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167 Cuba Street, Wellington

One of My Favourite Places to eat in Wellington

22 Dec 2009

Aunty Mena's is a regular hangout for me these days. A while back (years) I had tried it and been less than impressed. But my family convinced me to go back. They have excellent fresh food which is delicious. I especially love their laksas and curries. Stay away from the Gado Gado and mock chicken legs though. However especially try their dumpling laksa and their vegan roti!! The dumpling laksa is delicious. The prices are a little higher than some of the other very cheap Malaysian restaurants in the area but the food quality is higher and it's well worth it.
The decor is not fantastic but who cares.
Also it can be either empty or very crowded. It seems to vary greatly.

Also their deep fried food such as their deep-fried hash browns and their vege balls are wickedly good.

Green Bldg 1F, 5-1-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Better Options Available

14 Jun 2009

I agree with the other reviews. The food was nice but quite expensive for very small dishes and we had to wait an hour for the table. It seems like it's a super trendy place. Which is not my style at all.

Domus Hyakumanben 3F, 28-20 Tanak-monzenmae, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan


03 Jul 2012

This place was super friendly. We went here more than once and had great food each time. The staff were fantastic and look out for their great specials.

570 Nakano-cho, Teramachi-dori, Kyoto, Japan

Mainly Vegan

03 Jul 2012

This is in response to an earlier post. Actually their food is mainly vegan. It you want non-vegan food in your dinner set you have to request it. They do have some cheese toast I think but mainly their food is vegan. The menu is in Japanese but you can't go wrong with the dinner set. The sets vary. Three of us went there and all ordered the dinner set and all got a different and sizable set of small delicious seasonal organic Japanese dishes. Bring a good appetite and some cat love. The cats are up by the counter so people terrible concerned with having pets around food may not like this.
Updated from previous review on Sunday June 14, 2009
I returned here recently and the main lady was away and the food was unfortunately truly awful. Last time I went it was great but this time several of the dishes were just bad. It was really disappointing and surprising.

Oike-Dori, Kyoto, Japan

Delicious and Cheap Lunch

03 Jul 2012

Who can resist all you can eat? Yummy salads and great potato croquettes. When we asked they clearly let us know what was vegan. Also we went back for seconds of the croquettes. So good!! All options were vegetarian for lunch.

Nishiki-dori, 198-1, Kyoto, Japan

Best Meal on My Recent Trip

03 Jul 2012

This is the kind of real Japanese place where they have a lunch menu of two items: the lunch set and the special lunch set. I got the lunch set and it was special. Consisting of a rice bowl with a delicious mushroom and unidentified vege sauced topping with divine sides. The flavours were crisp and clear and worked together beautifully. The textures were fantastic. It was a divine meal that made me awesomely happy. If it hadn't been my last day I'd have gone back daily.

Shimogamo, Miyazaki-cho, Kyoto, Japan

Perhaps not suitable for Everyone

03 Jul 2012

I recently did this cooking class. I have spent over two years living in Japan, cooked Japanese food from recipes and had visited Japanese homes before. So I was really hoping to get a real cooking experience. In fact the host and his wife did a lot of the prep and cooking and we watched and took turns helping. I guess I was hoping it would be more hands on. I.e. We would cook everything from scratch ourselves. The host and his wife were very friendly and nice and I did learn a few dishes and get useful tips. I notice many reviewers here stress the family aspect and I think if you haven't spent much time in Japan this is a nice way to meet a family and see how they live. But I wouldn't recommend it for more hardcore cooks who already have experience with Japanese food. Also the host kept saying that adding fish flakes to the broth deepened the flavour (i.e. made it better) which I didn't find very vegetarian friendly. But the food was delicious.

4-1-9 Kinshi, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Great Place

14 Jun 2009

I went here with my omni Japanese friend who'd never been to a vegetarian restaurant before and she was very impressed and planned to return with her sister.

The staff were super friendly and made a great attempt to convert my friend to vegetarianism. But in a very gentle and humorous way. They weren't at all pushy.

The food was divine. We asked for their recommendation and were very pleased with what we got. We ordered several different dishes. I don't remember their names but we both loved the eggplant dish and a creamy noodle soup.

The staff were very good at pointing out which things weren't vegan. Most of the dishes were vegan. I also picked up the super handy bilingual "Pocketguide to vegan resaurants in Japan" here.

It is also one of the few restaurants handy to Asakusa and east Tokyo where there are a lot of tourist sites and accommodation.

