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14374 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, USA

Great Deli Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food

24 Sep 2009

Abbys has a great Deli with many inspiring vegetarian dishes. They also have quite a variety of organic chicken, buffalo and wild fish prepared differently all the time. Their butternut squash explosion is out of this world! They have a soup bar with at least one vegetarian option, a modest salad bar that is clean with fresh items including fresh berries, nuts, raisins, hearts of palm, various greens and prepared side dishes like quinoa or brown rice. The staff in the deli seem to have a great turnover except for one of the main chefs who seems to be a constant. They are all pretty friendly but on occasion I feel slightly awkward pulling them away from food preparation to wait on me. They also have fresh juices,including wheatgrass. However, I was taken aback when one of the new staffers made me a juice with carrots right out of the plastic bag. Well...I usually rinse and scrub my carrots before juicing (isn't that the norm?). The prices are pretty competetive (and I shop around). I buy nuts in bulk there, which are less expensive than Whole Foods. The produce department is not huge and I would love to see more locally-grown items there (They stock organic tomatoes from Mexico, which I do not buy). A new addition they added was a refrigerated prepared raw food section. I am a big raw food fan and the items looked quite interesting, but too expensive for me. I do not buy supplements at Abbys, so I cannot give any feedback on that. Overall, Abbys gets a "B" from me, sometimes a B+.

2001 W Swann Ave, Tampa, USA

What a Gem Find in Tampa

26 Feb 2010

I FINALLY made my way to Grassroot with a friend. I am so glad I did. This is seriously one of the best vegan/raw eatery places Tampa has to offer. It is a bit tricky to get to (Florida avenue is a one-way going North) and the neighborhood may make some people feel uneasy. But don't let that stop you from making the trip! The atmosphere was colorful, relaxed and we felt at ease with the friendly wait staff. I had the green tea with ginger (sweet, but very good). We both ordered Sabrina's special sandwich, and I have to say that the onion bread was even tastier than my own version. I ordered the pecan pie dessert and it was excellent! I cannot wait to go there again. There are so many things on the menu that I would love to try. I would definitely give this place an A+ for food.

1905 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, USA

Great Food!

12 Sep 2010

I was so happy when Loving Hut opened in Tampa. I ate at one while in San Francisco and was wowed. Loving Hut has all vegan food with no animal products. The Tampa Loving Hut is located on East Fletcher Avenue in an area which some may consider daunting. The building doesn't look like a restaurant from the outside, where there are no visible windows or doors in front. Once you pull into the parking lot, on the side of the building, you see one windowless door and next to that, two small windows with bars on them. The entrance door is not exactly welcoming, but it's obvious it is the only entrance to the inside. But once inside, it is clean, nicely painted yellow and has a roomy dining area. There are three flat screen tv's playing Supreme Master TV, which is a satellite 24 hour broadcast consisting basically of programs "that bring nobility and spirituality to your life" I didn't mind and it's obviously a way of life for the owners of this restaurant. A friendly woman greeted us and let us pick wherever we wanted to sit (we were the only ones in there on a Friday at 12:15 and no one else came in). I ordered the Melody Wrap with seaweed, cucumber, cilantro, carrot, tomato, apple, avocado and "mayo" which I think was made from potato mash(?). My sister had the Energy Wrap with hummus, avocado, tomatoes, sprouts and carrots. They were both outstanding in taste and expertly prepared. I will definitely come here again, my only fear is that they won't get enough business to stay open. Please, if you live in Tampa, patronize this place with company!

14847 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, USA

Abundant organic produce and products

30 Sep 2009

Nutrition Smart definitely has more than the "regular" supermarkets, and by more, I mean quality organic foods. Most chain supermarkets are now carrying organic selections but only devote a small (and sometimes pitiful looking)section to them. Nutrition Smart does not have a deli, but they do have some prepared refrigerated foods made at the local Sami's Bakery which include lavash, hummus, whole grain breads, etc. I really like their produce section because they are constantly stocking them. Most all their produce is grown in the USA and some locally. They also have a large selection of bulk items and spices, all of which are less expensive than the larger Whole Foods Market. They have a long isle devoted to soaps, natural scents, hair and skin. In the back of the store, they have a book section with tables and chairs. They also carry pet food and supplies. They have a friendly staff and seem to have very little turnover. I make this store a weekly or twice-weekly stop. I'm rating it high for selection, location and friendliness.

1021 N MacDill Ave, Tampa, USA

Great Health Food Store & Super-Clean

24 Sep 2009

What used to be Nature's Harvest is now the decked-out Rolling Oats health food store that I recently "rediscovered". I stop by there whenever I am in South Tampa. It has a great produce section with several helpful staffers at the ready to assist you if needed. If your are looking for something in particular you don't see, they will do their best to get it for you. They have some of the best looking fresh greens I have seen and if you are a wine and beer connoisseur, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a huge variety. They have baked goods and a deli (haven't tried a lot of stuff there yet). The aisles are organized, the check out is fast and easy and most importantly, the store is really clean.

3225 S MacDill Ave Ste 123, Tampa, USA

Recently Downsized & re-organized

26 Feb 2010

This place recently downsized and in doing so, moved the fresh produce all the way to the back of the store. You can't even see that they carry produce unless you wander back there. The produce section is half the size now and items did not look fresh on my last visit. They still have a good-sized cafe with lots of prepared foods, smoothies, juices and cafe items, including non-vegetarian dishes. The salad bar is stocked with fresh veggies, hummus, baba ganoush, olives, tabbouli, etc. They have frozen section, bulk items and supplements. I'm not a frequent shopper there, but I did prefer the produce up front. Overall, it's a decent place to get some grocery staples and provides a great cafe with vegetarian options.

451 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, USA

Great Food, Counter-Order and waiter delivered

01 Oct 2009

I went the Urth Caffe on Melrose Avenue while on vacation. This is a great little place with really tasty food. I ordered the mediterranean plate with "grilled artichokes, feta cheese, grape leaves, hummus, tabouli, roasted peppers and mixed olives garnished with mint, basil and pure olive oil served with pita bread" We had to wait in a line to order our food, and luckily the wait staff found us an available table out on the sidewalk. The wait staff also delivered our drinks and food and were there to get anything else if necessary. It was packed with a lunchtime crowd on a weekday and we ended up sitting pretty close to other diners, but really worth it. Here is a link to the menu: http://www.sporq.com/westhollywood/urthcaffe/8565melroseave?view=zoom

1548 N Dale Mabry Blvd, Tampa, USA

Lots of Good stuff, but too pricey

26 Sep 2009

When whole foods came to Tampa, I was thrilled and couldn't wait for it to open. However, I was sad to see that it was opening in a part of town that's 30 minutes away from where I live. It's built right on the corner of two major intersections, Dale Mabry and I-275 overpass. The store is big, clean and stocks lots of items. But the prices are just too high for me to justify making regular trips. Their olive bar runs $9.99 per pound and the bulk nuts section is priced a lot higher than our local Nutrition Smart. For those looking for healthy prepared lunches, their deli sections are big and have quite the variety. They sell custom sandwiches, pizza, sushi, salad bar, hot bar, soup and prepared meals. I've only once eaten at their salad bar, so I can't really report on the prepared food. Overall, I think it is great to have a healthy grocery store, but the only people who can afford to shop there regularly would be the folks who have a more disposable income.

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