value for money or a pleasant experience. I'm sure there must be much better places to go in Madrid.

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