538-6 Shijyo Agaru Shinkyougoku Nakanocho Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Japan

Lovely Surroundings, Good Food

03 Jul 2012

My friend and I went to this cafe for lunch and got the vegan croquette set. The cafe is lovely utilising the raw architecture of the space. I also loved the giraffe bonsai in the toilet. The lunch was good. The croquettes very crunchy and the flavours fresh and sharp. The onion soup that came with it was especially delicious. It seemed very crowded and popular. We got the last table and the burgers we saw looked yum. Also they had an extensive dessert menu for those with a sweet tooth. But we were too full from lunch to eat any.

178 Cuba Street, Wellington

Great Place

14 Jun 2009

This has long been a Wellington institution and I admit it is one of my favourite places to go for breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea and late night out munchies.

The atmosphere is interesting but relaxed, the staff are really friendly and there is usually a great selection of vegan food on the counter and on the menu.

The food can range from delicious to plain depending on when you go and what's on offer. Vegan nachos can be exciting and bursting with ingredients one day and plain old beans with a bit of hummus the next. It seems to depend on who's cooking and what ingredients are around. It is also the same with the counter food. There may be three choices of vegan cake and a couple of vegan biscuit options (cookies) or there may be just vegan chocolate cake. I generally prefer the other cakes to the chocolate and find the biscuits (cookies) a little dry. But I have high standards for my baking. I would always recommend the tofu burger (vegan pesto and aioli) and the vegan hash stack. And the nachos and scrambled tofu on a good day.

This is my favourite Wellington cafe. And it's right opposite Slowboat Records. Handy! :-)

309 Saikachicho, Kyoto, Japan

Yummy Food

03 Jul 2012

This cafe serves western style fake meat food. A lovely light restaurant with friendly helpful staff and an English menu. I had the eggplant and "meat" sauce pizza. The sauce and eggplant were great tasting but it was obviously reheated and the middle was a little cold and the base a little tough. This is possibly due to it being last order time when we arrived. My friend got the burger and thought it was very good.

519 High Street, Lower Hutt

Yum Yum Yum

14 Jun 2009

I've been here three times now and every single time I've been wowed by the delicious food. I've taken vegans, veges and omnis there and they've all loved it. The menu is largely vegan with vegan options for most of the dishes. All the vegan food is clearly marked.

I especially recommend the wonton soup. Which I intend to have every time. It's so good!

The staff are also lovely and helpful. It's family run.

This is my favourite Wellington restaurant.

3-340 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Not Worth the Value

03 Jul 2012

I was really looking forward to going here again as I had gone with my mother 10years ago. I remember it was delicious. This time most of the food was good but not great and the tempura was a little tough. Perhaps overmixed or the batter had gotten too hot. I would have been happy enough if it hadn't cost Y4100.

Akasaka 2-11-7, ATT Bldg 2nd Floor, Tokyo, Japan

Great Pita

14 Jun 2009

All vegan. A great range of pita options. Broccoli pita!! The pitas were good and the owner was really nice. It was a great filling lunch. I have a photo of my (omni) friend eating one of these in apparent ecstasy. :-)

120 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington


14 Jun 2009

I was quite excited to see this vegetarian cafe open but I've been there about four times now and found that the food was mediocre and a little more pricey than I'd want to pay. Having said that the place was always crowded and most people seemed to be enjoying their meals. Most people seemed to get the eggs. A lot of their food is vegetarian rather than vegan and they take stuff out to make it vegan. Therefore I have a theory that they don't really know how to cook for vegans. Most of the meals that I got there were so bland I'm not even sure what I got. But there was an exception which was a great tofu/noodle salad. It was vegan rather than veganised. I will probably not go there again even though I do like to support vegetarian restaurants. But I also don't like to go somewhere where I can cook better food myself.

Kyoto-shi Sakyo-ku Tanaka-Mon-zen-cho 96-2, Kyoto, Japan


03 Jul 2012

Here you can sit downstairs watching them cook over the counter or upstairs. We watched them cook and chatted. The owner is very friendly. I got the Japanese obanzai set and my friend got the spinach Indian style curry (which she loved). The obanzai set was good, decent Japanese food and cheap.

168-2 Tanaka Ōichō, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan

Wasn't Open

03 Jul 2012

We tried going to this place three times over a week but it wasn't open and had no explanation. We were really looking forward to trying the famous millet burger.

68 SuzukinoBaba-cho, Saga Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan


03 Jul 2012

We dropped in (for two people or less you don't need a reservation) and got the yuki set. We sat in a beautiful temple room which overlooked the gardens on both sides with a hint of thatched roof showing in one direction. The yuki set consisted of 10 small dishes. Particularly delicious were the goma (sesame) tofu, the melt in your mouth eggplant with sweet miso sauce, the sesame dressed salad, the mochi and bean paste dessert etc. Okay it was all delicious. Perfectly cooked with beautiful flavours and a real joy to sit in that beautiful temple and eat it.

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